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Ok, so now that I have been loosened from the shackles of the Blogging A to Z Challenge (how descriptive!!) I’ve decided to plunge into another link up that I’ve been loving for a while but never joined in. It’s Week In Review thought up by the wild and crazy Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

In a way, it kind of figures in with what I was doing during the Challenge. I’m trying to accomplish a LOT right now and sometimes I know I don’t give myself credit for the things I do during a day or a week.  This may help me see more clearly what I do accomplish. So here goes!

Week In Review Button Final

–Since I’m just starting out with this, I’m going to start back a bit.  Last week I was invited to join in with an interesting group of people.  It’s a group of photographers and we’re looking for a new way of looking at things.  Gosh there’s a lot of looking there, but it’s necessary!

–I hit a very interesting milestone for myself when it comes to Weight Watchers.  I haven’t talked much about how I’ve been doing since I got back from Florida.  Being totally immersed in the plan down there (there were 4 of us working it together) I came back to New Jersey feeling pretty strong.  Well, I was working the program so well that I started to lose weight again.  I went down week by week.  This past Saturday at weigh in I was 13 and a quarter pounds UNDER my goal.  That makes me only 3 quarters of a pound from my Original Goal from 25 years ago! At a certain point, you’re allowed to raise your goal which I did some years ago.  I never dreamed I’d be at this weight again.  I’m pretty darned excited.  I keeping myself motivated by working hard and trying to keep Gail and Alice motivated.  I think it’s working!

–Got to spend a wonderful afternoon with some old friends who we haven’t seen in a long while. They used to be clients of mine when I was a travel agent. Bob is a phenomenal photographer and Anne is an incredible water-color artist.  Ralph had Bob as a math teacher years ago at the local county college.  They live way out in the country. We had lunch and spent the day catching up on life, sharing art and friendship.  Quite a day.

–Much sorting and packing going on as promised!  I’ve been through a lot more things in the basement and am doing my best to organize what’s going out for the yard sale as I go through things.  I’m really happy with my progress in this regard.

–Saturday, Ralph and I drove to Exton, Pa to be part of an Eastern regional reunion for his Army unit.  We’ve gone every year for the last 12 years to the national version of these reunions, but we’ve only had the chance to make a few of the regional ones.  We had the best time.  Because there are fewer people attending, we had the chance to meet some people we’d never met before and to better get to know some we already knew.  It was a great short getaway.  It also gave us some good information that we need and we can make use of.  We’ll see how that all works out. Both Saturday and Sunday were great days for a drive.  The Pennsylvania countryside is just so beautiful this time of year.

So that’s about it for my review for the week.  Once I get the hang of this, I’m sure I can be more creative with it. As it is, just wanted to get my feet wet and get to hang out with the cool people sharing their Weeks in Review.  I’ll be trying to make my week much more exciting so that it will look better on here!   😉

Happy Monday!!

22 responses to “Week In Review

  1. what a wonderful week, fran! so glad you enjoyed the social outings. it just fills the heart with joy to spend time with friends, reconnect, doesn’t it.
    have a great monday. we have been enjoying sunny and warm weather for a few days now…and there’s no end in sight – yippee!

    • Thanks, Cathy! Our Saturday and Sunday were both incredibly beautiful days. So great for a short road trip. We usually find bad weather is our passenger on the trips but not this week. Looks a bit dreary at the moment, but Sunday morning started this way then turned glorious. Hoping we all have sunny and warm today! Have a great day!!

  2. That’s so great that you’re almost to your initial goal Fran! Sometimes life just hands us these wonderful surprises and all we can do is just enjoy the ride. Nice work!

  3. Congrats on being so close to your goal!

  4. Hey, boring can be completely exciting too! Like today, I am just cleaning and doing some errands but it feels good to check things off the list.

    Great job on your steady weight loss, huge accomplishment, keep it up Fran 🙂

  5. Well done, Fran, on all accounts! I think you’e going to take to this like a duck to water.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  6. Hey I think you had a pretty impressive week between road trips, basement sorting and packing, joining new photo groups, catching up with old friends and a total weight watchers win!! What great news; I’m so proud of you Fran. My favorite part of the Week In Review is looking back and thinking holy cow, I did a lot more than I realized or gave myself credit for. I hope you get the same enjoyment as I do, and THANKS for linking up. Love it, love it, love it.

    • Meghan, I think this is great and I’m so glad I get to play along. I found what works for me. I actually started it last week as a draft, then added things as I went along. Not sure I’d remember what I did otherwise! 😉 Also saves me from the horror of Good Grief…I have to write my Week in rReview right now on Sunday night!! I’ll pretty it up for next week. Promise! This is great fun!

  7. So proud of you and your WW goal!! Cheers to lucky 13. 🙂

  8. Wow Fran, it is working! Congratulations, that’s almost a stone (14lb) in our reckoning which is a major milestone 🙂
    The photography group sounds great and sorting and packing is a massive achievement, I think it’s right to give yourself the credit for all you do!
    Sounds like a great trip away too 🙂

    • Thanks, Eleanor! Great to hear from you. Yes, I am amazed I’ve gotten to this goal. Never thought I’d see that number again. Now to stay here. I’m feeling really good too. I keep plugging along and I like the idea of giving credit when we accomplish things…big or small. Take care!

  9. Great updates! Looks like you had a fun and productive week. Here’s to more like that!

  10. So glad you’re free to join in the Week in Review party! I ❤ this link up. And that you are ROCKING your WW goals! Might mean you'll need a fresh new summer wardrobe 😉 Although I guess that doesn't help streamline for moving…

    • Thanks, Allie! It does mean I can fit in some things that were kind of snug before so that’s like a new wardrobe. You’re right though, no major shopping splurges…the purge is what I need. Hmm…I think there’s a slogan And a blog post in there somewhere. I’m sticking with all of it!!

      • Hey, if it’s old enough and you’ve forgotten about it, it IS just like new! And hmm, a post about keeping/saving (splurging/purging) would be pretty interesting, you should go for it!

      • I’ve been thinking about the splurge/purge thing and I’m working on it. I’m loving Week In Review!

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