WIAW~This Is More Like It!

I know, I know…Last week I was lamenting how few food photos I had when I posted for What I Ate Wednesday.  This week, I’m trying to decide Which photos to use…seems like I have an over abundance.  Regardless, I will NOT miss a chance to be part of the Fabulous Food party created by Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  Be sure to check it out and leave some comments.  Just be careful of drooling all over your computer!

Peas and Crayons

Let the Food Fun Begin!!



One of my old faithfuls and one of my favorites!  Caramel corn rice cakes with a quarter cup of low-fat cottage cheese split between them and liberally topped with cinnamon.  This is a great quick lunch for me when I’m working on my many projects around the house.



For our short road trip on Tuesday, Ralph and I stopped at a pizza shop that we love but only get to visit once in a while.  This is a hot veggie wrap. You have your choice of wraps, I chose the tomato (because I knew the color would be pretty!) It has broccoli, mushrooms, onions pepper and provolone cheese.  It is So good.  It comes with a pickle and chips.  I got the pickle, Ralph got the chips.  Yum!



Made a crock pot full of black beans…well, because I Love black beans and I’ll eat them all!



Nothing like a salad in my Big Purple Bowl that is filled with home cooked black beans.  So good.  Keeps me full for hours!  More Black Bean fun later in the week.


Look familiar?!  Yes, it’s my fave…spinach and mushroom omelette with sliced tomatoes.  Funny thing, here.  I’ve been getting egg white omelettes lately and forgot to ask for it this time.  It tasted so different with the full eggs.  I’m thinking I like the egg whites better!



An unexpected visit to one of our favorite diners for one of my favorite meals…the Athenia burger.  Greek salad along side of a yummy veggie burger.  Just love it!



Back at our usual diner, something I’d never tried before.  My friend, Gail had suggested it.  They call it a “veggie cheese steak.” It’s grilled veggies-mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and some other things I’m sure-all cooked together on a roll.  It comes with American cheese underneath, but I asked for Provolone.  It was Delicious!!  Expect to see this, again!!

Ralph and I took Ele out to dinner for Mother’s Day.  Back at the diner again…ok…we Like the diner!!



Salad first, with ranch dressing eaten with the dip method…dip your fork in the dressing, then pick up the veggies.  You don’t use nearly as much dressing but you still get the flavor.  An old Weight Watchers trick.



And THIS is what passes as a mini-meal at this diner.  Huge! I was proud of myself that I only ate half, but I must confess I had it later.  So very good.

Now here comes the real true confession part of this post…



Our favorite place in the world…Ice Cream Kids…is open for the season.  Since it was Mother’s Day, we thought we’d splurge.  This is a new flavor, to me at least…not sure if they’ve had it before.  Caramel Apple…I’m drooling thinking about it.  It was just wonderful. I’m proud of myself that I asked for a small and it was just enough (although in truth if I’d been left alone with a spoon and the tub of the ice cream…it would not exist anymore!!) A great treat to end the day.

So that’s it for me for WIAW this week.  I feel so much better that I have some actual food photos to share!  It makes me really feel like I’m part of the party.  Be sure to check out the other posts at Peas & Crayons.  It’s the best deal for your food dollar!   😉

Happy WIAW!!

22 responses to “WIAW~This Is More Like It!

  1. cath/waterloo,ON

    these ARE great photos, fran! even more, i like your commentary on each one!! glad you had such a fun week and weekend.
    a fro yo place opened a month ago just beside the store – i will need to check it out as it’s the type that is raved about on blogs with different flavours of fro yo + toppings!

    • That would be dangerous for me, Cath! One opened recently (probably a year ago now!!) over in our mall area. I keep saying I’m going but then, I’m never there on the weekend when It wouldn’t be too bad for me. Always seems to be during the week when I don’t want to chance eating anything like that. Some day! Have a great day!

  2. Ohh I like the sound of that veggie cheese steak! Yumm! I’ve never had a real cheese steak haha but this one sounds delicious!

  3. Having to choose from a boatload of photos is the best feeling in the world vs. not having enough 😀

    That veggie cheesesteak sandwich sounds like a winning combo. Good suggestion from your friend!

    Oh, and ice cream. I’d kill for some of that right now 🙂 Never heard of caramel apple as a flavor before!

  4. Caramel Apple ice cream sounds fantastic! I have never seen that flavor before!

  5. That veggie wrap looks yummy! Love that you picked tomato for the prettiness of it! 🙂

    • Thanks, Sonja it was delicious. I have to admit that when the waitress asked me which type of wrap I wanted, I thought for a second and picked the tomato. I looks so much prettier! Thanks for visiting, have a great day!

  6. Weighting For 50

    Another great week of eats Fran~~ Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  7. Haha, I totally flop between having too many pictures to post and nothing to post too! I was craving rice cakes this AM but the grocery store was OUT of all of them (except the bags of the small snacky-chip sort). It was bizarre! Seems like such a basic item to have none of. Caramel apple ice cream! Forgot about all the delicious Ice Cream Kids posts you made last summer–ready for more! In moderation, that is 😉

    • Allie, I can never figure out how a grocery store can run out of something like that…ok, maybe cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving when EVERYONE is buying it…but rice cakes?! I much prefer the big ones. The little ones can lead to mindless eating for me and that’s not good. On the ice cream front, I’m allowing myself once a week on Saturday after weigh in and I’ll have a small (used to always get a medium) I hear myself and I sound like I’m being obsessive, but I want to continue to stay where I am. It’s so easy to let the pounds creep back on again. I am strong and I am in charge! Have a great day, Sweetie!

  8. I LOVE black beans. Thinking I should make a pot myself! And wow-wee that ice cream looks amazing. Happy WIAW!

  9. Hey I had that same salad for lunch! I’ve been doing a lot of crock pot black beans lately, we all love them so I make a ton.

    I am a HUGE ice cream fan as are all of my kids. They probably eat it a little too much 🙂

    • Marie, aren’t the bean is the crock pot just the best idea?! With you having more people to feed, it’s probably a big help and they are So good! The kids are active and growing…they can handle some ice cream. WE on the other hand need to watch ourselves! 😉

  10. That all looks amazing! I love warm bveggie wraps – I don’t see them a lot around here. And the ice cream… I couldn’t be trusted alone with the tub either. 🙂

  11. It looks like you had a delicious week!! All mothers must splurge on mothers day- it is written somewhere in the rules i am sure….;))
    At one point i ate at this diner near me alllll the time- my favorite order was a baked potato with a fried egg ontop, and then a side of steamed veggies and marinara sauce, needless to say it all ended up ontop of the baked potato!

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