Week In Review~May 20

I do believe that I’m finally getting the hang of this Week In Review thingy and I like It!!  Of course, WIR was thought up by that crazy pixie Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets and I’m so happy to be joining in.  I’m just going to have to keep with my program of writing it as the week progresses.  ONLY way I’ll keep up.  I’m starting this on Wednesday and I’m already sure I’m going to miss something.  Ok…Here Goes!

Week In Review Button Final


–Ok…how can it only be Wednesday and I can’t remember what I did on Monday?!  I must have done something…well I do remember going out to lunch with Gail and Alice.  Of course we went to Taco Bell which is our favorite and SO cheap.  Then we made a few stops at the post office, a lawyer’s office, Aldi…we try to get Everything done in one trip.

–Maybe by the end of the week I’ll remember something else from Monday. I’m feeling pretty dumb about now…maybe I’ll improve as the days go on!


–Tuesday is So much easier.  Started the day with a fun and informative coffee meeting at Barnes & Noble with my new friend, Martie.  She’s behind the Be Still and See photography group.  We had the opportunity to talk, get to know each other and toss around some ideas for the group.  I love photography and I want to do more.  Also had the chance to try the Starbuck’s blonde roast coffee.  I like it, a lot! So much better than their regular roast!

–Afternoon found Ralph and Me handling some family issues.


–This week is not seeming to be as productive as last week.  However… Our main focus for the day was lunch out with Ralph’s sister and brother-in-law, cousins and niece.  We always have a good time when we get together.  This time it seemed especially enjoyable.  Yummy salad for me…then birthday cake…Woops!!


–See, I’ve got to get this WIR under control.  Due to various issues (boy do we have issues) I haven’t been keeping up and here I am on Sunday playing catch-up again.  Well…let’s say I did Something on Thursday.  Well…Ralph and I watched the season Finale of The Big Bang Theory…does that count as something?!  I think it does.  Sorry the season’s over…can’t wait for fall now!


–Friday I was working on getting my act together to head to the Relay For Life on Friday night.  It tends to get cold overnight so we try to pack warm things and blankets to help keep us warm overnight.

–Ralph and I spent Friday morning dealing with some more issues from earlier in the week.  Worked out? Not sure but I guess time will tell.

–Late Friday afternoon my sister Ele and nephew Michael headed to Chestnut Ridge Park for our annual Relay For Life.  We have a great team headed by our niece, Carrie.  We were also joined by Diann and Terri, lovingly referred to as The Moms.  Our team was smaller than usual, but we still had Big Spirit!

Elvis in the Attic~2013 team lap

–Sun shining-we’re all dressed in our Relay tee shirts and carrying our team banner, which of course, Carrie made.  It was a beautiful day/night for a Relay.  The weather was good.  The park is located in a dip in the land so at night it can get cold.  This year it was chilly but not nearly as cold as other years.  Truth is though, when you’re tired-after walking throughout the night-it feels pretty cold no matter what.


–We survived the night.  I walked six miles.  That’s chump change compared to what some people walked.  I decided that I would do my best to match what I walked last year and then I would rest.  I could have done more, but I was pretty worn out from all of the “issues” of the week.

Elvis in the Attic~2013 Tired but Happy

–Just before dawn, our whole team, tired but happy.  We are wearing our team hoodies that Carrie made for each of us.  Carrie is showing the logo on the back with our team name.  The front says Relay for live and our names.  Funny thing is that Diann and Terri didn’t realize their names were on the sweatshirts and wore each other’s sweatshirts all night.  The Really funny thing is that none of the rest of us noticed!!  Turns out from what Carrie tells me that we ended up on the local news Saturday morning.  She sent me a clip.  If I knew how to add video to the blog, I’d share it with you.  It’s pretty funny because Hand Jive from Grease is playing and Carrie was doing the Hand Jive!  I was skulking in the background.

–We got home at about 5:45am and I was pretty beat.  I tried to sleep but only got about 3 hours.  Then Ralph and I went out to breakfast-which should have been lunch by the time we got to it.  Then we headed into another issue filled day.  Don’t you love it when I’m cryptic?  Such fun.  There was some ice cream involved…is that less cryptic?


–I slept in this morning and feel somewhat caught up on my sleep.  The majority of my body parts still hurt.  It’s not really the walking that makes me feel bad after the Relay, I really think it’s the lack of sleep and the fact that when we’re not walking we’re sitting in beach type chairs that just aren’t very comfortable.  I think that next year I need to make sure I get out and walk a month or so beforehand to get myself used to it.  Maybe I should try staying up all night, too.  Just in preparation… 😉

–Not sure what the rest of Sunday holds.  I should be heading to a fun event, but that may have to go by the wayside.  We’ll just see.

–I think that the best thing I can say about this Week In Review is that I can’t wait for the new week to start.  It will Have to be better than this one!!

Don’t forget to visit Clean Eats, Fast Feets to join in WIR.  I hear Meghan is on the road, so that should be Really interesting!

Happy Monday!  Happy Birthday, Ele!

22 responses to “Week In Review~May 20

  1. Another wonderful Relay under our belts. Just about recovered here but learned that the doctor was right about no more hockey with the little guy. After throwing the light up frisbee just twice I felt like I had punctured a lung! Thank God for Terri, the pied piper of children! It is always so wonderful to spend time with our team and the incredible people at Relay…you are with people who understand how you feel. Thanks for the birthday wishes…I never thought that I would acutally be a legal senior citizen, collecting Social Security and using a Medicare card…wow, that can blow your mind, can’t it!

  2. happy birthday, ele!!! fran, i hope you get to see ele/celebrate today…or in the near future.
    love the stories and photos from the relay, and congrats to you all for getting out there, spending the night walking and supporting each other and the event. i agree that recovering from zero sleep and the cold would be tougher than the walking!
    sorry your week had its fill of issues, fran – and yes, this week is a fresh start! holiday monday here (although i am working 12-5) – i think you get yours next weekend!?

    • We’ll be celebrating Ele’s birthday with a dinner out tonight…and a few special treats, but don’t tell Ele!! Feeling much better after another good night’s sleep. Looking forward to a good week this week!! Have a great day, Cath!

  3. I’m sorry about all the issues going on! I hope this week is a better one for you all!

  4. You certainly had an interesting week. You should be proud of walking 6 miles for Relay! Relay is such an awesome event and anything that anyone does is a huge help in finding a cure for cancer!

  5. Oh wow you’ve been busy! I am glad though with all the walking and being tired you still found time for ice cream!!!! Well done.

  6. Way to relay! And haha, so glad I’m not the only one that has troubling recalling whole days from earlier in the week.

  7. Whew! I’m exhausted reading about everything you did this week. 🙂 I know how you feel about having trouble recalling days from earlier in the week. When I started creating a family newsletter, I also had to start a journal to record daily highlights. Otherwise, events all blurred together! Your week in review feature should prove fun in another year for you to look back on and reflect. 🙂 I always enjoy skimming our old newsletters.

    • Thanks, Allison! I think that Meghan, who started WIR has a great idea. It gives us a way to track what we do throughout the week. Helps to know you’ve accomplished a lot when you sometimes feel like you’ve accomplished nothing. I’ll bet the newsletters are great for looking back on the year. You’re right, this will be too. Have a great day!

  8. Oh my gosh! You had a busy week. I hope that all of the issues work themselves out. Some weeks are much tougher than others 😦

    I have trouble remembering what I did last week…or even yesterday…or this morning 😛

  9. Well done, m’lady! Both the walking and the WIP. I would never try that; it would take a lot of work, and my week wouldn’t have much in it.

    I hope the “issues” of last week go well this week.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

    • Thanks, Rob, you’re so kind! Just trying to work through them…life can be Such an adventure sometimes. Relay was great and worth every minute of it. Just wish we could do more to help. Take care, Mr. Bear.

  10. Sorry about all the “issues” but here’s hoping this week gets a whole lot better.

    Taco Bell…I used to love their chicken soft tacos!

  11. It sounds like you had an interesting, exciting and “issue” filled week. I hope those issues are all sorted out now, and your overnight walk sounds like a lot of fun. What team camaraderie.

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