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Week In Review~May 13

I had such fun last week joining in with Meghan’s Week In Review!  Lots of great comments and I appreciate them all.  It’s always fun at Clean Eats, Fast Feets, whether it’s the Monday Madness of Week In Review or not.  I like giving myself credit for what I accomplish.  In general, I don’t think we do that enough…we always think we haven’t done anything and certainly never enough.  I think Week In Review is good for proving us wrong.

Week In Review Button Final


–Up early with butterflies in my stomach, I made a phone call for necessary information.  Got the info I needed and immediately felt better.  Sorry to be cryptic, it’s just something that’s been hanging there for a while and it was my job to take the first step.  First step taken, there are more to come but I’m so happy the process is started.

–In the afternoon, the Traveling Circus went to the Chiropractor! Gail, Alice, Margo and I all go to the same chiropractor so we make our appointments together and turn it in to a road trip.  It used to include a stop for ice cream, but we’re being good so, no ice cream…

–After that, I regained custody of my car that had been at the mechanic’s for several days.  Expensive, but it was work that needed to be done.


–Road trip to the township where Ralph’s house lives to pay insurance and taxes.  Lots of green and looking for wisteria hiding among the trees.  Everywhere we turned there were trees engulfed in the wisteria.  Beautiful, although I know it damages the trees.  Also the first sight of the cocoons that Grandmom always said meant a really hot summer.  Guess we’ll see.  A yummy lunch but I’m saving that for WIAW!!


–Laundry and LOTS of work in the basement.  Sorting things to go to the yard sale and finding more treasures.  Finding the treasures is the best part of doing all of this sorting out!


–Changed the sheets on the bed.  Ok, that doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment, but it is.  At least I didn’t tell you about cleaning the bathroom last week…oh, wait…I just did.

–A bit of a wild goose chase…annoying and unfortunate, but we’ll keep working at this project.

–Lunch at the diner and more laundry when we got home.  Not much else accomplished.  Funny how when one thing doesn’t work out it sort of puts a damper on your day.  On to better things.


–Some things have to come to an end…


–Sad to say that my pair of knock around the house/ride my exercise bike shoes finally bit the dust.  The liner came out of one and I really felt like I was walking on Nothing…I had worn the soles out so badly.  They went into the trash.  Sorry to see them go.


–My visit to Weight Watchers brought me continued happiness.  I stayed the same at 13.4 pounds UNDER my goal.  I’m pretty happy about it. It was what I thought of as kind of an off week.  I don’t really want to lose any more, I’m just really excited that I’m staying right there.

–Breakfast out with the Girls after WW and then lunch with Ralph…same restaurant/same booth/same waiter!!  Very strange.  But I found a new favorite item to order.  Saving that for WIAW, too!

–Goofed off for most of the rest of the day.  That’s ok sometimes, right?!   😉


–I’m sitting here at the computer finishing up my Week In Review! I’m liking this.  Coffee at my right hand and the sun is coming out after 2 dreary rainy days.  I think this could be a day to enjoy some outside things.

–I’m going to a spiritual Gathering this afternoon with Ele, then Ralph and I will be taking her out to dinner for Mother’s Day.  I’m really looking forward to both!

I’m enjoying participating in WIR.  I have to admit though that the only way I can do it is to write it as it happens.  Start a post and save it as a draft throughout the week so that I can add to it.  I’d never remember ANYTHING otherwise!!

So that’s this weeks installment of Week In Review.  Can you handle all of the excitement?  I’m not sure I can!  😉

Happy Monday! Happy Week In Review!  Thanks, Meghan!

Snapshot Saturday~May 11

A trip to a local nursery has given me lots of fodder for my next few installments of Snapshot Saturday, hosted by Alyce at At Home With Books.

I love flowers and since I’m not much of a gardener, I jumped at the chance to visit the nursery with my friends Gail and Alice.  The sights were incredible and I’m going to get the most mileage from them that I can.

Beautiful hydrangea…



I like this photo because the not quite bloomed flower in the center appears to be wearing the blooming flowers as a head-dress.  Ok, so that might sound a little strange to you  but that’s what it looks like to me!

I love the full pink color of the surrounding flowers and the yellow to green to pink of the one in the center.  I also love the touch of green from the leaves.  Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and I love to see the bushes when they are full-grown and covered in blooms.  I’ll have to check the neighborhood to see if I can find one of those!

Happy Snapshot Saturday!

Strange But Good~Couldn’t Be Quicker~May 10

So with all of this Blogging A to Z Challenge and having no food in the house stuff going on lately, I haven’t had the chance to participate in Strange But Good.  I’ve missed all the fun I have when I link up with Laura and the Gang at Sprint 2 The Table. So I decided I needed to hang out with the cool kids again.  Here goes!

Sprint 2 the Table

Life has been interesting lately what with a less than perfectly functioning fridge/freezer and generally having no food in the house (you heard me whining about this in my What I Ate Wednesday post) but we’re working with it.  Interesting how you can be more creative when you have fewer resources.  Wow…that sounds deep, doesn’t it!

As it turns out, for this particular meal (can’t really call it a dish…) I already had what I needed in the house, so I could have made it at any time.



No scary banana photos today.  Just a cup of couscous and a can of Margaret Holmes tomatoes, okra and corn.  I was very hungry and had no enthusiasm for cooking or preparing this day. Not a good combination if I want to keep myself on track with Weight Watchers.  But I had sufficient Points left to work this in.

Just heat up the t/o/c and when it’s boiling add in the couscous.  Turn off the heat and let it sit for a few minutes (no idea how long…just until you can’t wait any longer!!)



Top it with some Romano cheese and dig in.  Now actually, I didn’t have the cheese in the house prior to shopping and I could have eaten this without it, it just wouldn’t have tasted as good.  This was really tasty and filled the bill.  Also comes under my heading of Couldn’t Be Quicker.  It took longer to measure the couscous and open the can than it did to put it all together.  That’s my kind of meal!

I’m back in the swing of things, there’s a crock pot full of black beans crocking as I type.  I can never go wrong with those!

Be sure to check out the rest of the wonderful strangeness at Sprint 2 The Table.  Leave some comments and consider joining in…I know you all have something strange hiding in your recipe book!!   😉

Happy Friday!

WIAW~A Girl Could Starve~

I love, love, LOVE being part of What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  It is such fun to be part of something that brings so many people from all over together with one purpose…to share the food they’ve eaten.

I like it so much that I’ve even joined in on weeks when I’ve had no food photos to share.  That may be cheating, but I Talked about food, isn’t that sufficient?!   😉  Because of the fact that I’ve actually done this with No food photos, I guess I can’t be embarrassed about posting when I don’t have many photos.

Peas and Crayons

I decided to use the WIAW logo that has the photos so I’d be showing just a little more food.  Oh, who really cares…I just want to be part of the party!

My lack of food photos is based on two things.  Refrigerator issues that have forced me to have very little food in the house.  Meals that were so quickly put together and consumed that I would afterwards say…Phooey…I was supposed to take a picture of that!  And the fact that Ralph and I were away over the weekend with a group of people who really would have been confused if I whipped out my camera and started taking food pictures.  It’s a shame because the food was pretty good.

There is one from the weekend.  Ralph and I were off on a short road trip to one of his military reunions.  We got a little bit turned around in our directions and weren’t sure where our next turn should be.  When in doubt, stop at a diner!

We did that and since breakfast had been pretty early, we were hungry but didn’t want too much to eat.


We both opted for a toasted bagel with cream cheese and jelly, coffee too of course.  It was all pretty tasty and kept us full until later.  We got our directions and we were even led out of the diner to the right direction by some other customers who heard us asking the waitress for directions. Such nice people!

The other issue we were dealing with was that my car was in the shop most of last week.  Ralph’s is also not doing too well, so we were limited in our transportation.  We were finally able to pick up the car and knowing our food limitations at home, we headed to the local pizzeria.  It’s actually within walking distance if we’d needed to get there without a car. Anyway…I opted for my usual.


Pepper and egg sandwich with American cheese.  This is so good and so filling that I was set for the evening.

So having picked up my car, my first trip out in my newly repaired car (she purrs like a kitten now!) was to Verchio’s produce market and to Aldi.



Car chock full of goodies!!

I quickly consumed an apple too quick to take a photo and a banana.



Ok…so there’s really no GOOD way to photograph a banana.  I did it as I was turning on the computer to finish this post.  It was delicious and I’m SO happy to have fruit in the house again.  It has become my go to snack anytime of day and I’m sure it’s been helpful in keeping me on track with Weight Watchers.

So that’s it for What I Ate Wednesday this week for me.  Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I’ll have many more photos for you next week.  Be sure to stop over at Peas & Crayons…you’ll find Lots of food photos there!  Don’t forget to leave some comments.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!  I have Fruit!!   🙂   🙂

Week In Review

Ok, so now that I have been loosened from the shackles of the Blogging A to Z Challenge (how descriptive!!) I’ve decided to plunge into another link up that I’ve been loving for a while but never joined in. It’s Week In Review thought up by the wild and crazy Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

In a way, it kind of figures in with what I was doing during the Challenge. I’m trying to accomplish a LOT right now and sometimes I know I don’t give myself credit for the things I do during a day or a week.  This may help me see more clearly what I do accomplish. So here goes!

Week In Review Button Final

–Since I’m just starting out with this, I’m going to start back a bit.  Last week I was invited to join in with an interesting group of people.  It’s a group of photographers and we’re looking for a new way of looking at things.  Gosh there’s a lot of looking there, but it’s necessary!

–I hit a very interesting milestone for myself when it comes to Weight Watchers.  I haven’t talked much about how I’ve been doing since I got back from Florida.  Being totally immersed in the plan down there (there were 4 of us working it together) I came back to New Jersey feeling pretty strong.  Well, I was working the program so well that I started to lose weight again.  I went down week by week.  This past Saturday at weigh in I was 13 and a quarter pounds UNDER my goal.  That makes me only 3 quarters of a pound from my Original Goal from 25 years ago! At a certain point, you’re allowed to raise your goal which I did some years ago.  I never dreamed I’d be at this weight again.  I’m pretty darned excited.  I keeping myself motivated by working hard and trying to keep Gail and Alice motivated.  I think it’s working!

–Got to spend a wonderful afternoon with some old friends who we haven’t seen in a long while. They used to be clients of mine when I was a travel agent. Bob is a phenomenal photographer and Anne is an incredible water-color artist.  Ralph had Bob as a math teacher years ago at the local county college.  They live way out in the country. We had lunch and spent the day catching up on life, sharing art and friendship.  Quite a day.

–Much sorting and packing going on as promised!  I’ve been through a lot more things in the basement and am doing my best to organize what’s going out for the yard sale as I go through things.  I’m really happy with my progress in this regard.

–Saturday, Ralph and I drove to Exton, Pa to be part of an Eastern regional reunion for his Army unit.  We’ve gone every year for the last 12 years to the national version of these reunions, but we’ve only had the chance to make a few of the regional ones.  We had the best time.  Because there are fewer people attending, we had the chance to meet some people we’d never met before and to better get to know some we already knew.  It was a great short getaway.  It also gave us some good information that we need and we can make use of.  We’ll see how that all works out. Both Saturday and Sunday were great days for a drive.  The Pennsylvania countryside is just so beautiful this time of year.

So that’s about it for my review for the week.  Once I get the hang of this, I’m sure I can be more creative with it. As it is, just wanted to get my feet wet and get to hang out with the cool people sharing their Weeks in Review.  I’ll be trying to make my week much more exciting so that it will look better on here!   😉

Happy Monday!!

Snapshot Saturday~May 4

Snapshot Saturday is the creation of Alyce at At Home With Books.  We post photos that we or family members have taken, we can’t just grab them from the Internet…what fun would that be?!  Let’s get started!

I live in an old house that was my Grandparent’s house. Everything is old here, including the residents…by age maybe, but not in spirit!  I’ll talk about the Spirits another time.

The floors are old, the refrigerator is old…41 years…and about to bite the dust I’m sad to say.

Even the plants and bushes are old

One of my favorite things has always been the lilac bush that is so far away in my huge yard that I can’t tell from the house if it’s blooming or not.  Sadly, due to some encroachment by other tree like things, the lilac isn’t doing very well.  Year by year, the blooms get fewer and fewer.  I was able to snip some off last week to share with my sister, Ele.  Getting so close to them, smelling their aroma and seeing them right there in front of me, I was taken in by their beauty.

I decided I needed to get some photos of the blooms which might not be blooming too much longer.  I took several shots, but I think this one is the best.



The wind was blowing this day and I actually thought it might be impossible to get a good closeup that was in focus.  I’m very happy with this.

Be sure to stop by at At Home With Books to see some of the other wonderful photos.

Happy Snapshot Saturday!!

Summing It Up

The Blogging A to Z Challenge has a nifty little tradition called the Reflections Post.  It’s intended to sum up your experience with the Challenge.  It’s an outlet for us  to tell what we gained during the Challenge and maybe to let off steam just a bit.  Ok, how on Earth did we survive it?!

I’m going to be so excited to attach this colorful badge to my side bar…that is if I can remember how! I have to look it up every time which is why my side bar doesn’t change very often!

What did I think about the Challenge?

Last year, I dove in with little preparation and chugged along day by day coming up with interesting topics and handling them in an amusing way most times.

This year, several days, even early in the month I found myself thinking, “What on Earth was I thinking, why did I want to do this again?!”  This self-doubt dogged me through much of the month.  I HATE to not complete something.  That issue has dogged me throughout my life, not completing something I start.  (You should see all of the journals I’ve started and never gotten even half way through.)  I wasn’t going to let that happen to me with the Challenge.

I thought my posts were riddled with the written equivalent of a public speaker saying, “um…er…ah…” when the thought isn’t coming.  But I seem to have come up with topics which, though a bit less than cheery sometimes, gave me some pause.  Perhaps the pause was what I was looking for.  With that pause I was able to think things through, on many occasions during this Challenge.  Because of the pause, I was able to clearly see what I wanted to do, what my motivation is and how I can accomplish things.

The wonderful thing, and I’ll say this over and over, even though I’ve said it before, All of You, my readers are so supportive.  It seemed that every day when I posted something where I was feeling less than confident, less than able to handle things, your comments bolstered me.  Many of you had instances to share where you had the same doubts or anxieties. It’s amazing how we can all be so different , yet so similar in many ways.

It’s almost as if I spent a month in therapy.  Boy, was this cheaper than actually going to a therapist! It helped me to work out a lot of things that needed working out.  I’m feeling much clearer and more focused (Am I not ALWAYS searching for focus?!)  I feel I’m on my way.

I have to share with you a wonderful and supportive thing that happened throughout the Challenge.  Each day, my best friend, Gail would send me an e-mail after reading my post for the day.  In the e-mail, there would be a photo of a cat that somehow referred to the Letter and topic of my post that day.  How could I NOT complete the Challenge?  I wanted to keep getting my e-mail kitties every day! Thanks, Gail!

Summing up, I would give the Blogging A to Z Challenge, an A-Z +.  I had to use my brain and think hard, but in the end I think I made the grade.  I know it worked on the inside which is where I needed it to work.  Thanks to all who came along for the ride and Thanks to the organizers of the Challenge.  Yes, I’ll be back next year!

Happy Friday!

WIAW~ No…That’s All…Just WIAW!!

One thing at a time.  Although there have been times in my life that I’ve been a good multi-tasker, right now I’m better with one thing at a time.  I’m so glad that today I get to do What I Ate Wednesday as just that…What I Ate Wednesday.  I’ve successfully (and for me I think REALLY successfully) completed the Blogging A to Z Challenge.  My wrap up post for the A to Z will be coming shortly.

But today it’s all about the food and from what I see in my photos…almost all about Breakfast! So here goes.  Oh…can’t forget to mention our Queen of What I Ate Wednesday, the great organizer…Jenn at Peas & Crayons. Head on over after you’re finished here to see more great food and general craziness!

Peas and Crayons

As I said…Breakfast first…lots of breakfast!



My current favorite at home breakfast…egg substitute/egg whites and broccoli cooked in the microwave in my tiny glass measuring cup.  I’ve taken to eating it directly from the cup.  I love a handle! I’m also tracking my Points now on my new phone.  I feel like I’m cheating on my paper Tracker but it seems to be working so I’ll stick with it for the time being.



This was actually breakfast for late lunch…egg white omelette with spinach and mushrooms, sliced tomatoes on the side.



This may look like the same meal, but it’s not.  (Took me a few minutes to figure out which was which, though!) Egg white omelette with spinach and feta cheese, of course sliced tomatoes on the side.  Very good.



French Toast! Something different! Gail, Alice and I all ordered it for breakfast last Saturday and none of us could finish it!  We ended up taking the left overs to Ralph and Gail’s brother, Ray.  They were happy that we couldn’t finish it!

Sunday we had another celebration of Ralph’s birthday at Ele’s house.



Simple can be just as good.  I made my usual Big Salad to contribute.  Loved it and Ele made pasta.  There was Italian sausage for the meaty folks in attendance.  I was thrilled with mine…Yum!

Of course, no trip to Ele’s house would be complete without some wonderful dessert.  We were celebrating Ralph’s birthday so…Chocolate Cake…



Bigger than my usual share, but I knew it would be incredible and I’ve been really good lately…thought I deserved it.  We came home with leftover cake and I must confess I had another piece this size on Sunday.  It’s gone now and it can’t hurt me.  It was So good as always when Ele makes it!

At some point I need to catch you all up on my recent successes at Weight Watchers.  I’m pretty pleased.  But I’ll save it for another day.  It would be cruel to talk about that after the chocolate cake!   😉

Be sure to check out Peas & Crayons and the other fabulous blogs assembled there today…leave some comments…we all love comments!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!