Strange But Good~June14

What do you do when you have no fresh food in the house, a freezer that is only really good for making REALLY cold water and you’re starving??  Well, you put your thinking cap on, rummage in the pantry cabinet and come up with dinner!  It also sounds like a perfect excuse to hang out at Strange But Good, sponsored by Laura at Sprint 2 The Table!

Sprint 2 the Table

Searching the pantry can be a challenge and I won’t lie, there are some things in there that are a bit “older” than they should be, but are still usable.  I’ve had my share of disasters with things past their prime (expiration date) in previous posts.  Case in point…very old beans and a very old cake mix.  If I could remember where they are on the blog, I’d link to them but I’d rather let you have the fun of searching around to find them yourselves!!   😉

The ingredients…


Sliced stewed tomatoes (expiration said Feb. 2013-that’s only 4 months ago and hey…they’re canned!), chili garlic sauce from the folks that bring you sriracha sauce (spicy!) and black beans.  Also some pasta that if I read the label is probably past it’s date also.  I really didn’t want to look.

I set the pasta to cooking and mixed the tomatoes, beans and spicy sauce together.  I initially thought I might have added too much (two teaspoons) of the chili sauce but in the end it worked well.


I let this cook down so that it wasn’t so juicy and became more sauce-y.  Basically, until the pasta was ready!!  Actually, now that I think about it, this probably qualifies for Couldn’t Be Quicker.


Topped it with some grated romano cheese…well a Lot of cheese.  This is all of the pasta (I actually made Too much…) and part of the bean/tomato mix.  I ate some of it, then added the rest of the mix to my bowl.  Only after did I figure out that the Points were Very high.  Turns out I was only a few Points over for the day and VERY full.  I didn’t want a single thing later in the evening.  Oh, and how did it taste?  Delicious!!  I’d make it again in a minute which is good because I have what I need to make it again right there in my pantry.  The old things are still as old (the beans are new) but I’ll be making it again soon, so I’m not going to worry.

It seems that many times my Strange But True entries come from making do with what I have.  I guess that’s a good thing!

Be sure to stop by at Sprint 2 The Table to check out what the other “strange” people are posting.

Happy Friday!!!

8 responses to “Strange But Good~June14

  1. That sounds good Fran, and probably really filling! YUM!

  2. It looks filling! I use cans that are a bit expired too, unless they are bulging of course!

  3. I love a big bowl of pasta. Perfect comfort food.

  4. These are my faovrite Strange But Good entries! I am going to be doing a lot of using what I have not that I can’t lift anything post-surgery. Grocery shopping is going to be hard!

    I totally ignore sell by dates… they’re just guidelines, right? 😉

    • Laura, you’re too funny. Canned goods are meant to last through the Apocalypse aren’t they? That’s what Ralph keeps telling me. Just don’t try it with a cake mix that’s far past it’s prime…not pretty. I’d say Hugs to You, but that would hurt! Hope things are getting better every day, Cutie!!

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