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Another Wednesday rolls around and of course that brings me as always to What I Ate Wednesday hostessed by the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  Life is crazy interesting here at the moment, but few things keep me from jumping right into the WIAW pile and sharing food and fun with all of you.  Be sure to check out the other foodies when you’re finished here and leave some comments.

What I Ate Wednesday: Sensible Snacking

Yes, we’re still working on Sensible Snacking and of course, I’m still failing miserably, but Hey…at least I’m showing up!

Last week I raved about doing food photos with my new DSLR which I love.  The only trick is that it eats up a LOT of space on the blog, so until I can figure that out (Kristen…I need another tutorial…) I’ll be using my point and shoot.  We’ll all survive.



I eat these far more frequently than I show them…Taco Bell bean burrito.  They count for 9 Points on Weight Watchers for me, but they are an extremely filling lunch.  It easily holds me until dinner with no trouble.  Besides, who can argue with $1.27 for lunch?!



After our meeting with the lawyer on Thursday, Ele, Little Michael and I headed to Dunkin’ Donuts.  I tried their current special-mint chocolate chip.  It was delicious but as I post this, I realize that I never figured out the Points or added it into my day.  Well, Thursday was the day I was Way off track anyway.  It was So good though!



One of my new favorites…the veggie burger at our favorite diner.  This really is good and filling…two of my favorite things!



A Greek salad at a Different diner.  I thought this was delicious.  I asked for the dressing on the side so that I could control it.  I enjoyed it Very much.  Ralph had a Cobb salad which he enjoyed and even “sort of” liked the avocado in it.  Because we had a gift certificate from Ralph’s birthday for this diner, the whole meal cost us 59 cents!  This is starting to sound like an episode of The Cheap People Go To Lunch!!  😉



No episode of WIAW is complete without a trip to Ice Cream Kids.  This was a combo of black raspberry and peach…SO good.  Reminds me of a combo we used to buy at WaWa when Ralph and I were first dating.  Yum!!



Caught him…with a cone of Moose Tracks bigger than his Head!!

We went out to lunch on Sunday with Ralph’s sister Maddie and her husband George.  We always have the best time with them.  We went to a third diner for this lunch.



I started with a Caesar salad that was delicious!



This was Pasta Arrabiata.  I think that’s the spelling.  I only ate about a third of it.  The salad was much bigger than I’d expected.  I must confess that later that night I ate the rest…well, it was my dinner that time, right?!

Several times in the last week or so, Ralph has decided we’d get lunch at WaWa.  You get to make up your own sandwich here.  This is my new fave…rye bread with pepper cheese melted on it, spinach and tomatoes.



It is Really good and very filling.  I wish I knew where they get their rye bread, it is the best!  I told the man making my sandwich that they should put this on the menu.  He was not amused…

So that wraps up WIAW for me for this week.  All in all, not a bad week, I survived it, which wasn’t a given when the week started!  Be sure to check out the other bloggers posting over at Peas & Crayons and be sure to leave some comments.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

24 responses to “WIAW~Lift and Shift

  1. wow, your Greek salad looked incredible! Mine looked like it came through the shredder (and not in a good way!!!) I had to search for the olives, I think there might have been eggs but they were chopped so finely that I can’t be sure, no tomatoes, way too much dressing and no feta cheese! Yuck. That place is getting worse and worse and don’t even get me started on the service. I don’t think you should have to wait 45 minutes for cold food.

  2. I think it’s kind of cool that you forgot to factor in the points at DD! You were probably having so much fun with Ele & Michael that you just didn’t think of it! 🙂

  3. 59 cents!! Wow, that’s awesome. Maybe you are cheap people, but I see that as a totally good thing. When I get older I am definitely going to be one of those people who uses coupons every time I go shopping.

    You are one of the only bloggers I think that actually admits to eating at fast food restaurants… At least out of those that I read, but I think most probably do and just don’t like showing it. Really it’s too bad because having to eat on the go is such a normal part of everyday life and finding healthier options while out and about is eating smart!

    • Madison, Thanks for taking note of that. I really do think that some of the blogs I read are omitting things. I’m impressed that so many of them are eating so healthy, but then there’s real life too. Coupons or gift cards are the best. That’s why I believe in thrift stores…why pay more for things than you need to. Have a great day!

  4. I love this post because you are so real with your food. That’s what real life weight maintenance is all about – balancing your nutrition and your choices. You are such a great example of both.

  5. You got such a good deal on those salads! Gift cards to restaurants are such a great thing to have, and there’s no shame in having a cheap meal especially if you enjoyed it!

  6. Happy WIAW! The iced coffee looks good! I have been having a lot of iced coffee myself. Love the ice cream, that sounds good tonight. 🙂

  7. aneastcoastlife

    That pasta looks great! I have zero self control with pasta so it’s usually the last thing I would order. Way to go on only eating 1/3!!!!!

    Happy hump day!

  8. Those are some great meals lately! The salads look great and new veggie burgers are a fun surprise- i have a veg burger ontop of salad for a quick dinner often. The bean burrito is a great choice when fast food is the only option- as close to “food” you can recognize.

  9. Dunkin donuts iced coffee and greek salads are two of my favorites! Not to mention that pasta looks incredible as well!

    • Hi Kathryn, thanks for stopping by! DD is the best and I just Love Greek salads. The pasta was very good, but it had a little too much oil on it. Tasty never the less. Have a great day and please visit again!

  10. I am totally impressed with the 59 cent meal! Greek food is one of my favorites. 🙂

    Have you asked the Wawa people where they get their bread? I bet they’d show you the bag! I do that all the time.

    • It was a great salad, Laura. Funny thing is my sister was there a few days before, ordered the same thing and said it was awful. Hmmm…I really think whoever is cooking that day makes a difference. Great idea to ask WaWa about the bread…I’ll do it next time!! Thanks!

  11. I still want one of those veggie burgers! And definitely want all your cheap eats! I do great at home eating cheap, but never manage to find well-priced but still good stuff out.

    • Allie, Ralph never cares what it costs, but I’m always looking. The diner where I get the veggie burger is extremely reasonable. In fact when we go in there on Saturdays it’s usually late in the day sort of lunch/dinner. The offer their early bird special and we get 20% off of their usually low prices…and it’s not just because we’re old!! 😉 Have a great day, Sweetie!

  12. Ughhh I told you I’d help! It really is simple. And then you can get back to your cutie pie of a camera.

    The wawa sandwich looks delicious! And where’d you get that veggie burger??? I love the green kind. I know that sounds weird. But thy’re so good.

    • The veggie burger is from the Gateway Diner in Westville. Next time I’m going to see if they can do it on top of a salad for me. Just thought of that. Maybe some day next week we can do camera things? I’ll be in touch.

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