WIAW~Surviving The Week

So many times the food that I eat and post would be forgotten if I didn’t take photos of it.  But what would be the fun of doing a What I Ate Wednesday post if I didn’t have photos?  Well I have done it without photos once when computer demons were wreaking havoc on me, but this week we’re good.

It was a tough week emotionally for me for various reasons, and I will confess that not Everything made it into a photo.  I’m also not proud of everything I ate, but as I like to say, it’s gone and it can’t hurt me anymore.  I am proud that I said “no” to an apple fritter at WaWa at Least 3 times.  Never did have one and that’s Ok by me.

WIAW is of course the baby (soon to get a little sister!) of Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  Be sure to check out all of the fun happening at P & C when you’re finished here.

What I Ate Wednesday: Love Your Veggies

This isn’t actually Love Your Veggies Month, but I like this logo and I sure have my share of veggies in this post!

After Ralph’s regular doctor’s visit we went to one of our favorite lunch spots.  I got my usual there, the Athenia Burger.


It’s the Greek salad with a substituted  veggie burger on the side.  This is so good.  They cook the veggie burger just right and the Greek salad is just enough.  Yum.


Salad in the Big Purple Bowl with Morningstar Griller chopped up! Very tasty and filling.


This is actually a different salad, this time with canned black beans.  They taste better home-made, but keeping some canned beans in the pantry is such a good idea.  Another thing I’ve been adding lately is a chopped up Gala apple.  So tasty.  I’m getting back on track though and there are some pintos cooking in the crock pot as I type this.  The BPB just loves to be part of  WIAW!

We haven’t gone to Subway in a while and Ralph suggested it one day last week and I said Yes!


Honey wheat bread, pepper jack cheese, spinach, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and black olives with chipotle southwest sauce.  Really tasty.

My reward on Saturday for all of my hard work on the yard sale…


My new favorite combo-black raspberry and peach.  This doesn’t look it, but I was controlling myself and got a small instead of a medium.  So good.

I guess that’s a good place to stop!  As I say, it was not the best food week, but I have no photographic proof so you can believe me or not.  I just like to be honest.  I’m feeling more in control now and  we’ll move on from there.  I’m sure everyone has a week like that now and then, I just haven’t had them lately and it’s a little scary when it happens.  I’m feeling a little closer to the top of my game.  I think the weather has something to do with it.  This rain is putting me in a terrible funk.  How do people live in a place like Seattle where it rains all the time?  Just makes me more determined to get to New Mexico SOON!!

Happy WIAW!!

P.S. It’s Eat Beans Day…DO IT!!

24 responses to “WIAW~Surviving The Week

  1. I love your salads! My mom always put apple on salads trwing up. I need to start doing that more!

    Hope your week gets better! xo

  2. I can tell that’s a small cup the ice cream is in! We use small cups when we have a dessert – it really helps with portion control and we still get the enjoyment of the treat.

  3. Sorry to hear it has been a rough week, hope it picks up soon. Your salads look divine!

  4. Happy WIAW! I like the looks of your Greek salad and veggie burger. 🙂 You did deserve ice cream after a yard sale!!! So much work, I hope you got rid of a lot.

  5. I’m sorry you had a rough week emotionally. Those really suck 😦 I love your attitude though. It’s done and over with. ❤

  6. I think all of your eats look wonderful! I’m especially eyeing all of those salads and that ice cream (of course ;)). I’m not a huge fan of black raspberry, but I love peach anything!

    Also, I’m so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours :). I can’t wait to read more!

  7. Sounds like you deserved a little ice cream! I love black raspberry!

  8. Your salads always look so good, Fran! I need to keep more salad supplies on hand 🙂

    • Salads are just the best, Liz. I’m a volume eater, need a lot to feel satisfied. I can easily do that with a salad…lots of good veggies, some protein (beans or a veggie burger) and balsamic vinegar. I’m all set! I don’t get bored with it either, so I can have it over and over with a few variations. I’ve been adding an apple in lately which makes it very tasty. Have a great day!

  9. I missed national bean day! And I still want to show up in NJ for one of those veggie burgers.

    I hope your week has turned around emotionally Fran!

  10. I love apples in salads, especially with a wedge of cheddar. Mmm, great flavor combo.
    No worries about the bad week; just pick yourself up, move forward and try again. That’s about all you can do anyway. Plus, a little ice cream is good for the soul, especially when it’s made with whole food ingredients. Love me some ice cream.

    • This ice cream shop is so great. It’s owned by a guy who I went to kindergarten with! It’s in an old gas station. He does very well during the summer and we do our share to help support it!! 😉

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