Do You Think He’ll Notice?

It took two days before he noticed, but Ralph has realized that I’ve now started to tackle his “stuff” in a place other than the basement.  I needed a little daylight so I started upstairs in the catchall room.

It usually helps when I find things that he’s been looking for. I didn’t find that many things other than Huge piles of artwork he had forgotten about.  I did clear a substantial path through and found out that my assumption was correct.  There wasn’t that much stuff.  There were a lot of boxes with a little stuff in each.  When they’re haphazardly placed, you can’t tell that and it looks like a huge project.  It’s not as monumental as the complaining that goes on around here would suggest.

I spent much of the time un-crinkling hundreds (I’m not kidding here) of drawings of Ralph’s.  I had to come up with a way to get them straightened out and in a system where they can eventually be sorted.  I’m not doing the sorting, just the preserving at the moment.  I’ve found several flat boxes (among all of the half full boxes…) where I can simply put the drawings in flat and that helps to keep them safe.  It really frustrates me that I treat his artwork gently and he doesn’t.

All that being said, I’ve accomplished a lot in the last few days.  I have a huge pile of empty boxes now and a lot of recycling to go out.  Why Did we have catalogs from 2006?!?!  I’m contemplating borrowing my friend’s recycling bin.  She lives a few houses down the street and is away at the moment.  I know that since the recycling doesn’t get picked up until Tuesday, my bin will prove insufficient.  It almost is already!!

I’m looking forward to trash day tomorrow.  I know that sounds Very strange but I am.  I have two full trash bins plus there are things in the basement too large for a bin and they need to go out too.

I’m feeling very good about this purge and I’m planning on continuing.  I hope to have a huge chunk of it completed before I go away at the end of July.  I’m feeling pretty good about the whole thing.  As long as Ralph doesn’t notice!!

Happy Thursday!

12 responses to “Do You Think He’ll Notice?

  1. Your consistent energy on this project is totally admirable Fran! YAY for you!!

  2. We both know why you have catalogues from 2006…Ralph refuses to part with a single piece of paper that comes into the house!.That’s why I don’t share anything with him that Jim gives me. I read the articles and put them directly into the recycling bin…actually, I do that with 95% of the mail I get! Keep up the good work. As I said, you are welcome touse my recycle bin this week, it is empty!

  3. Good for you Fran! That is super impressive, and it must be an incredible relief to have found mostly empty boxes. I say borrow the neighbors recycle bin; we did it once with our neighbors trash bin when they were on vacation. It’s for a good cause; they shouldn’t mind.

  4. I had to laugh because I’m doing this exact thing with the basement, and hoping the husband doesn’t notice anything missing. The last time I tried – ironically to put a box of VHS tapes in the attic, he asked me why I was trying to kill his memories?! That box of VHS tapes has remained in the same spot in the basement for the last year – unmoved, unwatched!

    • Hi Tanya! I’m finding things that Ralph forgot he had years ago! It makes me crazy. We’ve got SO many of those stupid VHS tapes that I would love to toss. We could fill a room and I’m not even joking! Thanks for visiting…keep me up on how you do in Your basement!

  5. Moving is so much work – glad you treat Ralph’s wonderful artwork so carefully, he’s so talented.

  6. Chris Soboleski

    I feel for you, girl…I’m gonna be doing the same thing some day.

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