Busted~Strange But Good

Ok, so he noticed.  Then he gave me the look and got huffy.  Then we got in the car and drove to his house (which we had already planned to do) to work on getting things ready to “move” there while we clean out this house before we move to New Mexico. (That’s a whole other story!)  He was huffy all the way there (at least a 30 minute ride.)

Are you following any of this?  I’m not sure I am. If not you’ll have to read my last few posts to catch up. So while we were there, I worked really hard and cleaned the kitchen to make it presentable.  Funny thing is…he didn’t mind me Moving anything there OR throwing out anything.  Well, actually…I don’t think he knew I threw things out…but that’s beside the point!  Shhh…

He was impressed with what I did with the kitchen and the fact that I made it look so homey.  He wasn’t huffy anymore.  I may have to kill myself.

But before I do that, I want to link up with Strange But Good hostessed by the lovely Laura at Sprint 2 The Table.  I missed it last week and I was sad.

Sprint 2 the Table


This was not all that strange, but plenty good.  Simple is probably a better term, but hey…I want to fit in.

Our niece, Marie had given me some zucchini and yellow squash fresh from her garden.   Being bare bones about food around here lately, again I went with what I had.  No onions, but I did have Garlic In A Jar.  I know purists are cringing, but I’m sorry.  I sautéed up the garlic and zucchini/squash added some black pepper and dried basil.  While they were cooking, I made some couscous spiced up with faux Mrs. Dash from Aldi.


Zucchini/squash over couscous topped with Romano cheese.  Yum, yum…simple but tasty just the way I like a dinner to be.  It was also ready in about 10 minutes.  Even better!

So today is Trash Day.  Need to get out all of the trash I’ve been making this week.  Hopefully, Ralph won’t wake up until it’s been picked up.  Then I have to retrieve my neighbor’s recycling bin because mine is now Overflowing!  What fun it is around here!

Happy Friday!

14 responses to “Busted~Strange But Good

  1. Happy trash day and hope he doesn’t wake up and start foraging!

  2. I am all about garlic in a jar 🙂

  3. Less is more. Let go. Head west my friend

  4. I agree with Bob! Less is definitely more!!!!

  5. wow – I am stopping by your blog while you are in the middle of a move and purge!
    I agree with all – less is def. more. My sis says if you dont wear it or use it for a whole year, it should go 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog – Im serious bout the moong 🙂

  6. All the huffiness is cracking me up. Men are so afraid of change sometimes!

    I love this strange but good – no shame in jarred garlic! I sed to keep that and jarred ginger, too. 🙂

    • Thanks, Laura! It’s kind of funny, but frustrating too. I’m just trying to work around it. I’m feeling good about my progress. I want this finished so I can sell the house and be out of here!! I think it’s great to keep things in the cupboard and the fridge that are there when I need them! Have a great day, Laura!

  7. Eh, he’ll get over it Fran. Especially when he realizes you’re working to get you both to you end game of New Mexico. Besides you could have just pitched everything (which I would have done if the Hubby hadn’t stepped up by now) and instead you saved lots of drawings for him and got rid of the rest. You keep on, keeping.

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