Week In Review~July 15

My Sunday morning tradition has become writing my Week In Review post.  It gives me a chance to review the week.  It also gives me a chance to realize what I really have accomplished throughout the week.  Be sure to check the other reviewers at Clean Eats, Fast Feets when you’re finished here.

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I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone who’s been reading BCDC what this Week In Review will be talking about.

Sorting, packing and Boxes, Boxes, BOXES!!  Oh…tossing, trash and donations, too.

I’ve been working feverishly in my basement and in my upstairs catchall room to get  things sorted out, cleared out and out for good.  Good grief!  I’m using a lot of commas today.  It’s ok, I’m almost half way through July and I haven’t used my comma allotment yet.  Just kidding!

I talked earlier in the week about my progress in the basement and I’m continuing.  It turns out that along one wall there were loads of boxes that were empty.  A lot of them had gotten crumpled under other things.  Also a lot of them were really large boxes that were made for packing but were just too large.  If you pack them with the kind of things I need to pack, they get just Too heavy and are impossible to move.  I really have no idea where they came from, because I don’t think I used them for a previous move.  They got broken down and it’s amazing the room it created.

Under these boxes, I found all sorts of things that I didn’t remember I had.  I haven’t done this yet, but I’m going to go under the theory if I haven’t needed it or used it for a year, I don’t need it.  There may need to be some negotiations about some of these things, but I’ll do my best.

I was excited on Friday when the trash was picked up.  Both of my trash cans were full, plus I had other bags that wouldn’t fit. Now I can make More Trash!

I’m going to be additionally excited on Tuesday when the recycling is picked up.  My big blue bin is Filled and now my neighbor’s is almost filled as well!  I am a trash making machine!!

I’m feeling really good about all of this.  As I re-read this, it sounds like a fairly boring Week In Review.  I supposed I should have taken photos to prove what I’ve accomplished, but I’ve been concentrating on actually doing it.  I’ll try to take some photos this week to share my accomplishments.

I took Saturday as a rest day and didn’t work on anything.  Oh, I forgot, my Weight Watchers meeting found me losing three-quarters of a pound.  Another surprise.  I guess all of this activity is a positive thing in more ways than one.

Another Sunday when I’m not sure what I’ll be doing.  I’m thinking I should get down into the basement to get a jump on the new week and get some things accomplished.  We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just rest up.  You never know!

Be sure to visit Clean Eats, Fast Feets to check out the other bloggers who are joining in over there.

Happy Monday!

8 responses to “Week In Review~July 15

  1. sounds like you are moving right along. Now, if I could only get my own self in gear! I know how it feels to see empty places in the clutter. It is a very good feeling. That’s how I feel when I look out the kitchen window and see more and more weeds disappearing along the fence with Lillians’ house! Keep upi the good work. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Sounds like you are a packing/cleaning machine! I love having productive weeks almost as much as I like looking back and realizing I had such a productive week 🙂

  3. Go Fran. You are a cleaning, decluttering, sorting machine. Great Job!

  4. commas are beautiful. but that’s coming from an english major. happy boxing!

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