Snapshot Saturday~August 17

I’m probably Way too excited to be back with the chance to participate in Snapshot Saturday hosted by Melinda at West Metro Mommy.  I really enjoyed my Blog Break, but I’m happy to be back.

My Blog Break occurred because I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 2 weeks with my best friend Gail at her cabin in Maine.  We used to go to Maine with our friend Alice back when we were all much younger.  Gail’s dream was to have a place there.  Through the wonders of the internet, she found a cabin and purchased it almost 2 years ago.  This might sound like I’m going to show you a picture of the cabin, but all of those photos are on my DSLR and I have yet to figure out how to resize those photos.  I Will learn! Then you will all be introduced to the Cabin In The Woods.

Anyway, one of the things that we did while there was to have Ice Cream.  Now please don’t tell any of our friends at Weight Watchers this, but we had it “regularly.”  I thought I’d share one of my favorite photos involving Gail and ice cream.



I think this photo says it all!!

Happy Snapshot Saturday!

22 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~August 17

  1. Wow, that’s some ice-cream- but such a fun photo.

  2. Yes, that photo tells it all!

    Here’s my Saturday Snapshot.

  3. Haha! What fun! Sooo… were her eyes bigger than her belly ? Yummy looking ice cream!

  4. And did you have broken cookies to balance the ice cream intake?

    Hope you’re having a great holiday.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  5. Love it!!! Waffle cones are my favorite too. Wonder what her choice of flavor of ice cream was?

  6. That is such a funny photo, I love it.

  7. That’s one enormous ice cream! My snapshot is at

  8. It’s perfect, and delicious too.

  9. Love the picture…that must be the largest ice cream I’ve ever seen!

    Please share some Maine pics…would love to see how gorgeous that state is.

    Happy Sunday Fran!

  10. I’m pretty sure my face looks the same when I eat ice cream. Great picture Fran!

  11. OH man…I love ice cream! I’m jealous!

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