Attic or Dungeon…

I always seem to be mired in a musty, dusty place.  As when I’m in the basement (dungeon) the dustiness is my fault.  I spent most of Monday in my sister Ele’s spare room (attic) and it’s pretty dusty up there but mostly as a result of all the STUFF of mine that is packed to the rafters.  Well not Quite to the rafters but you don’t mind when I exaggerate a little do you?!

I have now officially gone through every box or bin there for which I am responsible.  I didn’t go through the bins of pottery that is wrapped or the knickknacks and framed pieces-also wrapped.  They’ll be a nice surprise when I get to New Mexico.  Also didn’t go through my antique clothing boxes.  I do wish I could find a home for the antique clothing.  It will be hard to part with them, but I really have no use for them any more.  As I type this, a thought just came to me of someone who could give me some direction on that.  Good…another project!

I still haven’t found one thing I’ve been looking for-an old silver tea service.  The only thing I can think of is that it went to the auction 4 years ago and I didn’t realize it.  If I ever get around to looking at the paperwork from the auction I can solve the mystery.  Those folks were So organized…every piece of anything that was sold is recorded.  Wish I could be that organized!

I even undertook the painful process of weeding out my book boxes.  I believe I pulled out about 30 books which Ele will be taking to the town library.  I’m happy to have something close to home to which I can contribute.  I did do a bit of “put it in the pile, then think better of it and take it Out of the pile.”  But once it made it to the pile it usually stayed there.  I’m proud of myself for that.

I have a lot of things that I need to see if I can sell and that’s going to take some research so that may be part of today’s project.  I am starting to feel a bit scattered with all of this.  I still have work to do in my basement (and my entire house for that matter) and more to do at Ele’s.  I haven’t even unearthed the two antique trunks I have in another room in her house.  Heaven only knows what might be in those!  I’m pretty sure I’m keeping those, but if there’s stuff in there that I don’t need or could possibly sell, then that needs to be addressed.

So that’s where my head is today.  Better than some places my head has been in the past few years, so I’m basically happy with it.  Controlled confusion.  Sounds good to me!

Happy Tuesday!!

6 responses to “Attic or Dungeon…

  1. good for you getting stuff done! doing the book boxes is always so painful for me ha. it’s usually the last thing i do!

    • Hi Caitlyn and thanks for stopping by! I WISH it was the last thing I had to do, but at least I’m doing it which is a constant source of joy. Every box I open and empty or re-work is one step closer to our move to New Mexico. Please visit again!

  2. Controlled confusion describes my life perfectly right now. Oy! We have to just enjoy the ride, right? 🙂

  3. Controlled confusion is how most people spend their days, and you are still making progress. Great job Fran.

    • Thanks, Meghan, I’m really trying. Thanks for your support. Starting to feel the time crunch with the big trip coming up. I wanted to have more accomplished. Well I have 2 1/2 weeks…I can cause a lot of trouble in that time! 😉

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