WIAW~Eating Maine~Part 1

I have seriously missed being part of What I Ate Wednesday for the last few weeks.  It is such fun and as you may know if you’ve read BCDC for a while, I’ll join in even if I Don’t have food photos! That is not the case this week.  When you’re finished wishing you had been with me on my trip to Maine, be sure to check out all of the fun started by Jenn at Peas & Crayons!

Peas and Crayons

My Blog Break over the last two weeks was because I spent two weeks in Maine with my best friend, Gail.  She is also vegetarian and had been working at finding restaurants with good veggie-friendly choices.  She had Great success and both of us were really surprised at that.

After she picked me up from the airport in Portland we were both hungry.  She had put the name of a restaurant into the GPS and we headed there.  However, the restaurant we were looking for seemed to have disappeared.  Instead we found The Local Press.  It’s a tiny place and from talking to the owner, newly opened and it was a great find.  We age at a tiny table outside the shop with Lots of traffic going by!


A very tasty panini with pesto, goat cheese, spinach and tomato. I loved it!

Our first dinner there was at McSeagull’s in Boothbay Harbor.  We both decided to splurge and have pasta primavera.  I had it with the white sauce and Gail with the red.  Both were yummy!


There was some eating at home because we were both trying to stay on track for Weight Watchers.



Bran flakes, Fiber One and frozen blueberries with non fat milk.  My current favorite breakfast at home or away.


Dinner that sort of looks like breakfast…omelette with cottage cheese and broccoli and a veggie burger.  Very good combo and quite filling.  Lots of protein too!

The place we went most often was Blue Moon Cafe. You can sit on the little deck outside and look at the harbor…who doesn’t love that! So many veggie choices there.


This was the Tuscan vegetable sandwich.  So Good!

One of our favorite places to go was Kaler’s Restaurant.  They have easily the best veggie quesadillas I’ve ever had.


Most nights we took at least one section home with us.  It was incredibly filling and delicious.  Can’t wait to have them again!

There was of course, dessert.  The Ice Cream Factory on the harbor in Boothbay Harbor is so delicious.  Home made ice cream in very unique flavors.  My first was a combo of ginger and cinnamon gingersnap.


So, So Good!  I won’t tell how many times we sampled these delights.  Well, it was vacation, right?!

On a trip to Damariscota in the rain we stopped at King Eider’s Pub.  Gail had been telling me how delicious the lentil burger is there.


She was right! When they gave us the option of adding goat cheese, we couldn’t say no.  So Good.  I seem to be saying that a lot!

On another trip to Blue Moon Cafe, I had the grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich.


Looks a lot like the Tuscan but it’s not.  Again…so good!

I think this is where I’ll end this portion of my Maine eating frenzy.  There will be more to come next week…Yes we really did do that much eating and we both lost weight!

Be sure to check out the other foodies over at Peas & Crayons and be sure to leave some comments.  Until next week and Part 2 of Eating Maine…

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

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18 responses to “WIAW~Eating Maine~Part 1

  1. YUM!!! Pesto paninis/sandwiches are probably my absolute FAVORITE 🙂

    looks delicious!

  2. Well I certainly missed reading your WIAW posts so glad you’re back!! That ice cream sounds delish – what a cool flavor!

  3. 1. i LOVE goat cheese!
    2. that quesadilla looks AMAZING.
    3. I thought I was drooling enough until I saw that ice cream. Home made ice cream is THE BEST.

    All look delish!

  4. That veggie quesadilla is so perfectly toasted – I wish I had one right now! I’ve never had a lentil burger – looks so good, esp. with goat cheese!! YUM! Good finds 🙂

  5. Everything looks so good… especially the ice cream!

    I thought of you at lunch today because I had a massive salad at a Greek restaurant. You would have loved it (minus the grilled chicken…).

    • Greek salad is the best, Laura! Went to lunch on Wednesday with Ralph’s family and had one. Very good, but I forgot to take a photo…I should be drummed out of the bloggers union! The food we had in Maine was Wonderful!

  6. That panini!!! Spinach and pesto are soo good together. Definitely making that for my weekend lunch or dinner 🙂

    • Hi Sabrina and thanks for visiting! It was so good. I’m going to try to make them myself at home. I have one of those George Forman grills and I think that will work in place of a panini maker. Use what you’ve got, right?! Please stop by again!

  7. Oh goodnes, I LOVE paninis! And especially with pesto 🙂

  8. The quesadilla looks amazing! Definitely worth the splurge I’m sure.

  9. Aren’t vacation eats fun?! Some of my favorite vacations are the ones where I have a kitchen at my disposal. It’s nice to eat out, but it’s also great to do some meals in. It makes the eating out that much more special.

    • I agree with you on having a kitchen available, Meghan. The fact that Gail actually lives there for the summer allowed us the flexibility to have breakfast and lunch in as well as snacks. Or we could have lunch out and dinner in. Not always having to eat out is wonderful. That’s what I like when we go to the house in New Mexico. We don’t have to eat out all the time. I actually shop for some things (canned, dry, etc.) before we go and I’ve got something to start with before I have to shop there. Besides, the kitchen there is so wonderful compared to the one here. I’m in foodie heaven!

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