I do realize that I’ve been missing in action but hopefully you’ve seen from Twitter and Instagram that I am still among the living!

LONG trip back from New Mexico.  Both Ralph and I are worn out in many ways.  I’ve got so many things to share about the trip…filling in pieces from New Mexico, and from our visit to South Carolina to see our grandson, Patrick graduate from basic training.  We’re all so proud of him.

Trying to gather my thoughts here after not much sleep for the last week.  There may need to be a second pot of coffee in my future!

Even though I’d rather still be in New Mexico…I’m off to make the most of my day!  I’ll be back tomorrow with Week In Review…Guess that should be Month in Review!!  Either way…I’ll be back tomorrow!!

Happy Sunday!

4 responses to “Back

  1. welcome ‘home’ back

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