WIAW~Do I Remember How?

Hello…My Name is Fran and I’ve been away from What I Ate Wednesday for Way too long! Truthfully only 2 weeks, but it seems like a lot longer.  I haven’t been sitting on my hands during that time (well sometimes because my hands get really cold and that’s the only remedy!) I’ve been very busy accomplishing things around here and I’m quite proud of myself. I guess it was worth giving up WIAW for a few weeks.  The projects continue and now I’ve got to get back to some food at least once a week!  Thanks to Jenn at Peas & Crayons for being our glorious hostess!!

What I Ate on Thanksgiving

Not JUST on Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is certainly in here.  Funny thing is, that with everything I’ve been working on, I’ve been forgetting to photograph food.  I’m going to work on that in the coming week and get back my blogging skills.

Veggie burger salad


Salad topped with a veggie burger at our favorite diner.  It’s one of my favorite lunches.  Filling and delicious.

tomato onion omelette


Breakfast at the same diner.  A tomato and onion omelette.  Cottage cheese on the side.  This combo just sounded good to me and it was.

Thanksgiving breakfast


On Thanksgiving, I wanted a light breakfast so that I would have lots of flexibility at dinner.  This was an omelette made with egg substitute and egg whites topped with Fall Apple salsa.  Very tasty and filling.  I love making omelettes this way and it only cost me 2 Points on Weight Watchers.  Recognize the mug, Ele?!

Thanksgiving dinner


Yummy Thanksgiving dinner at my sister Ele’s house. Morningstar Farms turk’y burgers, mashed potatoes topped with Serv-A-Gravy, a wonderful veggie gravy substitute, succotash (an old favorite that I made), green beans, cole slaw and cranberry orange relish that Ele made.  All quite delicious. Didn’t get a photo of my cranberry orange mold. Oh well.  I also forgot to capture dessert but I had a piece of Jim’s homemade apple pie and piece of Ele’s Andes candies brownies.  So good!

One more thing that should be accompanied by a recipe but it isn’t today.  I will get it posted because it’s delicious and I will be making it again and again.

Crock pot steel cut oats


Steel cut oats made in the crock pot.  This is so easy and it is so delicious.  I was set for breakfast for a week. I’ll try to get the recipe up sometime this week.

I’m working hard to get back on track as far as my food choices are concerned.  I do feel I kept myself in control on Thanksgiving but I’ve been struggling with night-time snacking again.  That is Always my big stumbling block.  I’m also working hard to get more exercise which will help.  So far so good this week.  I’ll try to keep it up.

I’m still not feeling Christmas yet.  I’ve been dealing with this for that last few years.  I’m working at getting the Spirit.  We’ll see how it goes.

So for now, that’s What I Ate Wednesday for me.  Be sure to check out the wonderful group of foodies who gather at Peas & Crayons each week.  Humfph…seems the whole thing continues even when I’m not there.  That is how it should be!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

8 responses to “WIAW~Do I Remember How?

  1. Your intro made me crack up. Haha.

    Night time snacking can be so difficult. I’m sure you can do it!

    Yay for crock pots! 😉 Looking forward to seeing that recipe!

  2. I’ve never made oats in a crock pot. How long do they last?

    • They’re great, Julie. You can divide them and put them in the fridge or my friend freezes hers. I just put them all in a container and measured them out each morning. I think I got 5 breakfasts out of it. So good! Thanks for visiting and have a great day.

  3. Fran, the omelette and cottage cheese are calling my name 🙂

    • Hi Tara! It’s a great combo, I think. I Don’t need the fat or calories from the home fries. I Do need the protein and calcium from the cottage cheese. Besides that…I Love cottage cheese. I got funny looks when I first ordered it, but most diners don’t seem to mind. I leave satisfied and feeling that I’ve made a very good choice. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

  4. I was missing your omelets. Glad to see them again, and I am a sucker for homemade apple pie. You can keep the pumpkin so long as you pass me the apple. 🙂

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