Saturday Snapshot~December 14

I don’t know what the weather might hold for me on Saturday morning, but I do know that it involves Saturday Snapshot hostessed by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.


The past week has been crazy and I have no photos to share but I do have one that I love.  In recent years, Ralph has become the man in charge when it comes to carving the Thanksgiving turkey.  He’s always got a sharp knife and…well, he’s there!  I heard lots of giggling and laughter coming from the kitchen where he and my sister Ele were working while I set the table.  We’ve started to do the carving the night before which works well for us.  When I got to the kitchen, I was able to capture this shot.

Thanksgiving Ralph


I love this.  He looks happy and I’m pretty sure just before I got to the kitchen that he and Ele were sneaking snacks of the turkey.  It’s part of their routine.    See, he’s not just a terrific artist…he’s good in the kitchen, too.  This is one of my favorite photos in a long time.

Be sure to stop by at West Metro Mommy Reads to see what all of the other photographers have to share today.  Hope the weather is good wherever you are.  If not, be careful!

Happy Saturday!!

14 responses to “Saturday Snapshot~December 14

  1. What a great shot, he does look happy at his work.

  2. Fun! I love moments like that during the holidays.

  3. Oh, I love candid shots of loved ones “behind the scenes,” especially those in the kitchen. Cooking is an artistic endeavor, too. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  4. Isn’t it great to have husbands who can carve a turkey? Mine always does the turkey–which is fortunate because when I try it, it is far more like butchering than carving!

  5. He certainly looks happy. I’ve abandoned turkeys since the girls left home – I’m veggie, and I can’t cook a turkey just for my husband! My Snapshot is at

  6. Ralph does look great; very happy and I really like the brick backsplash too.

    • Thanks, Meghan. That’s my sister’s kitchen and she Hates the brick. I like it. When I posted this on Instagram several people commented that they like the brick. Can’t wait to tell her there’s another fan to add to the list!

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