Tuesday Check in~Week In Review

So sorry that I had to miss out on Week In Review yesterday because I was experiencing computer issues.  As usual it was my friend, Alice to the rescue.  Seems to be up and running, just need to get some protection downloaded and I’ll be all good again.  Even though as my Gram would say, I’m a day late and a dollar short, I’m going to link to Week In Review anyway. Be sure to check out what everyone else posted over at the lovely Meghan’s Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

This won’t be a full review because as usual, I’m confused.

I was lamenting my lack of Christmas spirit.  I’m feeling much better about it now. One reason is we got our Christmas cards printed and I got them all out in the mail.  I will be sharing the card on here, but I like to wait until most people who’ll be getting them in the mail actually get them.  I don’t like to spoil the surprise.

I’ve still been spending time helping Gail through her broken arm.  She’s doing very well and will start physical therapy next week.  She can shower and dress herself now.  She’s so proud!

As far as shopping…there will be a lot of gift cards this year.  I’m only getting a few actual gifts and I really should get myself going if i’m going to get them in time.  I’m still struggling with having no ideas for anyone.  I always pull it out in the clinch but it’s making me crazy.  I’m trying hard to focus and get to it.

We had snow early in the week.  Fortunately, it was the kind that makes everything look pretty, but the roads were quite good in our area.  I did hear that there were some terrible accidents on some of the highways in the Philadelphia area.  Sadly those happen with or without snow.  I believe we had more snow overnight so I guess I’ll be clearing the car before I go anywhere today.

I did have food issues during the week and sadly on Saturday at Weight Watchers, the scale was not my friend.  I had a gain, but I’ve been working very hard since then to turn it all around.  I think I have my focus back and that’s important.

This isn’t a great week in review, but hey, next Monday is another day…and maybe I’ll actually show up on Monday!  Be sure to check out the other Reviewers over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

I’m off to make this a better week!!

Happy Tuesday!


2 responses to “Tuesday Check in~Week In Review

  1. Well at least you have the right attitude about it all, and I’m glad to hear you got some Christmas spirit going too. I can’t wait to see the card. Happy Holidays Fran!

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