Saturday Snapshot~December 28

It’s that happy time of the week again, the time for Saturday Snapshot. Christmas is over, I’m taking a deep breath and moving forward.  Be sure to check out all of the great photos that you’ll find for Saturday Snapshot over at Melinda’s blog West Metro Mommy Reads.  Thanks for being our hostess, Melinda!!



I haven’t been taking a lot of photos and I Will be getting into using my DSLR more in the New Year.  Once I figure out the whole resizing thing I’ll be all set.

I do have one pretty shot I took last Saturday morning on the way to Weight Watchers.



I miss the wide open spaces in New Mexico where I can get real shots of the sunrises and sunsets unencumbered by buildings and wires.  Hopefully this time next year I won’t be complaining because I’ll be there.  In the meantime, here’s a pretty one from in front of our house.

Happy Saturday Snapshot!!

16 responses to “Saturday Snapshot~December 28

  1. I love seeing gorgeous pinks like that in the sky. We all need to stop and take the time to appreciate them.

  2. That is a gorgeous shot! And I’m looking forward to your shots of the wide open spaces, too. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  3. It’s a beautiful sky! Lovely photo!

  4. I have that problem from where I live, too. But you photo is beautiful anyway — maybe I should try that more often and see if I get some I like.

  5. What a beautiful time of day is sunrise! Happy New Year, Fran!

  6. I agree. I’ll notice the beautiful colors in the sky, but when I try to frame it in a picture, I notice the streetlights and the wires. Yours is pretty though. Here’s Mine

  7. Aren’t sunrises and sunsets beautiful? I miss the wide open views of them in Newfoundland, my home province, which I’ll visit again next summer.

  8. That’s so pretty! I thought you were in NM already. Soon enough!

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