Strange But Good~Starting the New Year Right

I have not played along with the Strange But Good gang over at Laura’s Sprint 2 The Table in a while.  I’ve really missed it and I’m glad to be back today.

Sprint 2 the Table

The old New Year traditions is to eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to bring you wealth during the coming year.  I tried to convince Ralph that he needed to play along with this but he would Not.  I guess that all of the wealth that comes to me in the New Year will be mine.  I will however be a benevolent ruler…I’ll share with him.  Anything to get out of New Jersey!

Back to the task at hand.  I’ve had a half bag of black-eyed peas hanging around in my pantry for a while so I knew if I wanted this to happen, I needed to get soaking!  Because of our schedule, I soaked them Monday night.  I was so proud of myself for remembering!

Bright and early Tuesday morning I had my little black-eyed friends in their crock pot bath.

black eyed peas in the crock pot


I chopped an onion, added pre-chopped garlic and lots of Mrs. Dash.  Covered it all with veggie broth.  I started it on low because I knew we had a breakfast date and I wasn’t sure what time we’d be home.  We got home at about 2 pm and then I turned it to high. They cooked for a few hours more.

New Year’s Day we were going out to lunch so I knew this would be a dinner thing.  Sadly, I never checked my pantry.  Thought I had elbow macaroni.  I did find some tiny shell past that were spelt or something like that.  Someone had given it to me.  It was generally brown before and after cooking.

black eyed peas Finished


It’s difficult to see, but there ARE black-eyed peas in there.  I topped them with some red pepper flakes and shredded Romano cheese.  This was Very good.  There was plenty of juice left in the BEP’s after cooking to make a saucy thing with the cheese.  Very good.  It was a great way to start off the New Year.  Again, doesn’t look that appealing, but it tasted great.  In fact on this snowy day, if I can find some other kind of pasta in the pantry (I know there’s some hiding in there Somewhere!!)  I’ll have this for dinner today.

That’s it for Strange But Good for me today.  Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your New Year.  Mine is pretty good so far.  I’m keeping a positive attitude and running with the ball!

Be sure to check out some additional strangeness over at Laura’s Sprint 2 The Table!

Happy Friday!!

3 responses to “Strange But Good~Starting the New Year Right

  1. You know how I feel about brown food – it’s delicious! I hope this tasty dish beings you lots of luck in the new year. 🙂

  2. I’d eat it. It doesn’t’ look that strange to me 😉

  3. Pasta and beans is right up my alley. So is using the Crockpot. Happy New Year Fran.

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