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WIAW~Another day in Veggie Land

It is time for What I Ate Wednesday again.  For the possibly five people in the blog world who do Not know what that is, it is the Fun Food Fest hostessed each week by the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  When you’re finished here, be sure to visit P&C to see what everyone has cooking over there!

What I Ate Wednesday: Love Your Veggies

As usual, every month is Love Your Veggies Month here at BCDC.  Let’s see what’s on the menu.

Pepper and egg sandwich


One of my favorite meals in the whole world, one because it’s Delicious, and two because it reminds me of the sandwiches my Mom would make us when we were kids.  Pepper and egg sandwich from the local pizzeria.  My change to it is having them use sweet peppers instead of regular and adding some American cheese.  So good!

Diner salad


Salad at the diner.  I had forgotten to take my balsamic vinegar with me so I survived using their balsamic vinaigrette, just not much of it. 5 Points for the entire package…No Thank You.

Dinner to go with the salad was this…

Diner veggie dinner


One of my favorite things to do at the diner is to come up with things I can eat by using what they have on the menu.  They have a sandwich called a veggie cheese steak. It is a big roll with a grilled combo of mushrooms, onions, romaine lettuce, peppers and a bunch of other veggies topped with cheese and it’s delicious. But sometimes I don’t want to eat all if that bread so I decided I’d ask if they would put it over rice.  They said yes and I get a side order of brocolli.  Then I just sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top. So Very Good!

Monday at my house it was Two Crock Pots, No Waiting!

Two crockpots


The one on the left is my Weight Watchers veggie soup bubbling away.  On the right is Ralph’s country ribs cooking, soon to be topped with barbecue sauce.  It’s one of his favorite meals and it’s easy for me.  He usually gets at least two meals from it and that again, is a good thing!

My finished product…

WW veggie soup


How many different ways can I show you my Weight Watchers veggie soup?  This time it’s cooked.  This is so good and makes the house smell so good as it cooks.  I get so many meals out of it that it’s crazy!  It goes a very long way and it’s very inexpensive.  One of these days, I’m going to try to figure out how much it costs.  Not a lot, I can assure you.  It’s a wonderful tool for me on Weight Watchers because it counts as 0 Points.  Sounds good to me.

So that’s WIAW for me for this week. Be sure to stop over to see what all the fuss is about at Peas & Crayons.  Just be careful, because I usually end up incredibly hungry after checking out all of the blogs over there.  Eat breakfast first!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

Week In Review~February 24

I can’t believe that today begins the last week of February, but yes it does! That’s not going to stop me from being part of Week In Review hostessed by the lovely Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Be sure to check out the other Reviewers when you’re finished here.

Week In Review Button Final

It’s been a week with its ups and downs, but I made it through and that’s what matters!

~I wrote three blog posts.  Still working on getting in Number Four.  I think I’ll have to have a serious sit down talk with myself in order to get the fourth one in this next week.  I’ll get there!

~I wrote my morning pages for the Artist’s Way every day.  I’m still enjoying it so much.  There’s a lot that I’m learning about myself from this process.  It’s all very helpful.  I was able to go to the meetup for the Artist’s Way this week because the weather cooperated.  I was actually the only one to show up, but I truly enjoyed a few hours of chatting with Monica the leader of the group.  She’s a fascinating lady.  I’m enjoying the process in general.

~I FINALLY unearthed my exercise bike.  During my big purge back in November, all of the empty boxes just got tossed on the porch.  Well, that made it a little hard to get to the bike, so I slacked off.  I’d sort of already been off track with the bike prior to that.  Anyway…I actually can’t remember whether it was Sunday or Monday, but I reorganized the boxes and gave myself access to the bike.  I exercised 30 minutes on the bike five days in a row.  I have to admit that it has done wonders for me.  My hips and back which have been bothering me a lot lately, feel much better.  I’m going to continue with this daily.  I’m feeling better every day and I’m pretty excited about it.

~We took care of some very necessary bank business and of course got caught in this week’s huge thunder-storm.  We had more errands planned that day, but headed home to avoid the traffic in the rain.

~On Saturday, as is my routine, I was at Weight Watchers bright and early.  My reward was a .8 (three-quarters of a pound) loss.  I was happy.  I’ve been working hard to stay on track and that made me happy.

~After Weight Watchers, Ralph and I headed to the county library for one of our favorite things…the semi-annual book sale!

Book sale

This isn’t the whole thing and I’m sure I missed some good finds because we didn’t get there until afternoon.  I was being very careful because I’m really on the mission of weeding out the books I have, but I did buy 4 books which I think was considerable restraint on my part.  I love being around books, old or new…it doesn’t matter.

~Since I’m writing this on Sunday, I’ll tell you what’s up for today.  I need to go grocery shopping quickly this morning.  I just need things to make my Weight Watchers veggie soup because that has been such a good tool for me over the last few weeks.  Then my sister Ele and I will be going to a spiritual Gathering that we attend every few weeks.  I’m really looking forward to it.

That’s the Week In Review for me.  Be sure to check out the other linkers over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  We all love when you visit!

Happy Monday!

Saturday Snapshot~February 22

Another Saturday…Another Snapshot!  I love the friendly group of people who are part of the Saturday Snapshot link up.  Always so supportive and friendly.  Sponsored of course by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads, Saturday Snapshot is Great Fun!



Sadly, we’re back to the discussion of snow again.  However. we were in the 50’s yesterday and expected to go there again for the next few days.  I am actually catching glimpses of sidewalk and some brown stuff in my back yard which I can only guess is the Earth!!  I’m getting pretty excited.

I wanted to share a photo of a sunrise I took a few days ago.

Sunrise blocking the snow


I specifically took the photo with the idea of blocking out the snow.  I Was So tired of it.  Some still worked its way in but for the most part it’s just sunrise.  I’m so happy that the snow is on its way out! At least, I hope so.  Maybe I’m being a little to optimistic.  It’s got to be going away because if not I’m going to go out to have myself fitted for a stylish straight jacket!!

Be sure to check out all of the great photos over at West Metro Mommy Reads.

Happy Saturday Snapshot!!

WIAW~Food All Over

Here it is Wednesday again and of course time for What I Ate Wednesday hostessed by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.  This lovely young lady knows how to throw a food party so be sure to head over to P & C when you’re finished here to see what everyone else has to share.  Here goes!

What I Ate Wednesday: Love Your Veggies

I’m still loving my veggies so let’s see what I’ve got…in no particular order.

Overnight oats

I love overnight oats but always forget to make them in the evening.  So this morning, when I finished breakfast, I made tomorrows oats! I can be so smart when I work at it!

Cabbage and canned beans

I know that cabbage gets a bad rap sometimes, but I love it.  This was chopped up with onion, garlic carrots and canned white beans (all that I had on hand) and topped with parmesan cheese.  There’s brown rice hiding underneath.  Very good.

Wrap eggplant, spinach, ricotta

This was a delicious wrap at one of our favorite pizza places.  A spinach wrap with eggplant, spinach and ricotta.  Only thing I would change for the next time is to as them to simply grill the eggplant rather than bread and fry it.  Otherwise delicious!  Of course the chips went to Ralph.

Omelette spinach and onions


As my friend Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets likes to point out, it wouldn’t be WIAW without a diner omelette.  Here’s an especially good one-onion and spinach with of course a side of cottage cheese!


One of my new favorites, Fage Greek yogurt.  I’ve been finding it at Aldi for a much lower price than other stores.  Of course, I’m taking advantage of it!  Great afternoon snack.

Lentils and pasta

One of my favorite meals this week.  I made my usual lentils in the crock pot.  I put a chopped onion, chopped garlic and Mrs. Dash along with 1 cup of rinsed lentil and veggie broth to cover by about an inch.  I cook for several hours, I’m not sure how long because it seems to depend on the day.  Usually about four hours.  I cooked up some whole wheat past and topped it with the lentils and some parmesan cheese.  This was so delicious.  I have enough lentils left for another serving.  That may be tonight’s dinner.

So that’s What I Ate Wednesday for me.  Be sure to check all the fun over at Peas and Crayons.  I always find great ideas and suggestions.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Week In Review~February 17

Another week, another Week In Review!  Hostessed by Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets, you get to know more than you ever wanted to know about my week.  Well, maybe not quite that much, but you know how it can be!!

So what went on this week?

~I wrote my morning pages every day as instructed by The Artist’s Way.  They are becoming a very important and useful part of my routine.  I can write things down that are annoying me and also things that are making me happy.  Either way, I write it so that I’ll either remember it or get it out of my system.  I’ve also started another practice that Julia Cameron suggests called Counting.  It’s simply tracking everything that you spend.  It helps you to be more aware of where you spend your money and helps you to get a feel for where you may be spending fruitlessly.  I wasn’t perfect at this last week, but I’m going to try to do it regularly from now on.  Speaking of money, I continue with my contributions to my Money Jar that I started the first week of the year.  First week you put in $1, second week $2 and so on.  Just put in this week’s contribution and I have $36 in there already.  I like it and I’ll continue.  Can’t wait to have all that money at the end of the year.

~I wrote three blog posts.  I still didn’t get that fourth one back in there.  I’ve got to work on that.  I think I’ve come up with another link up I’d like to join and that will show up this week.  In any event, I’m happy with what I’ve been doing and I’ve been feeling back on track with it.

~Basic life things: Got my hair cut, I colored my hair (Yes, I am a natural beauty in spite of that!) and I had blood tests done.  I don’t like being stuck with a needle.  Funny thing is when I used to work at the hospital, I would give blood every time they had a blood drive.  It Never bothered me.  Now, the thought of it makes me cringe.  I get regular phone calls from the Red Cross asking me to donate at a local spot.  I keep saying no. In fact, I got a call during the past week and I asked them to take me off of their list.  When the man asked if I could give him a reason, I just said it was personal.  Hopefully, the Red Cross doesn’t read BCDC!!

~We celebrated Valentine’s Day with breakfast at the diner on Friday.  Here is my Valentine’s gift.

Valentine gift

The valentine gift is the little statue in the front which is actual magnetic salt and pepper shakers of Pepe Le Pew and his girlfriend whose name I believe was Fleur.  Ralph found these and it’s so funny that they match the drawing he did for me on my birthday card.  I had to show them together.  I was very excited!

~Regarding Weight Watchers, this was not a good week.  Let’s just say I had a gain and that the weekend, was not great either.  However, today is a new day!  I will be tracking, I will be planning ahead and I will be in control, the food will NOT be in control.  I made a big crock pot of the Weight Watchers veggie soup yesterday so that will give me a good start for the week.

So, the sun is shining! Amazing way to start the week.  I need some sun.  I’m tempted, in spite of the cold to just go outside and sit in the sun.  I may just do that!

Be sure to check over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets to see what the other Reviewers have been doing all week.

Happy Monday!!

Saturday Snapshot~February 15

I didn’t post on Friday so I’m wishing everyone a belated Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you got to spend it with someone you love.  I did!

Saturday Snapshot is one of my favorite link ups. Hostessed by the lovely Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads, it is always great fun.  Please be sure to visit there when you’re finished here to see what everyone is showing today.



As you may have heard on the news…IT’S BEEN SNOWING IN NEW JERSEY!!  Can you tell from my capital letters that I am shouting about this.  I’m only shouting because I am SO TIRED of it.  There…it’s out of my system, no more capitals.  But seriously, I’m tired of it, it’s making me cranky, we got more last night and we’re supposed to get more today.  Someone has to make it stop.

I know how to stop it, or at least get away from it.  I’m going (if only in my fertile mind…) to New Mexico.  It’s sunny and beautiful and it’s going to be 72 degrees there today.  None of this is fair.  But I’m lucky because I know how beautiful it is and I know what’s waiting for me when I get there physically.

Kneeling Nun


I can’t remember if I’ve used this photo before, but I don’t care…I need to see it today and I need to share it.  This is a view of the Kneeling Nun mountain and was taken from the front step of our house.  The photo doesn’t actually do justice to the beauty of the sky or the landscape, but it helps to cheer me up.  I keep this photo as my lock screen on my phone so I can look at it periodically when I need it.  I hope it makes you all feel as warm and happy as it makes me.

Be sure to check out all of the great photography at West Metro Mommy Reads.

Happy Saturday!!


Back on track and in the routine! What I Ate Wednesday is such a fun link up to participate in.  Everyone is positive and the food is so colorful. I get so many great ideas.  Even from the posts with meat…I’m looking at the sides and getting ideas. Thanks as always to the beauteous Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hostessing the food fun fest.  Be sure to check out all of the other linkers when you’re finished here.

What I Ate Wednesday: Love Your Veggies

It’s ALWAYS love your veggies month around here.  Started off the week with a nice crock pot filled with Weight Watchers veggie soup.

Veggie soup


This always looks so delicious and it is! Found some red lentils while foraging in the pantry.  They added a nice protein punch.  Yummy altogether!

We went out to lunch with our grandson Alex and his Mom for his birthday.  I started with split pea soup.

Split pea soup


Why split pea soup? No Ham!!  Our waitress told me that she grilled 3 different cooks to be sure there was no meat in here.  It was really tasty too. She said that alone should bring us back again.  It will!

Veggie burger salad


This salad was supposed to have salami on it but I swapped that for a veggie burger.  Really good!  The waitress bet me I couldn’t finish it.  I won!

Meadows breakfast


Breakfast at one of our favorite diners.  This was an egg white omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and asparagus.  Side of cottage cheese of course.  So good.

On Saturday we splurged and took my sister Ele out for Chinese food.

Chinese veggie delight


One of my usual choices-Veggie Delight.  It was very tasty.  The lunch size portion is just right.

One of my favorite weekend treats…

Pepper and egg sandwich


Pepper and egg sandwich from our local pizzeria.  It’s supposed to be made with regular green peppers but I ask them to substitute the sweet peppers instead. So good that way.

I’m trying to pump up my protein and I love Greek Yogurt.  At Aldi, I found Fage Greek Yogurt.  At 3 Points, great for an afternoon snack.



I had never tried Fage but the price was right at Aldi.  This was cherry pomegranate.  Very tasty.  I don’t like the shape of the container though because you can’t get all of the fruit out.  I ended up using my finger!  Well worth it.  I have a blueberry-acai waiting for me in the fridge for today’s afternoon snack.

As advertised…Lots of Veggies but that’s really the way it usually is for me.  I love veggies because for me to stay satisfied on Weight Watchers, I need volume.  Veggies give me the volume I need to feel full and stay within my Points. That’s it for me for this week. Be sure to check out the other fantastic foods at Peas and Crayons.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Week In Review~February 10

It’s time for Week In Review! Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets thought up this idea and I love it.  As I get further and further into the idea of lists (she says bowing slowly toward Cleveland) I like it and I really think it’s helping me to develop the focus, clarity and organized thinking that I’ve been searching for.  Each week, each day, I feel more focused on what I need to do.  I have to say, I Like It!!  Here’s my review.

~I wrote three blog posts this week.  One short of last week but I’m not pointing any fingers at myself.  I enjoyed the ones I wrote which is the whole point.  I’ll go for four in the coming week, but no pressure.

~Around the house, I cleaned my microwave inside and out.  Ok, does that count as an accomplishment? Yes it does because I’ve been trying to get to it forever and I haven’t.  The top of it becomes a catch-all for some reason and it’s not now.  Call me happy.

~I reorganized my utensil/kitchen gadget drawer.  It was a the point where it would get caught on something every time I tried to open it.  I cleaned it completely, cleaned all of the little plastic basket organizers I use in there And weeded out unnecessary things.  The things I don’t need are already in the thrift store donation box.  The finished product…

Utensil drawer


I’m very proud!

~I was finally able to get to my The Artist’s Way meetup this week.  No weather issues, thank goodness.  It was a great meeting.  Very motivating for me.  I left there very enthused about The Artist’s Way process and my own writing. I wrote my morning pages every morning.  One of the things I realized at the meeting was that when I finished my three pages, I felt like writing more.  Since you’re not supposed to do more than the three pages I made a logical decision.  I would keep writing other things.  I’ve been struggling to write poetry in the last several years.  I concluded that if I drag out my notebook when I’m finished my morning pages, perhaps the flow will continue.  The answer is Yes!!  Since Thursday, I have written nine poems!  They’re short ones but I did it.  I’m quite excited about it and I’m going to try to keep this going.  As I said…Excited!  Also regarding The Artist’s Way, I downloaded to my Nook and read an essay by Julia Cameron called The Miracle of Morning Pages.  It was interesting and I learned some things.  One thing is that I’m using too small a notebook for my pages.  Maybe that’s why I keep feeling like I should write more. I don’t think I’ll change though because it’s keeping me writing other things!

~I had a doctor’s appointment for a general checkup…yes I’m still breathing.  Need to have some blood tests done next week but again, just routine.

~We had lunch out with our grandson, Alex and his Mom, Heather to celebrate Alex’s birthday. It was great fun.  In other food related news, we had lunch with my sister, Ele on Saturday, again, great fun.  Weight Watchers was kind to me on Saturday also, I lost a quarter pound.  I’m really just trying to maintain at this point but if I lose a few more pounds I won’t complain.  I’ll show all of the wonderful food on Wednesday for What I Ate Wednesday.

~I feel this was a very good week for me in a lot of ways that I can’t actually put into words.  A great deal of it is attitude.  I think that these changes are coming from doing my morning pages (I’m learning a lot about myself and what I need to change) and Yes, my lists are a Big help.  They are giving me focus and also allowing me to acknowledge what I do each day.  Thanks, Meghan!

Be sure to check Clean Eats, Fast Feets, to check out what the other Reviewers have been doing all week.

Happy Monday!

Saturday Snapshot~February 8

It is so much fun to participate in Saturday Snapshot sponsored by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  I love seeing what the other photographers will share.  They inspire me to do more and try to create better photos.



I think that this photo started out as something different from what it ended up being.  My first intention was to show a photo of our most recent snowstorm.  When I took the photo it looked very white and my eye saw Lots of Snow.

Trees and snow


However, after I looked at the photo, I realized that you can’t really see the snow all that well.  What I do see is a wonderful collection of gnarled old tree branches.  I have tons of old trees in my yard so when I look, that’s what I see.  The more I looked at this photo, the more I liked it.  I’ve been noticing how interesting it is to look at winter trees.  I love the stark “skeleton” quality of the trees.

Be sure to check out West Metro Mommy Reads to enjoy all of the other offerings for Saturday Snapshot.

Happy Saturday!

WIAW~Getting Back to Normal

I have missed being a part of the link ups that I love to join and especially What I Ate Wednesday.  It’s always so much fun.  I did join back in last week but this week is feeling even better.  Be sure to stop over to Jenn’s party at Peas and Crayons when you’re finished here to join in the fun!  Let’s get started.

Peas and Crayons

Let’s start with a snack…why not!

Greek yogurt


It doesn’t look as good as it tasted.  I found plain Greek yogurt in individual containers at Bottom Dollar.  I add cinnamon (of course!) and honey.  This is so good and it feels like I’m eating something I shouldn’t.  All of that protein is very satisfying.

Smoothie prep


I’m getting into smoothies lately.  But with a non-freezing freezer at the moment, I can’t buy frozen fruit…well, I can but it isn’t frozen for long.  Ralph bought me this mango at the local Wawa.  I thought it was a great idea to turn it into a smoothie.

Smoothie final prodjuct


This was ok.  The mango didn’t really add any flavor to the smoothie.  If it wasn’t for the cinnamon and nutmeg it wouldn’t have tasted much like anything.  I’ll finish off the mango but I’ll cross it off the list.  Guess I’ll just have to deal with defrosted frozen fruit.  At least there’s some flavor.

Yesterday it was snowing…what a novelty! I decided that a nice pot of black bean soup (so easy!) was in order.

Black bean soup


It makes enough for several meals especially since it’s too spicy for Ralph, but in truth it’s not really spicy.  He’s just not a spicy guy…at least when it comes to food!

This is what I did with it.

Black bean soup and quinoa


I put the black bean soup over quinoa.  It is so good and filling.  I love this every time I make it. I’m getting hungry looking at this photo as I type!

I’ve talked lately about feeling not on track and kind of out of sorts.  I do want to say that things are starting to come around.  I’m feeling much more in control of my food and life in general.  If the snow and cold would ever go away, I’d be all set!

That’s it for me for today.  Be sure to head over to Peas and Crayons to see what Jenn and the other kids have to share.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!