Week In Review~February 10

It’s time for Week In Review! Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets thought up this idea and I love it.  As I get further and further into the idea of lists (she says bowing slowly toward Cleveland) I like it and I really think it’s helping me to develop the focus, clarity and organized thinking that I’ve been searching for.  Each week, each day, I feel more focused on what I need to do.  I have to say, I Like It!!  Here’s my review.

~I wrote three blog posts this week.  One short of last week but I’m not pointing any fingers at myself.  I enjoyed the ones I wrote which is the whole point.  I’ll go for four in the coming week, but no pressure.

~Around the house, I cleaned my microwave inside and out.  Ok, does that count as an accomplishment? Yes it does because I’ve been trying to get to it forever and I haven’t.  The top of it becomes a catch-all for some reason and it’s not now.  Call me happy.

~I reorganized my utensil/kitchen gadget drawer.  It was a the point where it would get caught on something every time I tried to open it.  I cleaned it completely, cleaned all of the little plastic basket organizers I use in there And weeded out unnecessary things.  The things I don’t need are already in the thrift store donation box.  The finished product…

Utensil drawer


I’m very proud!

~I was finally able to get to my The Artist’s Way meetup this week.  No weather issues, thank goodness.  It was a great meeting.  Very motivating for me.  I left there very enthused about The Artist’s Way process and my own writing. I wrote my morning pages every morning.  One of the things I realized at the meeting was that when I finished my three pages, I felt like writing more.  Since you’re not supposed to do more than the three pages I made a logical decision.  I would keep writing other things.  I’ve been struggling to write poetry in the last several years.  I concluded that if I drag out my notebook when I’m finished my morning pages, perhaps the flow will continue.  The answer is Yes!!  Since Thursday, I have written nine poems!  They’re short ones but I did it.  I’m quite excited about it and I’m going to try to keep this going.  As I said…Excited!  Also regarding The Artist’s Way, I downloaded to my Nook and read an essay by Julia Cameron called The Miracle of Morning Pages.  It was interesting and I learned some things.  One thing is that I’m using too small a notebook for my pages.  Maybe that’s why I keep feeling like I should write more. I don’t think I’ll change though because it’s keeping me writing other things!

~I had a doctor’s appointment for a general checkup…yes I’m still breathing.  Need to have some blood tests done next week but again, just routine.

~We had lunch out with our grandson, Alex and his Mom, Heather to celebrate Alex’s birthday. It was great fun.  In other food related news, we had lunch with my sister, Ele on Saturday, again, great fun.  Weight Watchers was kind to me on Saturday also, I lost a quarter pound.  I’m really just trying to maintain at this point but if I lose a few more pounds I won’t complain.  I’ll show all of the wonderful food on Wednesday for What I Ate Wednesday.

~I feel this was a very good week for me in a lot of ways that I can’t actually put into words.  A great deal of it is attitude.  I think that these changes are coming from doing my morning pages (I’m learning a lot about myself and what I need to change) and Yes, my lists are a Big help.  They are giving me focus and also allowing me to acknowledge what I do each day.  Thanks, Meghan!

Be sure to check Clean Eats, Fast Feets, to check out what the other Reviewers have been doing all week.

Happy Monday!

4 responses to “Week In Review~February 10

  1. I’m loving the positive attitude and forward movement, regardless of whether it’s attributed to lists or morning pages. You can see a difference in your writing by way of your excitement. It’s refreshing. Great Job Fran!! You are getting your groove back.

  2. So glad to hear that the morning pages are helping you expand yourself into other writing as well 🙂 It sounds like a fantastic week overall and I am glad you are embracing everything you accomplished rather than pointing fingers at what you didn’t!

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