Saturday Snapshot~March 8

This is our second Saturday Snapshot for March and I suppose I’m still complaining about Snow!  I know the folks who participate in Saturday Snapshot hostessed by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads come from all over the place and some of them are not dealing with snow right now.  Well, in New Jersey, we still are.  I’m hoping that this past Monday’s snow storm will be our last for the year.  Fingers crossed anyway.


The day after the snow storm, I had dug myself out and needed to run some errands.  I had gotten a feel for this scene from my kitchen window but because of the screen on the window, I couldn’t get a good photo.  Outside, I had better luck.

Tree Shadows


I just loved the way the shadows of the trees were captured on the snow.  It made me feel a little less resentful for the snow storm.  I think this photo was worth it!

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Happy Saturday!

12 responses to “Saturday Snapshot~March 8

  1. It’s a great photo- worth it I’m sure! The branches do look wonderful on the snow. Sorry that it’s still so cold for you.

  2. I feel for you guys in NJ as you have been slammed pretty hard this week. We have taken a beating in VA but nothing compared to you guys. Hopefully this is the end or close to it for the snow this winter.

  3. Yes, despite its many challenges, snow is still beautiful. I love those branches etching themselves on the snow, too. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  4. The world seems so quiet after a snowstorm with all the rough edges of the landscape smoothed over. The trees’ shadows you captured on the snow are just beautiful.
    We’ve had snow only once this winter (near Seattle) and it only lasted one day. That’s fine with me!

  5. Snow yuck!! That is why we spend the winter months down south!

  6. Beautiful! I grew up in Ohio but have lived in Florida for 27 yrs. so I never get tired of seeing photos of snow! I only wish I could see it in person 😦

  7. I woke up this morning to yet another dusting of snow so I know how you feel. Our total for the season is about 75 inches now, which is crazy. But on the positive side, birds have begun to sing so they must think spring is on the way.

  8. I’m still complaining about snow too, Fran! But at least it’s 50 today. It feels warm!!

  9. We have had a fairly awful winter (wind and rain), but no snow as yet.

  10. There is always the beautiful parts of snow, but about mid-March I am just tired of it too. Today it is sunny and 52 in NE Wyoming. Yea! for warm and sunshine!

  11. Those shadows look like lace patterns on the snow cover! Lovely!

  12. Very pretty picture even if I am totally over the white stuff.

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