Saturday Snapshot~March 22

It’s time for Saturday Snapshot, the great link-up hostessed by the lovely Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  I love Saturday Snapshot because I get to see great snapshots of all of our friends’ lives all over the world.  Pretty exciting if you ask me.



I’ve been moaning and groaning about snow and cold for…well…all Winter! Just a bit more groaning and I think we’ll be over it.   At least, I think I’ll be over it.

Ralph and I were heading out to a St. Patrick’s Day lunch with his family on Monday and what happened?!?  It Snowed!! I was not happy.  We weren’t traveling far but some of the other family members had longer drives and I was concerned for them.

Last snow


This was what I saw as we was sitting in the parking lot waiting for the others to arrive.  It actually was pretty, but I am so tired of it.

But they tell us that on Wednesday, Spring arrived.  Most of the snow was gone and I took this photo.

Finally spring


No leaves yet, but when I look, I can see the buds starting.  In fact, just below that center tree is where the crocus usually show their pretty heads each year.  I checked this morning and not quite yet, but I bet I know what my photo will be next Saturday!

Be sure to stop by at West Metro Mommy Reads to see what everyone else is sharing!

Happy Saturday! Happy Spring!

5 responses to “Saturday Snapshot~March 22

  1. This winter has seemed like it has just gone on and on and on. Some of the leaves are just starting to bloom on the rose bushes in the yard but everything else seems to be waiting to get more than one lukewarm day in a row before they start.

  2. I do love the blossoms of spring…even though my allergies go nuts! LOL

    Thanks for sharing the promise of what lies ahead…and for visiting my blog.

  3. Although I know you’re ready for it to go away, I’ve enjoyed your lovely snow pictures. LOVE the blue sky behind the bare trees.

  4. I love seeing photos of the snow people had this year. I miss living where it snows!

  5. I’m just going to think of your crocus picture because I am official over winter, even though the snow flurries we are getting right now (!!) are trying to tell me something different. Happy Sunday Fran.

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