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Hope This Works

I’m planning for this to be short and sweet and possibly my last post before my surgery.

I’ve been doing my best to stay calm and trying to keep my mind off of things.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to do another post.  I hoping to be able to post to Twitter and Instagram.  I’m listed on both as bcdcFran. 

The other new thing is that I’m posting this from my Nook. I hope it works!  Thanks to all of you sending prayers and good thoughts. All are gratefully accepted.

Happy Monday!

Counting Down

I don’t intend to do a day by day countdown to my surgery, but today is 8 days until the big day!  I’m feeling pretty calm in spite of myself. I’m not really worried about the surgery.  I feel very confident in my doctor and everything I’ve seen of the Rothman Institute is amazing.

I suppose the thing making me most anxious is having as much as possible taken care of around here before I go.  Also I keep going back and forth about what I have to pack up and take with me.  Of course, if I forget anything, Ralph only has to travel 3 blocks to get me something.  The trick will be trying to tell him where to find something.  That’s why I want to have as many things with me that I think I might need.

As Gail, said, “Hey, I have a washer and dryer. Just bring enough underwear for a few days and we’ll do a load!” I’m sure everything will work out and I know I’ll be in good hands.  Ralph will be close by and visiting several times a day.  Gail and I will have a good time, just having the chance to spend the time together.  As Ralph said to his sister yesterday, it will be like a giant sleepover.  I think it will.

I still need to make some lists and I think that will be my project for today.  Just so I know what I’m doing.  Over the past few months, I have become a big fan of lists thanks to my friend Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  I’ve got a couple started, but they need more work.

I won’t have to worry about food while I’m at Gail’s we’re both on Weight Watchers, she’s almost reached 90 pounds lost and we’re both vegetarians so we can have a great time.  Also there will be lots of coffee drinking.  She only has a small coffee maker so I’ll be taking my big one over for my time there so that we can drink coffee to our hearts content!

I suppose I should stop chatting here and get to work.  I’ve got a load of laundry in the washer that should be about finished.  Now I get to make my very Slow way down to the basement to switch it to the dryer.  Lots of fun.  I won’t mind when I can walk down the steps like a real person again.  Even laundry will be a pleasure, just so that I can get down the steps.

Lots to do, so I’m on my way.

Happy Tuesday!

Step By Step

Good Morning! I’m back again…on my irregular schedule, you never know when I’ll show up.  Eventually, I will get on a schedule, but a the moment, that doesn’t seem to be happening.

I’m moving step by step toward the big event on July 23rd.  I’m trying to get a few small projects completed around the house prior to going into the hospital.  Some things I have to take care of because I won’t be home for at least two weeks because I’ll be staying with Gail when I get out of the hospital.

Tuesday was a trying day.  It was my day for several pre-surgery appointments.

Patient Testing


I started out with a physical with a medical doctor.  Because of our infrequent trips into Philadelphia, we left early and got to the appointment about an hour too early.  However, we only waited about 15 minutes before we were into the appointment.  That went well.

Then I had to give blood.  This is one of the things that Rothman Institute does just in case it’s needed during surgery.  I think it’s probably a good idea.  I am NOT a fan of needles, but it went well.  I filled my bag in 7 minutes.  The phlebotomist was impressed.  Probably because of all the water I drink.

After that was pre-admission testing where I had my blood pressure taken for the third time  that day.  I spoke with a nurse practitioner, then had more blood taken (for testing this time) and gave a urine sample (that’s always fun)  It was all very orderly.  This entire organization is so organized and efficient.  I continue to be amazed.  My only issue was that the three appointments were in three different buildings.  They were only about a block apart but for me at this point, that’s like having to walk a couple of miles.  I was truly beat at the end of the day.  But…step by step, this will all be better.

I am starting to feel a bit of anxiety related to all of this.  I think it’s causing me to go a little off track with food.  I’ve always been an anxiety eater.  But fortunately after all of these years on Weight Watchers, I know ways to handle that.

WW veggie soup ingredients


I cooked up a batch of Weight Watchers veggie soup.  It’s so filling and it always serves as an avenue to get me back on track.  It doesn’t take that much work-maybe 15 minutes to put it together.  Then my trusty crock pot does the rest of the work.  It’s so comforting to have a big bowl of that for dinner.  I usually add some beans either canned or home cooked, but that gives me a big boost of protein which I’ve been told is a good thing to add in prior to surgery.  I even add in some cottage cheese.  Some people think that sounds disgusting, but I love the gooey cheesiness that it adds to the soup.

So that’s where I stand at the moment.  I’m being positive about the whole thing and I look forward to being up and around like a regular person again soon.  I hope to get my blogging schedule worked out as well.

Until then, I’ll see you when I see you.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Happy Friday!

Staying On Course and Preparing

Good Morning! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!  We had a great time at my sister, Ele’s house.  It was fun and we got to meet some new people.  As always, I was working hard to stay on track with my Weight Watchers program and that’s part of what I want to talk about today.

Since I haven’t been posting very often, I haven’t been talking about my efforts to stay on track with Weight Watchers. As always it continues to be an important part of my life.  I can’t remember exactly where I stood when I last posted about it, but things have been going well for me.

WW Journal


One of the reasons for my continued success is tracking every day in my journal.  I’ve long been convinced that this is a great tool when it comes to losing and maintaining weight.  Throughout my 27 years as a WW member, regardless of some bad choices or bad habits I’ve slipped back into, I’ve never given up on tracking.  It’s always been my theory that whether it’s a good choice or a bad choice…Write It Down.  You’ll never realize where your real stumbling blocks are if you don’t write it down.  Most of us are surprised how easily we can forget what we’ve eaten if it doesn’t go down on paper.  I know a lot of members like to use the apps either on smart phones or iPads, but for me, paper and pen is what works for me. You’ll notice what I’ve written in red.  I’ve recently started reflecting on each day, giving myself a grade for how I did and many times a pep talk for the next day.  It works.

Through all of my recent issues, I’ve continued to follow the program and track.  In fact, as of my meeting on Saturday, I was 17 pounds below my Weight Watchers goal.  I have not tried to do it, I have just been diligently following the program.

The fact that I’m at a healthy weight is one of the reasons my doctor gave for the fact that when I have my surgery I can do both hips at once.  I’m happy to be able to get it all taken care of at once.

Regarding my surgery, Tuesday I go into Philadelphia for a day of a physical, giving blood and pre-admission testing.  It’s going to be a long day and I know I’ll be looking for a nap when it’s over.  To my knowledge, that will be my last duty before the surgery.  Then I just get to hang out and anticipate the whole thing.  I go from being just slightly anxious to full-blown Nervous!  More often than not, I’m able to keep it at just anxious and I hope to continue that way.

I’m sure I’ll be talking more about this as the countdown continues.  For now, I’m going to concentrate on doing what I can around the house so that I’m not completely frustrated and behind when this is all finished.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend!

Happy Sunday!