Counting Down

I don’t intend to do a day by day countdown to my surgery, but today is 8 days until the big day!  I’m feeling pretty calm in spite of myself. I’m not really worried about the surgery.  I feel very confident in my doctor and everything I’ve seen of the Rothman Institute is amazing.

I suppose the thing making me most anxious is having as much as possible taken care of around here before I go.  Also I keep going back and forth about what I have to pack up and take with me.  Of course, if I forget anything, Ralph only has to travel 3 blocks to get me something.  The trick will be trying to tell him where to find something.  That’s why I want to have as many things with me that I think I might need.

As Gail, said, “Hey, I have a washer and dryer. Just bring enough underwear for a few days and we’ll do a load!” I’m sure everything will work out and I know I’ll be in good hands.  Ralph will be close by and visiting several times a day.  Gail and I will have a good time, just having the chance to spend the time together.  As Ralph said to his sister yesterday, it will be like a giant sleepover.  I think it will.

I still need to make some lists and I think that will be my project for today.  Just so I know what I’m doing.  Over the past few months, I have become a big fan of lists thanks to my friend Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  I’ve got a couple started, but they need more work.

I won’t have to worry about food while I’m at Gail’s we’re both on Weight Watchers, she’s almost reached 90 pounds lost and we’re both vegetarians so we can have a great time.  Also there will be lots of coffee drinking.  She only has a small coffee maker so I’ll be taking my big one over for my time there so that we can drink coffee to our hearts content!

I suppose I should stop chatting here and get to work.  I’ve got a load of laundry in the washer that should be about finished.  Now I get to make my very Slow way down to the basement to switch it to the dryer.  Lots of fun.  I won’t mind when I can walk down the steps like a real person again.  Even laundry will be a pleasure, just so that I can get down the steps.

Lots to do, so I’m on my way.

Happy Tuesday!

5 responses to “Counting Down

  1. Sleepover is the word! If your experience is anything like mine, for the about first week you’ll wake up, take a shower, have breakfast and take a nap. Have lunch and take a nap. Do PT and take a nap. Read a couple of chapters of a book and take a nap. Eat dinner take a bap and go to bed. (I think there were a couple of days when there was even a nap between the shower and breakfast! (everything is hard work).

    And If Gail doesn’t have one, I’m also going to lobby for renting a big squishy recliner w/a hand lever for a month (I tried the Morris chair w/extra pillows, but it was still insufficiently squishy). You can actually buy one for what it costs to rent one, but then you have the problem of getting rid of it again and the rental place will take the rented one away…

  2. You’re going to have to remember today in five years because you said doing laundry was a pleasure. It’s going to go great, and you’ll be just fine. I know it. I have 100% confidence. Easy for me to say right? I still believe it though.

  3. Thinking of you this week, Fran! Good luck

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