Thinking Out Loud~Numero Uno

I’ve been intending for quite some time to join in on Thinking Out Loud hostessed by Amanda at Running With Spoons.  I’m finally getting to it.


The point is to just share some random thoughts about life in general.  At least that’s my understanding.  I like it!

~Why is it that I haven’t blogged since August and now I do two posts in two days?  I have no excuse.  I’ve been busy healing from my bilateral hip surgery and I’ve been focusing on that and I promise not to talk too much about it!

~Thinking out loud has to be quiet, because I have a headache that is sticking with me in spite of two pots of coffee.  I’ve decided that I’m not taking anything for headaches.  Prior to my surgery, I took so many over the counter things for pain, I’m trying not to take anything.  I’ve had nothing since the surgery in spite of a couple of nasty headaches.  I’ve been working around them.  I will survive.

~More randomness-I’m annoyed with myself that in spite of having a Lot of time on my hands during my recovery, I haven’t done nearly enough reading.  I did read two books, early entries in the Lisa Scottoline series of Rosato and Associates.  I liked them enough but got stuck in the middle of the third and haven’t read anything since.  I am chagrined (hangs head in shame.)

~Has anyone else noticed the way newswoman, weather  women and traffic women dress on TV?  They all look as if they’re going to a cocktail party…even at 5 AM. I can’t quite figure it out.  Not to mention the almost identical hair styles on all of them.  Long hair is nice, but by the time you get to a certain age, you really should be looking for another choice.  I’ve reached that certain age and I no longer have long hair even though I used to love mine.  This headache is making me cranky I think.

~I’m amazed daily at either how incredibly clever or incredibly stupid TV commercials are.  I love humor and I love a clever idea, but I am stumped as to how some of these get past the ad executives let along the censors.  This is beginning to sound as if I have spent too much time recently watching TV, which I have.

~Speaking of TV, I am overjoyed at the number of networks that are now broadcasting Law & Order in all of its incarnations.  It has helped me through my recovery especially during the time that I was alone because Ralph was on a road trip that I had to miss in the interest of completing my physical therapy. Also considering the fact that I don’t think I would have been able to ride for the long periods of time it takes to go from New Jersey to Texas to New Mexico.  L & O got me through it and I’m eternally grateful to Dick Wolf, creator of the great series.

~Speaking of which, Why am I still in New Jersey and not in New Mexico.  I don’t have a good answer for that, but I’m working on that.  Trust me, there will be more about that on a future Thinking Out Loud.

I think I rather like this Thinking Out Loud idea.  I hope that Amanda and the other people who link up on Thursdays don’t think I’m too weird.  Hopefully, they’ll be weird along with me.

Happy Thursday!!

15 responses to “Thinking Out Loud~Numero Uno

  1. Happy to have you link up this week, Fran! And I -love- the name of your blog! That’s exactly what my philosophy in life is 😉 And don’t beat yourself up too much about not getting enough reading in — sometimes we’re just not in the mood, especially if we’re dealing with a headache or any kind of crankiness. I do hope you feel better soon! Hopefully some more rest will help 🙂

  2. You are sooo right about those newswomen. I would push hard for a sporty look on TV. They would fire me, of course.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about Newswomen dressing like they have a cocktail party to go to! I mean even at like 4am they are all dressed up make-up and everything.

  4. Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    I love Law and Order! I have a sneaky suspicion that might be what is keeping you from reading all those books 🙂 I hope you recovered from your headache! Best of luck with your recovery and this was a great thinking out loud post!

  5. Hi Fran, I really enjoyed reading your random Thursday.
    I agree with the TV commercials thing. Back home we used to just change the channel when a commercial came on, but since moving to Australia my roommates just mute the TV. The commercials here seem worse than America – just constantly yelling, or telling bad jokes.
    Oh, and don’t get me started on censorship. I don’t think that actually exists down here past 6pm.

  6. I completely agree about the TV commercials.
    Prior to moving to Australia we would change the station, but in Australia my housemates mute the TV. The commercials are either really cheesy or yell at you to buy something – no middle ground.
    And don’t get me started on censorship. I don’t think that exists here past 6pm.

  7. Sorry to hear about the bad mood but I’m glad you linked up! Happy to read your thoughts today 🙂 I agree about anchorwomen and women meteorologists – but on the other hand the man are wearing suits at 5am too so I guess it all balances out, right? Why doesn’t someone start “News in our sweatpants” or something? I think we could all relate to that a little bit better haha. And don’t get me started on TV commercials – the Progresso soup ones are the WORST – that in combination with the incessant political ads that are downright insulting they’re so dumb.

    • Lauren,I’ve been trying to get into Thinking Out Loud for quite awhile but it never worked. Now that I’m getting back to tending to the blog, I’ll be joining in, hopeful every week. Glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by. Please visit again!

  8. Congratulations on your first ToL post Fran. It’s nice to have you back, weirdness and all. We all have some kind of quirks; I find yours endearing. Full recovery for you first, New Mexico second.

    Headaches: have you cut your caffeine intake lately or increased it? Either one can set your head to aching. Try more sleep, more water and even some scents. There are certain smells if you rub on your temples can ease headache pain. You should check it out; it helps me sometimes.

    • Actually, I’ve been drinking a little more coffee. Two cups in the morning and when I was by myself, two cups in the afternoon. Now that Ralph’s back I drink one in the afternoon because we share the pot. I’m back at my house now and the headaches seem to be gone. I’d think it would be worse here…old house, dusty basement. Who even knows with headaches. I’ve never been able to figure why they come or why they stay away. I do lots of water, but I did slack off a little, and that may be the case. You’re so smart!

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