Saturday Snapshot~November 1

I always try to find something unique to use for my Saturday Snapshot contribution.  I think this is a good one.  Saturday Snapshot is hostessed by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  Be sure to stop by there to see all of the other great photos.


Autumn is a time of decay in nature, leaves fall, the grass turns brown.  Other things tend to fall apart too. Or perhaps we just notice them this time of year.

A number of years ago, well, Many years ago, my father in law gave me a gift.  It was a gazebo shaped bird feeder.  It stood in my side yard just across from my back door.  It was a good spot because I could look out of the door and see all of the activity there without startling the birds.  It was so much fun to watch the goings on.  There used to be a plastic tube in the center where the bird seed was held.  Over the years, pesky squirrels chewed at the plastic and we had to resort to just putting the seed in the bottom of the feeder.  Of course, more often than not, the squirrels got there before the birds.

Eventually, I stopped putting any seed in it since the birds weren’t getting the benefit of it.

Having been away from my house for several months while I was recovering, I didn’t see the toll that weather and the changing seasons had taken on my old friend.

bird feeder no. 1


Most of it’s roof has fallen off and vines are growing in and around it.

bird feeder no. 2


I couldn’t decide which of my photos I like better.  I decided to share both of them.  I’m thinking I like the second one better, but I’m still not sure.  Either way, I’m sorry to see what has happened to my old bird feeder.  It holds fond memories and now I have photos to document those memories.

Be sure to stop over at West Metro Mommy Reads see what great photos are being shared.

Happy Saturday!


13 responses to “Saturday Snapshot~November 1

  1. I like the one in the sunlight – it highlights the details more. But they both show the autumn colours & textures beautifully.

  2. There is beauty even in “decay,” isn’t there? I love how you captured the bird feeder against the fall leaves, symbolic of decay in its various forms. Thanks for sharing….and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Even though the bird feeder is deteriorating, it still holds your memories of when your father-in-law first gave it to you. Love your pictures of that treasure in its setting.
    Here’s the link to my Saturday Snapshots.

  4. I like the one in sunlight best too. But the second one really makes it look forlorn and forgotten, even though you really haven’t forgotten it. You’ll be glad you have the pictures.

  5. What a clever man. I have never seen a bird feeder quite like that.

  6. I love the idea of bird feeders, I just wish only birds used them! We end up with some pests taking all the food for themselves too 😉 It is a lovely feeder though, I wonder if it’s worth ‘upcycling’? Bet it would make a cute candle lantern 😉

  7. That birdhouse is beautiful. And I agree with some of the other commenters, the first photo really highlights not only the bird house, but the fall leaves around it.

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