Monthly Archives: November 2016

Out From Under That Rock

For MONTHS, Facebook has been nagging me.  It tells me at least once a week that I haven’t post in XXX number of days.  Too many days actually.  I have felt that empty space in my routine, I didn’t need Facebook to tell me about it.  I’ve decided to come out from under that rock.

I’m doing this post by the seat of my pants…was I ever actually organized about this?!  I need to get back to it and to all of the terrific people I have met over the years doing here.  I hope I remember how!

I haven’t figured out a routine yet, but I’m excited about one thing in particular that I wanted to share.  After many years away, I have decided to work for Weight Watchers again.  I have had two training sessions with six more to come.  Things have changed, but much of it has remained the same.

I’ve been out to several meetings observing other leaders, that’s one of the requirements of the training.  At each meeting I observe I get up and give a self disclosure telling the members at that meeting about my journey on the Weight Watchers program.  The old saying “just like riding a bike” comes to mind.  I get up in front of the meeting room and I know that I’m home.  There were a few issues at first mostly the excessive use of hands.  I looked (and felt!) a little like a windmill.  But when I spoke at a meeting this morning I felt that I’m starting to get it under control.

I have no idea when I’ll get an actual meeting of my own again.  I hear that there is a need for quite a few leaders in my area right now so I’d say I’ve picked the right time to come back.

Many other things are happening in our lives and as I get back into my rhythm and routine here, I’ll share more of them.  I am very excited to be back with Weight Watchers and VERY happy to be back sharing with all of you here at Broken Cookies Don’t Count.  I hope you all remember how to navigate back here.  I’ve missed this and I’ve missed all of you.  Let’s get back to this Adventure!!

Happy Thursday!