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Thinking Out Loud #4

Another Thursday…Another Thinking Out Loud! Hostessed by the lovely Amanda at Running With Spoons.  This is our opportunity each week to stammer and yammer and get things off our chests without anyone being annoyed because everyone in the link up is doing it!  If you like to hear what other people are complaining about, head on over.


~One of my points is exactly that-Complaining!  I suppose that one of the reasons I feel so at home at Thinking Out Loud is that I feel like I’ve been a big complainer lately.  If I think about the really important things in life, I have nothing to complain about. But I realize that every day, I find myself complaining to my to best friends.  I’ve told them that I’m going to try to correct that. We were together yesterday afternoon and I think I was able to keep it under control.. I think that what I need to do is ask them to tell me if I start doing it, especially if I don’t realize it and don’t stop myself.  I’m so lucky right now.  Up and around and feeling so good…to quote our Governor…”shut up and sit down!”

~I do have reason to complain in some areas, but they are not areas over which I have total control. I’m working to get this house in order so that we can get it sold and we can get to New Mexico.  I’m not talking about it any more.  I’m just going to start working at it, chip away at it a little bit at a time.  The disarray is frustrating and debilitating sometimes, but I’m going to work with it.  Yesterday, I was able to get a few things done, mostly because I was alone and I made a nice dent in things.  I feel good about it.

~One of the things putting me off track is sleep.  I have been up at all kinds of crazy hours.  3 am, 4 am.  This morning it was 4 am.  Frustrating.  I got up, made the coffee and read.  I’ve been complaining that I haven’t been reading, so I put this time to good use.  I think I knocked out about 25 pages.  Pretty good.  I’m going to try to do that more often.  My total on Goodreads this year is abysmal.  Maybe that’s why I’m cranky!

~Oh, Joy, Oh Rapture!!! The election is over!!  No more political commercials about people I don’t care about and can’t vote for anyway-the curse of living “near” a big city with lots of people running.  They’re all over the river and have Nothing to do with Me!  Of course, as I listened to the news this morning and they were reviewing who won and who lost-they were starting to talk about the Presidential election in two years.  At this point, I DON’T CARE!! I was hoping for a few months before that started…I didn’t even get a couple of days.  I used to be such a news junkie, I loved watching the campaigns and the conventions, but it’s so different now.  That however, is a topic for another day.

~Thanks to my best friend, Gail (again!) I’m getting to go to the gym.  She has guest passes and is sharing them with me.  I will be joining probably in a couple of weeks.  I am enjoying it so much.  I’m doing things that my physical therapist has told me I should be doing in order to strengthen my muscles after the surgery.  I really feel good.  Just to be sure I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t, I’ve taken a series of photos to show her which machines they have at the gym to be sure I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t.

Exercise equipment


I’ve got a series of them, so I’ll have options.  I’m already doing the upper body machines.  No need to ask about those.  I’ve also been walking the indoor track.  I walked a mile two days in a row.  It does feel good to be getting some exercise!

~I’m back to blogging and I’m enjoying it so much.  I am so grateful to all of my readers who have come back since my return and I’m happy to see new readers as well.  It makes me feel good.  This is such a great way for me to express myself, and now that I’ve found Thinking Out Loud, it’s a great place to get all of this stuff out of my head.  I don’t need it in there any more!

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Happy Thursday!


True Confessions

I tend to dawdle some mornings.  I like the mornings when I’ve written my post the previous afternoon, scheduled it for a 3 am posting (no, I’m not up at 3 am…well sometimes, I am.)  and it magically appears in its published form when I turn on the computer.  In fact the 3 am days are some of the most dawdly…is that a word?  Well it is today.

When I first started writing BCDC, I had no idea I could schedule my posts.  Once again, I have to thank my sweet friend Kristen from verbs and vignettes for teaching me about that.  It’s come in really handy many times when there’s been something I have to do early in the morning and won’t be able to post.  It’s especially helpful when we’re traveling.  We need to get on the road early and if I’ve handled my post the previous evening, I’m set and we can get on our way.

It’s helpful when I have an amazing idea for a post and don’t want to wait.  I can write it up then and there and I lose none of my spontaneity.  Of course, how many times does THAT actually happen?!?  Sometimes…I won’t be too hard on myself, it happens sometimes.  Not often enough.

I want the things that I write here to be clever and insightful.  Yes, I started out wanting this to be a healthy living blog, talking about food choices, my adventures as a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member working to stay below goal and showing pretty pictures of what I eat.  As time goes on, I realize that my food’s not all that pretty in spite of my efforts.  I long for the time when we’ll be in our house in New Mexico and I can actually do pretty photos of pretty food because I’ll have room for it, not just the tiny corner of my kitchen counter as it has to be right now.  But I’ll get there, I have faith, and when I do get there I’ll dazzle you with my culinary brilliance.

In the meantime, I struggle with many things.  Although I do amaze myself that I have been writing BCDC for over 2 years now, rarely missing a day, I wonder if my efforts are worth it.  I know I have many loyal readers and I can’t show you my appreciation in enough ways.  I can’t believe how many of you read and comment each day. You are a gift to me.  I also appreciate the support of so many friends and family.

I have to equate it to when I was a Weight Watchers leader.  On average I lead 4 meetings a week in the evening after working a full-time job each day.  I would pick up extra classes from time to time when other leaders asked me to sub for them.  At one point, I was doing 5 classes at night and a Saturday morning class. It was hard but I loved it.  I’ve mentioned before I how much I miss leading the meetings.

My point here is that I approached my meetings as if I was a stand up comedian.  I felt I was there to entertain while throwing in some very important information.  One time someone I went to college with asked how I thought I was putting my Speech and Theatre degree to use in my everyday life.  Without hesitation, I stated that I did it every night in my meetings.

But the thing is that although I was following a set topic and doing basically the same lecture each meeting, some nights I was on and sometimes I wasn’t.  I initially would wait for people to laugh in the places where they had laughed the night before.  Many times, the laugh wouldn’t come.  So I learned to just plunge ahead to the next opportunity.

In blogging and in life, you never know what’s going to work.  Some days I feel that I’m rambling incoherently in my posts and sometimes those are the ones that grab your attention the most.  This is not a shameless attempt to grab your attention, just an honest attempt to share my feelings.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I appreciate you reading and I will keep writing.  Again, amazing myself that I not only do this every day, but I actually Get to do it!

Happy Thursday!  It’s windy out, but it’s sunny…I’ll focus on the Sunny!!