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Vistiting Celebrities

Thursday started off with my 2 mile walk.  Today was the day that my body finally got the idea that I had been walking for 5 days!  Boy, was it a slow and stiff start but about half way through (when I reached the hill) I started to feel looser and pick up speed.  I’m really enjoying this and I’ll be keeping it up!

It’s always fun when my nephew Michael comes to stay with Grummy Ele.  He is such a cutie and we have a good time with him. Jim is still visiting from DC.  After Michael was dropped off by his Dad on Thursday morning, we all made a mad rush for our favorite breakfast stop…Why Dunkin’ Donuts, of course!

I had my usual favorite breakfast at DD…

The veggie flatbread and iced coffee!!  It is just so tasty!  I was bemoaning the fact that there are not Dunkin’ Donuts across the country and on our trip I’ll have to settle for less satisfying coffee.  I’ve decided that I’m going to go to the local DD before we leave, get an iced coffee and Freeze it…then keep it in the cooler and when it defrosts, I’ll have my DD coffee!  I have no idea if this will work, but I thought it was worth a try! 😉

Michael struggling with his very large breakfast thing-y!

A very nice shot (if I do say so myself!) of Michael and Grummy.  Ele is gripping Michael’s arm because he was insisting on doing bunny ears for the photo…didn’t happen!

A  great shot of all of us, kindly taken by a lady sitting at the next table.  I Like It!

An afternoon trip to Barnes & Noble found me grilling the girl at the Nook desk again.  I’ll probably Eventually break down and buy one, but today was not the day.  I even had my gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, but I wouldn’t make a decision yet. 

Iced green tea and a freebie about Philadelphia writers groups.  Took the barista 2 tries to get my tea right.  It was very tasty once it was not excessively sweetened!  Proud of myself because I didn’t buy a thing! I looked all over, but couldn’t find any books for 49 cents!! 😉

After Barnes & Noble I got dropped off and spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing.  My favorite pastime!

Happy Friday!!



It’s All About The Look

It’s difficult to put out a lot of money to buy something, even when it’s something you need to conduct your daily life.  In my case, something that’s been part of my life since the age of 8 is eyeglasses.

It had been nearly 4 years since I’d had an eye exam.  I should have done it when I was still working and had vision coverage.  I didn’t do it.  Over the last few years it’s become increasingly difficult to see in general and hard to read in particular.  For me with my specific kind of nearsightedness, it had actually become easier to read Without my glasses on.  That meant however that the book, newspaper or do-dad had to be about 3 inches from my nose.  Not a pretty sight.

I decided it was time.  I went for the exam.  My question regarding the exam is why the heck do they put the drops in your eyes Before the exam.  Your eyes are all fuzzy and then they say “Which is better…One or Two…Two or Three…Three or Four?”  You JUST put drops in my eyes!  Regardless of this I have to admit I must have gotten the best exam ever because I’ve never seen so well with such clarity both close up and at a distance EVER!

Oh I guess you want to see my glasses, right?  It was tricky to explain to Ralph how I wanted the photo.  In the end I decided I didnt’ like any of them. I’ll have to work on it.  But never fear.

Ele, Kristen and I decided to go out for coffee last night, just to catch up.  We always have the best time and this was no different.  Lots of talk about books and boys and life.

I was proud of myself…Just Coffee…I won’t mention about the other ladies. 😉

Now the unveiling…

Kristen, Ele and Me!  Not a good shot because Ele looks sleepy.  Let’s try again…

I’m still not good at the old self photo, but I keep trying…doesn’t that count?!

I like my new glasses.  I think I look very studious.  AND I CAN SEE!!  Excellent.  Worth the money?  As long as I’ve been wearing glasses, I’ve never thought they were worth the money and this is the Most I’ve ever spent.  But Boy do they work well.  I’ll have to skimp somewhere else.

Think I’ll go read a book, because I can actually see it now!!

Happy Thursday!




Bargain Day Monday

Wish every day could be called Bargain Day!  I’m always looking for bargains, so they’re always on my mind, that’s for sure!

Monday started off as it will for weeks to come with a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts for my FREE iced coffee.  Free is good, right?!

Ok, You try smiling and drinking and taking a photo all at the same time!  At one point I made myself laugh and spilled coffee on myself!  Gotta get better at these self photos! 😉

Mondays lately almost always involve a trip to the produce market.  It’s one of my favorite places and I always get lots of healthy things for not much money.

Romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, yellow squash, broccoli, red delicious apples and pears.  Not in the photo- tangerines and celery.  I’m really getting into celery for snacks and adding to salads.  The crunch it adds seems to make the salad seem more filling.  More chewing involved, I guess!

I made a quick stop at Walmart and found two good things.  First, this knife.

It’s the kind of knife I see all the TV chefs using.  It cost $3.00!  I was pretty excited!

Also exciting was this…

Biscoff Spread! I’ve been reading about this on a lot of blogs and I thought I’d give it a try.  I know I said I was backing off of peanut butter, but this is supposedly a little different from regular peanut butter.  We’ll see.  This was not necessarily a bargain, but I consider it research! 😉

My other bargain-these tongs…

I’ve been looking for a pair and I couldn’t pass them up because the were only $1.00!  Found these at Rite-Aid.  I also got multi vitamins Buy One Get One Free!  Good deal!

Those are my bargains for Monday.  Not sure if Tuesday will turn out to be much of a bargain.  I’ve been awake since 2am and up since 4am.  I believe there will have to be a nap in my future this afternoon.  We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Sleepy Tuesday!

Strange Dreams and Free Coffee!

I was quite excited when Saturday’s mail brought a cool surprise.  I get tired of the advertisements that come from grocery stores and drug stores where I don’t shop.  I generally just fold them up and put them in my recycling bag.  I think from now on, I’ll at least look through them.

This is what I found inside this week…

A punch card that will give me free iced coffee every Monday until April 30!!  I was so excited.  I had one of these in the fall and I really enjoyed it.  It was a little cold back then to drink iced coffee, but I only missed one week.  That was for a month, this one goes through all of March and April.  Hooray!

A great way to start the day!  I grabbed it quickly before heading out on some errands.  I know their thought is that people will come in for their free coffee and buy other things.  I have been so under control lately when it comes to sweet things, I’m not likely to buy anything else.  I do enjoy their flatbread omelette sandwiches, but I’m not about to have one during the week.  Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t make any money on me, but they do have my loyalty.  They’ll be seeing me every Monday morning for 2 months!  That should count for something! 😉

On a completely different topic, does anyone else ever wonder where things come from that pop up in your dreams?

I had such a strange dream last night that I can’t even talk about it here.  In it received an invitation to something Very Strange.  Other portions of the dream did involve people I know, but those people would not in my opinion be involved in these strange things. 

It has always fascinated me how things show up in my dreams.  I should probably do research on it.  I can understand that friends, loved ones and co-workers could show up in my dreams.  I suppose TV and movie people could show up there.  I’m not a fan of Brad Pitt, but he showed up in a very detailed dream one time.  I suppose I should write these things down when they come to me.  They might be the basis for a story or novel.  Hmmm…Why did I never think of that before?

I might be able to blame it on The Night Circus.

The Night Circus

It is a very intricate and involved story with many unusual characters.  I’m more than half way through the book and there has been nothing as strange as this dream.  It is wonderful though.  If you haven’t read it, you should!

I think I’ll be scratching my head all day trying to make sense of this dream.  Maybe I need more coffee!  Maybe I need less coffee!  Either way, I’m sure my brain will keep working and formulating strange dreams.  Maybe they’ll even be dreams I can talk about!!

Happy Tuesday!


An Errand-ous Day

Monday was a busy day with places to go and people to see.  I needed strength and fortitude to get through it all.  Where did I start??

My free Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee for the month of October, pumpkin spice of course.  Every Monday, I get it for free.  I was disappointed that I didn’t get to go there last Monday, so I was not about to miss it again.  I’m so glad that my friend Gail found the coupon and gave it to me.  Dunkin’ Donuts is good about putting out coupons.  We usually find them in the local newspaper which is great.  It started my day off right!

When I have a lot of errands to run, I try to map the route out in my head to make my travel as efficient as possible. My next stop was the CVS to pick up Ralph’s prescriptions.  CVS has a program that I like.  It involves this little tag…

I keep it attached to one of my cloth bags and keep it in the car.  I give it to the cashier along with my CVS extra care card and after 4 visits I get a $1 off coupon.

Like this one.  This is a wonderful thing.  It’s supposed to be given to the customer because they brought their own bag.  However, they give it to people who only bring the tag and I find that frustrating.  Fewer bags used is supposed to be the whole idea.  I’m additionally upset at the moment.   I had a $2.50 coupon which I thought was in my bag.  I apparently put the coupon in the recycling instead of the useless part of the receipt.  I have so much in my recycling now, I’m not likely to find it.  When it gets light out, I’m going to give it a try though.  I’ll update you all later.

My next stop was Verchio’s produce.  I needed lots of things, especially fruit.

Let’s see if I can remember everything…potatoes, Roma tomatoes, carrots, plums, grapes (not so good), yellow squash, pears and scallions.  That wasn’t even everything.  This time, I wrote down what the price was of everything in order to do a better job of the Thrifty Vegetarian.  I like it when I know that I’ve gotten a good meal for a good deal.  How poetic!

Gail had gone to Sam’s and picked up some the salad mix I like and some Honeycrisp apples.  I had mentioned that Alice had given me one and how good they were…

They are so delicious!  I had never tried them before and they are a little pricey, $7.00 for the bag, but I Know I will eat them all.  They’re a great snack and a portable one too!

I visited with Gail for a while making some plans for some upcoming adventures.  She also gave me a great coat that had been her Mom’s.  It’s sporty but could be worn for dress if needed.  It’s really beautiful and fits perfectly.  She told me her Mom would be happy that I was able to wear it.

When I got home, I put all of my goodies away and got started on more sorting.  I was doing well until I had an avalanche of things which I had already sorted fall off of the table and on to the floor.  Of course this happened just as Ralph and our grandson, Alex were walking in the door.  I was able to get it together without too much difficulty. 

On this subject,  I’ve joked to my sister Ele and to Gail that I’ll need an assistant to put out the recycling today.  Now I have to dig in the bin to look for that darned Coupon!

For the moment, I’ll just enjoy sharing life with all of you…

…and drinking my own pumpkin spice coffee from the wonderful mug that Ele gave me.

Time for dumpster diving!!

Happy Tuesday!

Feeling Random

I spent most of Thursday resting because this cold has really done me in.  I’m feeling somewhat better today.   To give you a hint how bad I felt, I didn’t drink any coffee yesterday and haven’t had any today either.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving it up…just didn’t feel the need.

I thought I’d share a few photos I haven’t shared from the trip.  Kind of random shots, but I like them, so I’ll share!

The wind chime that Ralph bought me somewhere on the road and now hangs in our kitchen in Silver City.  It says “Wish.”  Yes, I do…

One last shot of the Kneeling Nun, the mountain we see from our living room window, featured in so many of my sunrise photos.

The church in Old Mesilla where we visited on Sunday.

And some of the crafts for sale in the plaza…

Lots of religious crafts in New Mexico.  Many of them are really beautiful.

The General Store at Stahmann’s Pecan Estate…the place where I ate the wonderful butter pecan ice cream.

A field of pecan trees on the estate.  As we drove, there were miles of these fields filled with pecan trees. Amazing!  Our friend Del, who we were visiting has pecan trees in her yard.  She sent me home with 2 huge bags of them.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with them!!

As we left the El Paso area, we took a route that Ralph and I had never traveled.  We drove through the Guadalupe mountain rage.  The sights were incredible.  Here are a few photos of Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas.

It was a neat experience to drive through there.  Ralph and I always like to try new routes in order to see something new.  This was truly worth it.  The entire route was beautiful.

So it’s Friday now and I have to get myself moving even if I don’t feel like it.  There is still no food in the house.  We survived yesterday on egg salad that Ralph bought at the local deli and we put it on toast.  It was very good and neither of us was hungry for much more than that. 

I’m off to try to greet the day…Happy Friday!!

Sunday With Cream and Splenda

I usually start my day with a cup of coffee while working on BCDC.  A friend of mine told me I was wasting my time working on the blog instead of doing other things.  Hey…I do it in the time it takes me to drink my morning coffee.  I’d be drinking the coffee anyway, at least I’m doing something constructive while I drink it.  I started my Sunday with my usual cup with added cinnamon…it’s good for me!

Ele and I headed to Barnes & Noble early.  I had to stop at her house to print off my 15% off coupon.  Early is the right time to go there.  It’s located in the mall area and traffic can be a real pain later in the day.  Also, B&N itself is quieter and you don’t have to wrestle other people for a table in the cafe.  We did our shopping around the store, made our selections and then grabbed our coffees.

My current fav…iced coffee with cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrup, cream and Splenda.  It’s really refreshing and I enjoy it.

Ele with her caramel machhiato.

Me with my iced coffee.

My treasures including A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan: Book Cover

I’ve been hearing a lot about this and since I had the coupon, I splurged.  I’m a little sad because as I just looked up the link on the B&N website, it could have been a lot cheaper if I got it there.  😦  I think I need to check that more often before I buy in the store.  I did get the 2 other books for under $3 each because they were on the clearance and were 50% off of the already reduced price.  I guess it evened out, but from now on I’m going to check the web site before I buy any books there. 😦

When I got home Ralph and I headed over to Picasso’s Pizza for lunch.  I had my favorite…pepper and egg sandwich with American cheese. 

It’s so delicious and their rolls are always so good.  I was satisfied.

As was our plan, we watched Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part I.  It was enjoyable,but I’m not sure how I would have understood what people were saying if I’d seen it in the theatre.  The subtitles were a must!

When we finished the movie, Ralph decided he wanted coffee…Coffee!?! So we were off to Dunkin’ Donuts.  I told him before we left NOT to try to convince me to have a donut or any sweet treats.  He promised he wouldn’t.

My Captain America medium Iced Coffee with…cream and Splenda!  Interesting thing…since I’d just had a medium iced coffee at B&N in the morning, I could tell what a difference there was in the 2 mediums.  Dunkin’ Donuts is much bigger AND much cheaper.  Hmmm….

Two lessons learned about economy…and on a Sunday no less.

So I’m off to exercise and I have a lot to do around the house today.   It’s sunny and the birds are singing.  Could be a really good day!

Happy Monday!! 🙂

Technical Difficulties

Well, I guess I learned another technical lesson yesterday.  I probably have to save any picture I get from the internet and then post it.  Well, well…we live and learn.  Thanks to Ele, for letting me know that.  If I had the focus, I’d repost them now for you, but you can all go to IMDB (International Movie Data Base) if you want to see the photos.  Won’t make that mistake again. 😦

Yesterday started with another too early wake up…this time 4am.  But I got through the day.  Got in my exercise in the morning, and a trip to Barnes & Noble with Ele in the afternoon.  So glad I finally figured out something I could enjoy there that didn’t cost half my Points for the day…not really, but it seems that way. My new favorite is iced coffee with the cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrup.  It’s so good, tastes pretty much just like the frappachino and is only 2 Points…Happy Me!  We had a very nice time chatting and catching up on things.

While at Barnes & Noble, I picked up this on the discount table…

Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi.  In my defence, I have to say the fuzzy photo is not my fault.  That’s how the cover looks.  I’m interested to read this.  I know a lot about being overweight, but I don’t know much about anorexia so I’m looking forward to learning about it from someone’s personal perspective.  A view of someone waging a weight battle from the other side sounds fascinating to me.

At the moment I’m reading this…

What Falls Away by Mia Farrow.  Guess I’m in the mood for memoirs at the moment.  So far this is a beautifully written book.  I didn’t know a lot about her childhood, but it’s fascinating.   This was another one of my bargains, from Goodwill…99 cents!  Again, Happy Me!! 🙂

Ralph and I successfully finished off all of the watermelon I cut up the other day.  Glad to say I have another half to go.  This one wasn’t as sweet as others, but it was still refreshing and a really good snack.

When I finish here, my project is…

…a cantaloupe and pineapple that need attention.  I’m going to take my new pineapple slicer for a spin.  Looking forward to that.  Hopefully I don’t slice anything I’m not supposed to…I do have a reputation for that… 😉

I have a wonderful jar of over night oats in the fridge and I’m hungry!! Lots to do today so I’d better be off.

Happy Tuesday!!