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WIAW~I Need To Fix This Snacking

It is that happy time of the week, the time when all the hard-core foodies gather because it’s What I Ate Wednesday! And where do we gather? Why of course it’s over at Peas & Crayons and we get to hang out with the lovely Jenn who is the mastermind of this whole thing.  Be sure to visit over there when you’re finished here at BCDC, leave some comments and just enjoy yourself.

Peas and Crayons

Our theme for June is healthy snacking and trust me, I am in real need of some direction here.  I’ve been having a terrible time and have to get it under control.  I’ve been making some overall good food choices, but somehow the snacks are getting me.

A banana is a great snack, especially while reading a book.  You can eat it one-handed.  I just wish I liked them more.

Found a new favorite snack that can double as a lunch…caramel corn rice cakes with peanut butter.  Sadly, peanut butter is one of the things getting me into trouble lately.  It will not be living in my house any more… 😦

Apple with peanut butter is also a good snack, but again…no peanut butter for me in the future.  It’s just as good with almond or sunflower butter.  I don’t know why Those kinds of nut butters don’t make me eat them out of the jar.  I’m doing what I have to.

I have an incredibly easy dinner to show you.  It really only takes the time it needs to cook in the microwave to prepare.

Crock pot black beans, already prepared bulgur wheat (boil 2 cups of water or stock and pour over 1 cup of bulgur.  Let sit for about 10 minutes.) and a can of a mix of tomatoes, okra and corn. Mix it together and microwave for 2-3 minutes.  Sprinkle with shredded cheese.

This was ready in no time and so good and filling!

Dinner last night was leftover salad from Father’s Day with the last of the black beans and bulgur added and topped with shredded cheese.  The dressing was a new twist.  1 Tbsp of olive oil, 1 Tbsp of honey, 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 Tbsp of wasabi mustard.  Very tangy and good!  I expected that it would be a lot hotter than it was but it had a great flavor.  I just love making up my dressings!

And here you see one of the snacking reasons that I’m getting into trouble.  My new favorite from the local ice cream shop…black raspberry.  It is just delicious.  I will be doing my best to avoid this in the coming weeks. 

So there you have my snacking travails.  I hate to whine, but I’m frustrating myself with my inability to keep this under control.  Of course, I believe that confession is good for the soul and BCDC is a bit of a confessional for me.  I am working hard this week to get on track and stay there.  Make good choices both in snacks and in regular meals.  Perhaps when we get to WIAW next week, I’ll have some good news to report about my progress.  Don’t forget to go on over to P&C to read some blogs and make some bloggers happy by leaving comments. 

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  I Can do it and so Can you!!

Deep In The Salad Bowl

Good Morning from someone who did NOT wake up at 2 am today!  I slept really well last night.  I think that’s because I didn’t take a nap yesterday.  Just plugged through and fell asleep about 10pm.  Woke up at 5:30 today and I feel good!  (Insert James Brown singing…here…)

I got several questions yesterday regarding my home-made salad dressing that I’ve been doing lately.  It’s really just something I made up and it is almost always in flux, changing with my mood.  I never liked the very thick feel that comes from most bottled dressing.  I like my salad to be dressed down to the bottom of the bowl!  Thought I’d share with you how I do it.

Since most of you have seen my salad bowl…the Big Purple Bowl, you know that I like a Lot of salad.  When I make these dressings I’m making one serving, but keep in mind it has to cover a LOT of salad.  Smaller salad eaters…or eaters of smaller salads as the case may be, could probably use this for two servings.

I start with this…

It’s a six-ounce Ball jar…probably had home-made jam or jelly in it at some point.  I like it because it would work if I decided to double the recipe.  Also its wide mouth makes for easy pouring in and out.  If I decide to add spices, it’s easy to shake into also.  And I didn’t go out and buy something to use, I had it!

I generally start with extra virgin olive oil and honey.  I’m not an olive oil snob, I buy what’s on sale.  In fact when this bottle is finished, which will probably be today, my next bottle is Wal-Mart’s store brand.  Much less expensive than others and I figured I’d give it a try.  I’ve been using honey again because I have it.  I might try agave next.  Have to check on the Weight Watchers points value.  So 1 Tbsp of olive oil for 3 WWPoints and 1 Tbsp of honey for 2 WWPoints.  Measure the OO first, it makes it easier to get the honey out of the Tbsp! 😉

Then depending on my mood (or which one my hand lands on first!) I use either apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar or balsamic.  I love this balsamic bottle and may keep it when it’s empty just cause it’s so cool!  I usually use 1 or 2 Tbsps of one of these, again depending on how I feel.

After that it’s up to you or Me!  Many times I’ll add a tablespoon of Dijon mustard (store brand of course or what’s on sale.)  That doesn’t cost me anything on WW. 

I have also tried adding a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt to make a creamy dressing.  When doing that, I was trying to re-create the Southwest sauce at Subway.  I added some Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime once and one time Penzeys Arizona seasoning.  I’ve also tried sriracha sauce (yummy!)  I haven’t got that quite right yet it’s a work in progress.

If it looks a little thick to me and I don’t think it will be enough for my Huge salad, I just add a little water until it looks right.  You can do a lot of things with it to make it the way you like it.  I have several ideas that I’ll be working on.

I used it on this wonderful salad that included this…

A home-made black bean burger that my sister Ele made and shared with me.  I’m going to make these over the weekend and I’ll share the recipe with you next week.  It is So good and I’m certain it will be less expensive than the Morningstar Farms ones that I love so much.

Well that’s WAY more than I thought I had to say today!  Guess getting a good night’s sleep can make a difference.  Looks like it will be a beautiful day.  It is supposed to get Hot over the weekend so I guess I really do need to call the air conditioner man today. 😦   At least yesterday we got our dates for our vacations straightened out, made our car reservations and I made contact with my cousin in California who we’ll be meeting up with when we get out there…but that’s all more for another post.

Happy Thursday!! Time to put out the Trash!!

Time To Focus

Perhaps I should change the name of Broken Cookies Don’t Count to Not Feeling the Focus or Focus? What Focus?  I talk about it a lot.  I do not seem to achieve it.  It seemed that every time I tried to start a project yesterday, I got interrupted.

Riding my exercise bike.  I was excited to finish one book and start another.  Gail called and we talked a while and made plans to Skype later in the afternoon.  I started to do the dishes (yes, dishes are sometimes left in the sink overnight.  I really need to fire “The Help!”)  My phone rings and it’s Gail, they’re ready to Skype…right then! It was great fun and she showed me all of the treasures she’s been getting for her cabin in Maine And some things she’s gotten for me!  I’ll have lots to show you when she gets back from Florida.

Finished the dishes and had breakfast. Ok, so that’s backwards but here it is.

Lemon Chobani and Fiber One.  So good.  Gail taught me that combo and it’s great for breakfast, lunch or a snack.

I got dressed and started on cleaning/organizing a particularly offending dresser in the bedroom.  Ralph needed to run some errands and wanted me to come along.  With the bed scattered with stuff, we left on our errands.

Since we were in the shopping center where Subway is, he suggested lunch.  I thought for a moment…Wednesday…Weigh in on Saturday???  I decided if I only got a 6 inch sub I’d be ok.  I thought I might cave when I put in my order but I didn’t!! 🙂

A Veggie with provolone cheese and Southwest sauce.  Very tasty.  I felt satisfied and not guilty!

The Southwest sauce on my sub inspired me when it was time for dinner.  I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to make my own dressings for salads.  Here’s my latest.

1 Tbsp of olive oil

1.5 Tbsp of red wine vinegar

1 Tbsp of honey

1 Tbsp of plain yogurt, I used Greek

1 tsp of Penzeys Arizona Dreams seasoning

1 Tbsp of water (as extender for Big Salad!)

Romaine, plum tomatoes, carrot, shredded cheese and pumpkin seeds.  I’m out of almost everything!  I need to get to the produce market! 😦  I forgot to add my crock pot black beans to the photo, but 1 cup of beans joined the fun!

All joined together in the wonderfulness that is the Big Purple Bowl!  This was a really good salad.  My dressing didn’t taste exactly like the Southwest sauce at Subway but it was delicious and I’ll make it again.  I’m having such fun with this I think I’ll start a new feature.  I think I’ll call it Dressing Up!  That’ll confuse people! 😉

Happy Thursday!