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Saturday Snapshot~February 15

I didn’t post on Friday so I’m wishing everyone a belated Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you got to spend it with someone you love.  I did!

Saturday Snapshot is one of my favorite link ups. Hostessed by the lovely Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads, it is always great fun.  Please be sure to visit there when you’re finished here to see what everyone is showing today.



As you may have heard on the news…IT’S BEEN SNOWING IN NEW JERSEY!!  Can you tell from my capital letters that I am shouting about this.  I’m only shouting because I am SO TIRED of it.  There…it’s out of my system, no more capitals.  But seriously, I’m tired of it, it’s making me cranky, we got more last night and we’re supposed to get more today.  Someone has to make it stop.

I know how to stop it, or at least get away from it.  I’m going (if only in my fertile mind…) to New Mexico.  It’s sunny and beautiful and it’s going to be 72 degrees there today.  None of this is fair.  But I’m lucky because I know how beautiful it is and I know what’s waiting for me when I get there physically.

Kneeling Nun


I can’t remember if I’ve used this photo before, but I don’t care…I need to see it today and I need to share it.  This is a view of the Kneeling Nun mountain and was taken from the front step of our house.  The photo doesn’t actually do justice to the beauty of the sky or the landscape, but it helps to cheer me up.  I keep this photo as my lock screen on my phone so I can look at it periodically when I need it.  I hope it makes you all feel as warm and happy as it makes me.

Be sure to check out all of the great photography at West Metro Mommy Reads.

Happy Saturday!!

Snapshot Saturday~November 2

I’m writing this post on Friday and I am Very proud of myself.  It is November 1 and I just turned the page on the calendar.  Usually it happens around the 15th of the month.  Sometimes later.  I would say that this is a good start!

Of course, it’s Saturday and it means Saturday Snapshot hostessed by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  Be sure to check out the other great photos there when you’re finished here at BCDC.  It’s a fun way to get to know some other great bloggers.


Since I’ve been back from New Mexico I sometimes have a hard time looking at the photos I took there.  I find myself down in the dumps because I want to be there and I’m not.  I remember the day I took this photo and how beautiful the day was.  I think it shows in the photo.

There is a coffee shop that we go to frequently (very frequently…) called Java The Hut.  It’s a tiny place within a group of shops called The Hub.  The people that we’ve met and come to know at Java are like family.  They welcome us warmly and are sorry to see us go.

One of the best part of The Hub is the beautiful landscaping.  The photo of the agave and morning-glory that I used last Saturday is from there.  This is another of the great shots I got of the beautiful local flora.

Java grass

I love the colors in this photo and how the sun plays on the long grass fronds.  It reminds me of the warm days we spent there.  The warmth coming from the sun and from the people there.

I don’t quite know what’s going on with WordPress today.  My typing is getting out of line from how I’m used to so I guess we’ll just go with it.  Be sure to check out the other Saturday Snapshot participants.  You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Snapshot Saturday!

WIAW in NM from NJ

I got a comment yesterday from the lovely Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets telling me I shouldn’t feel like a slug for not blogging while away and being slow to start now that I’m back.  I’m taking her advise and there will be no more whining about what I did or didn’t do.  I’m here and I’m jumping in with both feet.

What better way to whet my feet than to jump right into What I Ate Wednesday?! I’ve missed reading (and talking) about food over the last month. This is the place to do both. WIAW is the fabulous link up created by the lovely new Momma, Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  I’ve got a lot to catch up on. Hope there are lots of baby pictures…need to get to know the chickpea!  Be sure to stop by at P & C when you’re finished here to see lots of great food and drool on your keyboard a little.

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

There was lots of great food in and around Silver City.  I did get some photos but I fell out of the habit of even taking photos after a while.  I did get some and here they come!

Ralph and I celebrated our anniversary while we were away.  This was dinner at Diane’s Restaurant.

Diane's dinner

If I remember correctly, there were greens and white beans under the Portobello mushroom.  When I go there again, I think I’ll ask for this over pasta rather than that huge slice of bread.  Delicious.

Mediterranean salad

This was lunch at Vicki’s Eatery…a Mediterranean salad.  I’ve had this before and I always love it.  Stuffed grape leaves and hummus with pita just make it perfect.

We had breakfast several times a place called the Adobe Springs Cafe.  Not sure why but we haven’t gone here very often.  We went three times during this visit and we will go more often from now on.

Adobe springs omelette

This is their veggie omelette.  Spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes and my addition of pepper jack cheese.  SO Good!!

huevos rancheros

Huevos Rancheros.  I think I’m spelling that correctly.  Under there are blue corn tortillas and beans.  This was so good.  Actually, it looks like a Halloween mask.  I Will have this again!!

One of our favorite place in Silver is Alotta Gelato.  They have delicious gelato made on the premises and it couldn’t be better.


This is pumpkin pie.  I had it several times.  There are lots of other unique and delicious flavors.  The lemon is SO lemony.  They’re all wonderful as are the owners, Mitch and Starr.  Great folks.

Now I’m back in New Jersey.  While in Silver City I could not go to a Weight Watchers meeting because…there Are None!! Well, of course I could drive to Las Cruces…two hours away! But even I’m not that dedicated.  We’ll see what happens, when we actually move there…I’m going to need some support.  I wasn’t happy (or especially surprised) when I got on the scale at Saturday morning’s meeting.  I had gained 7 pounds.  I’m still way under goal and I think most of that was due to the last few days of the trip.  Southern food is heavy.  So I promised no whining.  I’m back on track already.

This was lunch yesterday…

rice cakes

Look familiar?! Rice cakes with cottage cheese and sweet pickle relish.  This will get me back on track.  I should have good news after next Saturday’s meeting.  Oh, my the way…we pulled up in front of our house at 2:30 am Friday night into Saturday morning.  I was up at 5:30 am to get ready to go to my Weight Watchers meeting.  Do you think I needed a meeting?!?  I’d say YES!!

That’s What I Ate Wednesday for me this week.  Be sure to check out all the fun over at Peas & Crayons. As for me, I’m off to dive into a pile of something and get back to my clearing out.  If I get this all accomplished, pretty soon I’ll be sending my WIAW posts from New Mexico.  Fingers Crossed!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Week In Review~October 21

As I begin my Week In Review post, I realize that one of the things I haven’t done since coming back to New Jersey is flip to the October page on my calendar. I keep notes and such on it so it’s more than a simple flip of the page.  Hopefully, I’ll get to it before November!   So, Welcome to Week In Review.  This is a wonderful link-up by the ever list-worthy Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Be sure to check things out over at CEFF when you’ve finished here.

It’s supposed to be all about the lists but as always I’m a bit disjointed after over a month away. This will be all over the place.  I wish I could focus (Oh, that word again…) on the entire trip, but I’ll give some highlights and leave it at that.


1. Pad Thai-I hear about this all over the blog world but I’ve never had it.  I had the opportunity while in New Mexico. The funny thing was that it was at an Asian buffet restaurant.  I asked the server for a menu and you might have thought I had three heads by the look I got.  Guess they don’t get asked for a menu very often. It took a while to get it (Ralph was through two plates of buffet before I got mine) but it was worth it. So much so that I ordered it again on a different visit.  (Apparently I only had two heads on that visit…not such a shocked look when I asked for the menu.)

2. Having to call for a replacement rental car due to technical difficulties.  It was a long process (that’s what happens when you break down in Nowhere, Texas) but after about six hours we had another car and were on our way.  I guess I’m glad this happened on the way back from NM although at this point we were in a time crunch and it added to our frustration.

3. Having the opportunity to spend almost a month at our home in New Mexico.  It reinforced my determination to be there permanently.  Now to Do It!

4. Going to a military graduation. That was the reason for the time crunch on our return trip.  We were heading to Ft. Jackson in Columbia, SC for our grandson Patrick’s graduation from Basic Training.  It was an amazing experience.  Since we’re scattered around the country now (Ralph and I will be scattered soon, I promise…) we had the chance to all get together.

Family picture-Ft. Jackson

Alex, Me, Ralph, Bill, Patrick, Heather and Pat.

Patrick in dress blues-Graduation

Patrick just after the graduation ceremony.  We are so proud of him.  I love a man in uniform!

Patrick and Alex

Patrick and Alex-Brothers saying good-bye before Patrick was off to Ft. Gordon for AIT (Advanced Individual Training-I’m trying to learn these military terms.)


1. Our grandsons are growing up. They’re great kids (young men) and we’re proud of them both.  They’ll both make their mark in the world.

2. No matter how you do it, Texas is one dang, long state…especially in the dark and in the middle of Nowhere.

3.  I will be living in New Mexico sooner rather than later.  This trip cemented one thing for me.  NM is where I want to be and I am going to do all that I can to be there.  There is still a lot of work to do here in order to make that happen.  I’m selling everything that I can and donating what I can’t sell. I’m thinking that Craigslist might become my best friend soon.  Can you put your house on Craigslist?  If not I have two old houses to sell, As Is…make me an offer!

4.  I blogged only sporadically while we were away.  I missed it.  Most mornings as I sat drinking my coffee, reading and looking at the sunrise, I felt that I should be doing something.  That something was writing a post.  I actually did some writing while I was there.  All those sunrises inspired me to write some poetry.  I haven’t done much of that in a long time and it made me happy.  I’m going to try to keep at it.  Another reason to be in NM…Inspiration.

There really are hundreds of other things I could add to this.  I may try to do a recap post at some point.  But for now I just want to get back on track with posting in general.  I love doing this and I shouldn’t have been such a slug while we were away.  If I had been on track I wouldn’t be trying to play catch up now.  That seems to be the story of my life.  But I’m back and happy to be sharing with all of you.

That’s Week In Review.  Be sure to check out the other linkers over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Leave some comments.  We all love your comments.

Happy Monday!

Week In Review~September 30

I am still alive!  Although I’m getting to this a little late in the day for you East Coasters, I’m joining in on Week In Review hostessed by the ever-perky, ever-obsessive Megan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Check things out there when you’re finished here!

Week In Review Button Final

As it was last time, this will be a little disjointed but better than not joining in.

Our time in New Mexico is starting to feel very short. Two weeks from yesterday we will be leaving.  I can’t believe we’ve been here two weeks already.  It’s been wonderful and every day reinforces my need and desire to be here permanently.  That will be my immediate project when we get back to New Jersey.

Just a few quick tidbits from the past week.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that we don’t have a lot of “real furniture” here.  That means we sleep on a blow up bed (actually one of the Most comfortable beds ever!) and we have lawn furniture for the living room.  That also is very nice and I plan to stick with that as our furniture here for the foreseeable future.  We won’t likely be bringing the living room furniture from NJ except for a few tables and my two Morris chairs.  This furniture works just fine.

However, our dining room was a big naked spot in the house.  Not so anymore.  We went to the Antique Mall in downtown Silver City last week.  It’s really a big second-hand store, but it has lots of wonderful treasures.  I walked in and saw this set almost immediately.  I asked if they would negotiate on the price and the man I was talking to happened to be the owner of the set in question.  I negotiated (Ralph both liked the set and was proud of my negotiating skills.) I even got him to deliver it!

Dining Room set


I think it’s wonderful and so does Ralph.  I’m so excited.  I paid a little more than I might have liked, but I think it’s worth it.  We don’t have a dining room in NJ so I would have to find something anyway.  This is just what I was looking for!

We had our first overnight guest here at the house.  Our friend Leigh, who is the lady who sold us our land out in the hills was in town.  She had to take a long ride down to Las Cruces and was a little anxious about driving over the bad roads out to her house in the dark.  We met her, took her to dinner, then she came back to spend the night.  She had her guitar with her and well…


A little serenade never hurts!  It was great fun to have her here and have the opportunity to show her the house.

We’re really just spending our time getting things done around the house.  We needed roof repairs and lucky us, our neighbor is a professional roofer.  He fixed what was necessary in under an hour, including fixing the garage roof.  What luck for us!

We get to wake up to this every morning…

Kneeling Nun


The Kneeling Nun mountain.  Interestingly, from our land out in the hills, we see the Kneeling Nun from the opposite side.  Pretty cool!!

That’s it for me this week.  I’m feeling very blessed to be spending time in such a beautiful place.  Be sure to check out the other Week In Reviewers over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  We all love to hear your comments.

Happy Monday!


Snapshot Saturday~September 28

Another Snapshot Saturday!  I love being part of this group of great people who share their photos and their lives with us.  Thanks to Melinda at West Metro Mommy for being our lovely hostess!

Art is everywhere in Silver City.  There are more art galleries than there are restaurants, it seems.  There is even a Children’s Art Project.  One of their projects was making tiles.  These tiles line steps in several areas of Old Town Silver City.  I have my favorite.

Silver City Tile



Be sure to check out what the other photo offerings are at West Metro Mommy.  You’ll love what you find there!

Happy Snapshot Saturday!

Too Much Fun

We are having too much fun here in New Mexico for me to concentrate on posting.  That sounds terrible and believe me, there’s not a thought in my head about not blogging for real.  It’s just that right now, I don’t feel like devoting the time to it very often.  Once we’re living here permanently, I don’t think I’ll have the problem but on this trip, we’re doing so much around the house and trying to spend time with our friends (when we’re not avoiding them to keep from spreading our colds) and I’m just having trouble settling down to post.

So, that confession out of the way, I’ll move on.  I’ll keep all of the important updates for Monday’s Week In Review.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be attending sessions of the Southwest Festival of the Written Word which is being held right here in Silver City.  It’s the first year for it and I’m very excited.  It’s all free and there are many different talks and panels by published authors.  There is a workshop on Memoir Writing that does charge a fee but it was filled by the time I heard about it.  I was very disappointed but I know I’ll enjoy the other sessions anyway.  Just thinking about going has inspired me to write some poetry.  I need a nudge now and then!  I’m sure I’ll have a lot to share after all of that!

As I’ve said, the sunrises and sunsets have not been quite what we’re used to during our visits here.  I have one that I like.

Sunset over Bear Mountain


I love the glow of color over the mountain. The skies here are incredible.

That’s all for me today.  I hope to be posting a little more regularly but the beauty here is distracting.  I Love being distracted!

Happy Thursday!!