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WIAW~Walking, Walking, Walking

Good Morning and welcome to the latest edition of What I Ate Wednesday!! Do I sound like a game show host?!  Not that I want to  but what the Heck!  Wednesday is the happiest day of the week around here. Why?  Because the delightful Jenn over at Peas & Crayons brings us all together each week for all of this fun!  Don’t forget to stroll over there and see all of the wonderful food and be sure to leave some comments!

Peas and Crayons

Yes, we’re still acting all fit!  For once, I don’t have to feel left out…as my title suggests…I’ve been walking and walking… I’ve walked 2 miles almost everyday over the past 2 weeks.  That’s not much for some people, but I’m just getting back into this.  In spite of the heat, I get out there early and give it my best!  I’m feeling really good about it and the days that I’ve had to miss for various reasons, there’s definitely something missing in my day.  I’m sticking with it!! 🙂

How about some food?  Ok by me!

Overnight oats with Spiru-tein tropical fruit flavor mixed in and a nectarine on top…So Good!

This salad looks a lot like my usual ones.  But I was finishing up some celery and it was SO crunchy that it took me over an hour to eat it!  I love a meal like that…the longer it takes me to eat it, the less likely I am to need a snack!

Over the weekend, Ralph and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast.  Had my usual fav…iced coffee and the veggie and egg flatbread sandwich.  So good!

However, I have to confess….

I also had an apple fritter…I shouldn’t have but it was SO good!!  And yes…I counted the Points! 😉

Another salad in the lovely Big Purple Bowl!  This one had Morningstar Farms Veggie burger cooked up and added in.  Yummy!!

That’s about it for food photos this week…it’s not that I’m not eating…just not taking many photos.  Trust me, I’ll be overloading you with food photos when we’re on our trip which is less than 2 weeks away!!! I’m so excited!  I’m so behind!! We’ll see how well I stay on track then!!

That’s WIAW for me this week.  Hope you’ve all had a good week.  Be sure to scurry over to Peas & Crayons to take a look around and remember to leave a comment!  It’s such fun…you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Me?  Well, I’m going out walking !! Walking, Walking, Walking…

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

Never Let A Late Start Get The Better Of You!

I confessed Monday morning that I “slept in” until 5:30.  I have to be honest when it comes to my walking routine, I wish I had been awake at 3:30.  I didn’t get out of the house to walk until about 5 minutes to 8.  By then, there were all kinds of people and cars and dogs to bark at me which really made my walk less than enjoyable.  Eventually I got into my rhythm, but it took some trying.  The other drawback was that it was Much hotter out than I had expected.  Hopefully I’ll find a happy medium on wake ups.  🙂

I did realize one good thing during my walk today.  In thinking,  I realized that as I’m out there walking, I’m getting my Vitamin D!  I’m not really much of an outdoor person, but this is a big bonus as far as I’m concerned.  Love my morning walks!

Regardless of the fact of my late start, I got out to pick up a few things at Aldi and also a stop at Family Dollar…one of my favorite spots.  I needed a new sink stopper.  Got it for $1!!! Ok, by Me!

I also got some things done around the house that I’ll be happy about when I get back from our big trip.  I got the curtains down and washed in both the kitchen and bathroom.  I got the windows cleaned also and everything looks sparkly!  This may not sound like much but when most of your house looks like a storage unit, small things give you pleasure and hope!

After my walk I had a wonderful experience.  I had finished off a jar of Sunbutter and was saving the jar for overnight oats.  Finally remembered on Sunday night to make some.

The jar might look a bit misshapen.  That’s because I like my overnight oats warmed in the microwave.  I have to say that this was extremely tasty.  I splurged the other day and made a stop at Target to pick up a replacement jar (actually 2!)  I had a partial gift card to use.  I wish this wasn’t so expensive because I’m hooked.  Not eat it with a spoon hooked like I am with regular peanut butter or Biscoff, but spread it on caramel corn rice cakes hooked. I just Love it!!

I also felt good about getting a lot of laundry done.  I have got to get myself started sorting and packing for our trip.  I’m still trying to unearth our suitcases!! Help!  I need a Personal Assistant!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Sleeping Late

After about a week of waking up at 3:30 am and not being able to get back to sleep, I slept until 5:30 today! I almost feel like I overslept!  It was strange to wake up with daylight out there! Now I feel like I’m behind! I guess there’s something to be said for posting the evening before and scheduling.  Better late than never, here I am!

Sunday was a not much happening day for us.  I was up and out for my walk.  It felt really good to get back to it after missing two days. I have to get out of here now and hit the pavement this morning!  I’m so glad I started this and I’ll be keeping it up.

We had talked about going to Barnes & Noble so when Ele got home from church, off we went!  I love going there, even if I’m so reluctant to pay real money for my books anymore.  Saw one that I really wanted, sequel to The Shadow of the Wind, but even with gift cards in my pocket…I couldn’t do it.  I think that will be the one that breaks me though.  I loved Shadow of the Wind so much, I really want to read it.

When we were finished our browsing we went into the Cafe.  The last two times I’ve been there, I’ve had their iced green tea which I’ve enjoyed. But I saw something new on the menu…Cool Lime Refresher.  It’s made from green coffee bean extract.

I love anything with lime in it (with the exception of lime flavored beer…blech!)  This was definitely lime, but with a really unique flavor.  I can’t even think of how to describe it.  I would certainly have it again, but I’m afraid it’s only here for the summer.  So strangely tasty.  Is that a compliment?  I mean it as one! 😉

Thanks for all of your comments yesterday on my book rant.  I love talking about books, so please, anyone who ever wants to leave a comment with a recommendation or a question about books please do.  I also always recommend Goodreads.  I love it and if you’d like to be friends with me, just let me know what your Goodreads name is and I’ll send you a friend request.   I can’t think of anything better than keeping the book discussion going!

I’m already late for my date with the pavement…I’ve got to get my size 9 1/2’s moving out the door~

Happy Monday!!

Should We or Shouldn’t We?

I got all caught up in telling about the wonderful 50th anniversary lunch yesterday that I completely skipped Tuesday and quite a monumental lunch.

I’m usually the one when Ralph suggests going out for lunch, I say “Ok, what’s today?  Let me think…well maybe…”  On Tuesday for some reason…It was a different story!

Ralph suggested going to 25 Burgers and I immediately said yes!  We had been there once before and thought it was very good.   It is good but what they serve you is Huge and could really be a problem if we went there too often.

I like it because they offer a veggie burger AND you can have it turned into any one of their 25 burgers!

Oh, Lordy!  I got a 6 alarm burger.  That included fresh salsa, jalapeno and hot peppers, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and chipotle may.  It was dreadfully messy but enormously tasty!  Ralph insisted that I get sweet potato fries and I didn’t put up much of a fight.  I was just feeling like something decadent and believe me I got it!  There was a tasty dipping sauce with the fries which I forgot to ask about.  It was incredibly tasty and believe me, I won’t be doing this too often!  It was so good!!

Tell me…Do you think Ralph is happy about his burger?!  I think he was!

I’m actually excited about something.  After doing my post yesterday about the anniversary party, I needed to post the pictures on Facebook.  I actually taught myself how to do an album on Facebook!  I’ve been trying to learn how to do that for all the time I’ve been on there!  I know that might not sound like much of an accomplishment for some of you…but I was pretty proud of myself! 🙂

I’m also reading a rather interesting book

The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn: A Novel

Found it at Goodwill, of course!  Very interesting story.  I’m about a third of the way through it.  Hope it stays interesting!

I’m still working hard and doing well with my walking!  I was up and out by 6:30 this morning!  It was actually cool and very comfortable for walking. I’m so glad I started this!

Happy Friday!!

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WIAW~I’ve Got The Fitness Thing Working!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  Here at BCDC, we just love WIAW! It’s that great, fun, food and fitness party presented every week to you our loyal readers by Jenn at Peas & Crayons!  It couldn’t be more fun if we tried, so be sure to run over to P & C when you’re finished here to check out the fabulous food and fitness fun happening over there each week.  Leave some comments, too…We Bloggers LIVE for comments! 😉

Peas and Crayons

So first off…What’s my fitness week been like?  Very fit, thank you!  July 1, I started walking and I’ve kept up with it very well.  Doing my daily 2 miles has been a big step in the right direction for me, and relatively easy!  I wasn’t getting enough exercise and as I get older, according to my doctor, I need to do more “weight-bearing exercise.”  Walking is considered a weight-bearing exercise.  It’s easy, it doesn’t cost anything, and I Like It!  I missed 2 days since I started, one because it was too darned hot out!  But that day I walked at the mall…maybe not 2 miles, but I walked.  I hope to keep this up throughout the summer and into the Fall.

I’ll have to adjust a bit when we go on vacation because as I’ve mentioned before, the area where our house is in New Mexico does not have sidewalks and I don’t feel comfortable walking on the streets…too hilly with bad sight lines for oncoming cars.  I’ll figure out something to do.  We’ll have to see what! 😉

So food photography has been lacking this week.  I’ll show a few things I’ve enjoyed this week!

Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast…always one of my favorites!

Yummy vegetarian hot and sour soup!

Eggplant with garlic sauce…Tofu added!

Leftovers made into a quick, easy and delicious lunch salad!

After a trip to Aldi and the produce market…a breakfast/lunch of a banana, a fig (oh joy, oh rapture!) and Greek black cherry yogurt.  This is a new flavor from Aldi and it was so delicious.  Even though I’m trying to clear out the fridge prior to our trip…I stocked up a bit.  Glad I did! 

So that’s about it for me for What I Ate Wednesday…Hope you’ve all enjoyed it.  Please be sure to visit Peas & Crayons…look around and get some wonderful ideas…oh yes…and leave some Comments!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  Get out there and get FIT!!


Monday had a very early start for Ralph and Me. I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone in advance, but Ralph had a stress test scheduled for 7:30am.  He did not want anyone knowing about the test.  Ralph’s not an early morning person, but this was something he had to do, so he cooperated.  The worst part for him was that he was not allowed to have caffeine for 12 hours prior to the test so he couldn’t have coffee.  If he couldn’t have coffee, I couldn’t bring myself to make some for myself.  I couldn’t do that to him.  I wouldn’t be happy if the roles were reversed.  😦

We got there 15 minutes early as requested, got all of the paperwork completed and soon he was back with the techs.  I was stuck in the waiting room with Good Morning America blasting in the background, and then Kelly Ripa.  THAT really made me happy… A waiting room whose entire stock of magazines were Sports Illustrated or other sports related magazines…all seemingly directed at men.  Not a People or Us to be had.  Finally a lady sitting next to me found a Better Homes and Gardens and kindly shared it with me when she was finished.  This is beginning to sound like Magazinus Interruptus Redux! 😉

However, I as always was armed with my book which took my mind off of things while Ralph was in the back.  He goes in, He comes out…He goes in, He comes out…Several times.  That’s the way the test works.  During one period when he was in the waiting room with me, we realized that we know a patient that has just come in.  John is actually a friend of a friend who we really like but don’t see very often.  He’s here for a test too.  He goes in, He comes out…

By that time, Ralph is finally out for the last time and John is finished as well.  The test went well for Ralph, but we’ll get the results in a few days.  We both decided if there was anything out of order, they would have told us right away.  We have our fingers crossed.

We decide we All need coffee so we head for a diner up the street for breakfast.  I was really in need of food and coffee.  But, in my effort to be good, I went as simple as possible.

Scrambled eggs, with sliced tomatoes and rye toast, no butter.  This is the time of year to do the sliced tomato exchange.  These were so good.  They were much redder than they look, but we were sitting at the window and I wasn’t even sure how the picture came out.  Another plus, this is one fo the few restaurants around here that has orange marmalade in their jelly bin.  I was smiling and happy.  Oh, yeah…lots of coffee too.  You can’t really beat diner coffee…

Came home and got lots of let’s say…”administrative” things done.  Vital for keeping the boat afloat.  There…it’s done and not hanging over my head.  Why is it that doing certain things can actually make me feel sick to my stomach until they’re taken care of?  Is that vague enough for you?  Trust me, it would make sense if I could explain it all. 

But with no walk on Monday…I’ll be out soon doing my 2 miles.  I should have done my exercise bike instead on Monday, but I was busy with other things. So we’re off to the races for another great day…

Happy Tuesday!!

Christmas in July

We were joking on Saturday that we were having Christmas in July. Why you ask?  We decided to go to dinner at the Chinese restaurant where we always go on Christmas, Sakana Oriental.  It wasn’t for any reason other than that Jim was visiting from Washington and we all like this place.

I have a very selfish and particular reason why I like it.

Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup!!  This is so tasty.  Most Chinese restaurants offer hot and sour, but most of them use meat in their recipe.  At Sakana Oriental they do not!  I love it!

I have to confess, as if you, my dear readers don’t already know this, I am a creature of habit.

I usually order their eggplant in garlic sauce and I request to have tofu added. It is just delicious.  Unfortunately I forgot to ask for brown rice and I got the white.  It still all tasted delicious!  I ended up bringing home some leftovers.

We had a relaxing enjoyable meal in the wonderful cool dining room.  They weren’t very busy at the time and it was like we had the whole place to ourselves.

We declined dessert at the restaurant because we were looking forward to Ice Cream!!

Black raspberry…Again!  It’s so sweet and tangy at the same time.  I was good and only had a small!

Got my 2 mile walk in on Sunday morning again.  Thank goodness it’s somewhat cooler than it was on Saturday.  It felt good.  I’m really getting the hang of this walking thing.

At lunch time though, I was starting to fantasize about my leftovers from Saturday night’s dinner.  Thought I try something with them

I chopped up some Romaine lettuce, microwaved my leftovers and Ta-Da!

I can’t tell you how good this tasted!  Served up in my wonderful FREE bowl I got at the rummage sale last month!  It’s bigger than it appears in the photo.  About the size of a large soup bowl.  It was just perfect for this lunch.

Then it was on to some serious work to on my reading. I’m reading Specials by Scott Westerfeld, third in a series. 


I can’t wait to find out what happens!

Hope it continues to cool off as the weather people are saying!!  Can’t wait for that!

Happy Monday!!


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Saturday Reprieve

I realize that I get a little manic some times.  I obsess about things, but I don’t really mean to. 

I was complaining yesterday regarding the fact that we made a dinner date with some friends for Friday night, which always strikes fear in my heart because I weigh in for Weight Watchers on Saturday morning.

We went to a restaurant known for its fish dishes which made it a little tricky for the old vegetarian.  Luckily, there was a decent salad option available.  But it’s a little frustrating how many times people (the waitress) can say to you, “You’re a vegetarian, you eat fish right?”  No, I’m a Vegetarian, I don’t eat Fish!

Luckily there was an appetizer I could eat.

Steamed edamame.  The dish was quite huge and I ate quite a few before my meal, but I made sure they didn’t take the leftovers when they cleared the appetizer plates.

I asked for an entrée sized house salad and this was very good.  It had hearts of palm which I hadn’t had in a very long time as well as a very tasty balsamic vinaigrette.  I shelled the remaining edamame and added them to the salad.  I have to admit that I ate 3 slices of bread which was some of the best bread I’ve had in a long time.  Overall, Yummy!

So the question still remains, How did I do at Weight Watchers? I was quite pleased when I stepped on the scale.  I lost a pound and a half!  I was pretty excited.  I like to think that my walking all week and my good food choices gave me this result rather than my craziness leading up to Friday night’s dinner.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do my walk Saturday morning.  It’s not good to exercise right before a weigh in.  I had the time, but I didn’t want to take the chance.  I had initially planned to do it later in the day, but the heat was dreadful, so I skipped it.  I did go to the local mall with sister Ele and our friend Jim.  We walked the entire mall top and bottom floors.  I feel that was a pretty good walk.

I’ll be up Sunday morning and out the door at my usual time in order to keep myself on track.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and trying to survive the heat.  I know that for me, I’m melting and I can’t wait for this heat wave to be over.

Happy Sunday!! Stay cool!

Don’t Make Me Eat Out on Friday Night!

I have been working really hard all week long.   Friday morning for the sixth day in a row, I got up and walked my 2 miles!  I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m feeling good.  Each day is a little different, some easier, some a little stiffer to start but then loosening up.  I’m even beginning to feel a little muscle tone in my calves! (Ralph asked “how about your sheep?”) Where did he come from? 😉

I am happy about this increased activity and I will keep it up as part of my July goals.  I’ve been working really hard with my food choices as well and doing my best not to snack after dinner.  Those snacks that have sneaked in have been decent choices like popcorn.  Looking at my Weight Watcher’s journal I should have a good result on Saturday morning at WW.

Well, then we get a call from our friends who we haven’t seen in a while asking if we want to go out to dinner Friday night.  Friday night!!  I don’t go out to dinner on Friday night!  Doesn’t everyone know that?!?! 

Initially frustrated, I decided to be flexible and say, Sure!! Friday night will be wonderful! 😦  I still don’t know where we’ll be going.  One problem is alleviated because the male half of the couple is also vegetarian, so I’ll be able to find something.  I’ve decided however that I’m not going to let it bother me.  I’ll make the best choices I can, stay away from the bread basket and hopefully find a salad that I can work with.

A few years ago when I first met my friend Kristen, we were discussing the fact that her friends always wanted her to go out on Friday nights and it was difficult when we had a Saturday weigh-in.  I remember saying at the time that you can’t spend the rest of your life NOT going out to dinner on Friday night.  I think I need to listen to my own advise and just let the Universe take care of things.  We’ll see how it works!

Happy Saturday!!

Vistiting Celebrities

Thursday started off with my 2 mile walk.  Today was the day that my body finally got the idea that I had been walking for 5 days!  Boy, was it a slow and stiff start but about half way through (when I reached the hill) I started to feel looser and pick up speed.  I’m really enjoying this and I’ll be keeping it up!

It’s always fun when my nephew Michael comes to stay with Grummy Ele.  He is such a cutie and we have a good time with him. Jim is still visiting from DC.  After Michael was dropped off by his Dad on Thursday morning, we all made a mad rush for our favorite breakfast stop…Why Dunkin’ Donuts, of course!

I had my usual favorite breakfast at DD…

The veggie flatbread and iced coffee!!  It is just so tasty!  I was bemoaning the fact that there are not Dunkin’ Donuts across the country and on our trip I’ll have to settle for less satisfying coffee.  I’ve decided that I’m going to go to the local DD before we leave, get an iced coffee and Freeze it…then keep it in the cooler and when it defrosts, I’ll have my DD coffee!  I have no idea if this will work, but I thought it was worth a try! 😉

Michael struggling with his very large breakfast thing-y!

A very nice shot (if I do say so myself!) of Michael and Grummy.  Ele is gripping Michael’s arm because he was insisting on doing bunny ears for the photo…didn’t happen!

A  great shot of all of us, kindly taken by a lady sitting at the next table.  I Like It!

An afternoon trip to Barnes & Noble found me grilling the girl at the Nook desk again.  I’ll probably Eventually break down and buy one, but today was not the day.  I even had my gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, but I wouldn’t make a decision yet. 

Iced green tea and a freebie about Philadelphia writers groups.  Took the barista 2 tries to get my tea right.  It was very tasty once it was not excessively sweetened!  Proud of myself because I didn’t buy a thing! I looked all over, but couldn’t find any books for 49 cents!! 😉

After Barnes & Noble I got dropped off and spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing.  My favorite pastime!

Happy Friday!!