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With so much to do, some days really are a blur.  I know I was there, I’m still here, so something happened…details?  I haven’t got any for you!  😉  Just kidding of course!

Thursday was one of those day, but I have a few details to share.

I had an appointment for a hair cut at 12:30p but before that I walked down to see Alice.  She had a discount card that I needed to borrow.  While talking I mentioned my dilemma from yesterday…4 bags and counting for this trip and my frustration with it.  She had a marvelous solution.

During the time Alice and Gail spent in Florida this summer, Alice’s 12-year-old niece came to visit.  During her visit, Alice introduced her to the joys of the Great Thrift Store Tour!  She fell in love and with $29.00 bought her entire school wardrobe!  She’s hooked now.

So anyway, Alice continued to shop for her while still in Florida.  So much so that she needed an extra suitcase to bring home all of her treasures.  While I was there, we went to Last Chance and Alice got a huge rolling suitcase for only $5.00.  Alice didn’t need it other than for that purpose…so she gave it to me!!

May I introduce to you my New Best Friend…

She’s big and red and she now holds ALL of what had been in those 4 bags except for some books which are now in a tiny tote bag!! I was SO excited!

Alice doesn’t want her back so I think I’ll call her Big Red!  She’s mine now.  Gotta love a thrift store!

I did get my hair cut.  It looks good, but I didn’t bother to photograph it. You’ll see it soon enough!

Stocked up on some mandatory road trip snacks…

Twizzlers are our Favorite road trip snack…and I don’t think I even have to tell you how I feel about Tootsie Pops!!

I realized late in the day that I really hadn’t eaten anything.  I quickly put together a salad that looks suspiciously like all of the other salads I’ve had this week so…visualize, Kids!!

We pick up our rental car today and I get to find out if Big Red will actually fit in the trunk!  I have faith in her.  Lots more errands to run also and probably 20 other things I can’t think of at the moment.  I’m getting excited, but I’m trying to not forget anything.  Friday may turn into another Blursday!  Help Me, Big Red!!

1 Day to Go…Yikes!!  I have Weight Watchers tomorrow morning…No Clue how that will go!!

Happy Friday!!

I’m Melting…..

Up early today, so I thought I’d post early rather than waiting until after my Weight Watchers meeting.  Only problem  with that is, no report on my weigh-in until tomorrow. 😦

I’m almost glad about that because I realized an error in my ways.  I was enjoying my “grilled” veggies so much this week, I forgot one thing.  I was adding a little sea salt as I grilled them.  I rarely add salt to food and this week probably wasn’t the time to start.  Salt tends to make you hold fluids.  With all of this heat and humidity, my little body is probably doing a fine job of that all on its own!  😦

I remember having that discussion with my WW members when I was still leading my meetings.  We tend to hold fluids when there is a lot of humidity in the air.  We don’t really have any control over it. 

Ele told me I shouldn’t worry.  Since I don’t eat  many processed foods, I’m not getting salt that way, so the addition shouldn’t hurt my weight loss efforts.  Plus the fact with all of the sweating that comes along with all of this heat, I need to replace the salt I’m losing.  We’ll see in a few hours!

I did get myself out to exercise on Friday morning.  The walk from the car was so hot that by the time I got on the treadmill, I was already worn out.  I did 25 minutes but it was like hitting a wall of heat when I walked into the parking lot…Slam…right in the face!  Terrible.

I made a quick trip to the produce stand to replenish my romaine supply along with some eggplant and yellow squash for “grilling” (without salt! Hello Mrs. Dash!)

I had a lovely breakfast when I came home.

Fat free vanilla yogurt topped with the beautiful figs I bought on Tuesday.  I also added some Fiber One but I thought the picture would be prettier without it! 😉  First time I’ve used figs that way, but it was delicious!

It was too hot to go out anywhere, so I busied myself with laundry and reading.  Good combo!

Later in the afternoon came a text from Ele asking if I wanted to go for coffee.  I dreaded the thought of going into the heat, but I had actually been thinking about coffee.

Off we went to Dunkin’ Donuts.  I had a rendezvous with my new love interest…

Captain America…who else… 😉 I suppose we really should go to see this movie since I’ve had so many of these iced coffees lately! We sat and chatted for a good long while because it was cool and amazingly quiet in there.  I resisted the temptation to take a photo of the muffin Ele ate which was Bigger Than My Head!  I had my 2 Point iced coffee and was happy! 🙂

Ralph decided we should go to the diner for dinner rather than cook.  I just ordered the house salad because that was all I really felt like eating.  It was just ok, but got me through the evening.  I did have popcorn for a snack followed by a Tootsie Pop.

That reminds me, after all the fanfare of the Caramel Tootsie Pops, I forgot to mention that I ate one!  I am going to use them sparingly until I find a supply line.  The verdict…Well worth the wait!  It was delicious!  I called Gail in Florida to tell her.  I told her I would share them and mail some down to her.  She told me I should fly them down in person since she and Alice will still be there until the end of August.  I’m thinking about a quick trip down, but it will depend on a lot of things.

That’s my Saturday up until this point which is officially 5:40am!  Wish me luck at WW…I’m hoping I’ll hit my goal.  If not, I’ll just keep trying which is all I can really ask of myself.

Happy Saturday!! Try to stay cool!!

The Tootsie Pop Elf Revealed…And Other Shiny Objects

My slightly creepy, slightly freaky feeling regarding the joyous gift of Caramel Tootsie Pops was all alleviated by a phone call I received yesterday morning.  Turns out the Elf was my friend Bettysue from Florida.

Remember her from the day of the flood?  She’s so sweet!  Well, actually, I think she got tired of hearing me whine about not being able to find them.  She took action and went to Ebay to find them!  The name on the package was the person who was shipping them out.  Bettysue called me after reading yesterday’s post to confess.  Now you can understand why I’ve kept her around all these years! 

I had put a bag of black-eyed peas in to soak Monday night so I all I had to do Tuesday morning was put them in the magic crock pot!  I’d never used black-eyed peas before, but that’s all I had in the way of dried beans so I went for it.

Cooked to bean perfection!  I took a cup out and marinated them.  Forgot a photo but the mix was 2 Tbsp each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, 1 Tbsp of cranberry honey, ground black pepper and dried parsley.  Now…I forgot…again…that the parsley container does NOT have a shaker top.  This resulted, of course in WAY too much parsley going in.  I was able to get some of it out that hadn’t gotten wet so all was well.  I love to marinate beans that way.  Then the beans become the dressing for your salad! 😉

I was excited because at the produce stand today, I found these lovelies…

Figgies!!  Fresh or dried, they are the Best!  A little pricey, but worth it.

Is a nectarine too juicy if you have to eat it over the sink??  Just askin’…

Overnight oats with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.  Love some berries.  I don’t think there’s ever been a summer when I’ve had more enjoyment from fresh fruits and vegetables.  That’s probably because I’m consciously thinking about it.  I think that comes under the heading of mindfulness…hmmmm…I need to start meditating again…


A zucchini and my long skinny eggplant, cut up and sautéed up with just olive oil cooking spray and sea salt.  Snagged a piece before it went into the salad and it passed the Yum Test!!

Chopped up a Jersey plum tomato fresh from the produce stand yesterday as well as a green bell pepper.  Yes, you can tell when it’s a Jersey tomato…no doubt about it!

The finished product in my Big Purple Bowl!  I had never tried the idea of grilling the veggies and then putting them in the salad but I like it.  🙂  I think the other zucchini and eggplant will have the same honor.  Tossed all together with my black-eyed peas…Ralph kept asking me which one was Fergie…**sigh** I’ve gotta keep him, his sisters won’t take him back!! 

Chiropractor appointment today.  Hope we can get my insurance issue straightened out!!  My back has been feeling so good, I want to keep going.  I’m sure we will.

Not sure what else will be happening today.  I heard something about Harry Potter…hmmm…The Human Randomizer…signing off…

Happy Wednesday!


Here’s A Little Story ‘Bout Ralph and Fran

Ralph always tells me that I have a scary memory…I remember things that no one would ever remember…not as good as Marilu Henner, but close! 😉

Well one of the things I remember is the day that he and I decided that we “liked” each other.  Sounds hokey, like we were going steady.  But it actually took some doing to get us together.  The photo above is a little calendar that was my Grandmother’s.  It hangs on our kitchen wall, with the date…July 18.  It was 1991…

We had met earlier in the year, through a mutual friend.  Ralph says he liked me as soon as he saw me and that I ignored him.  Since I’m in control of the keyboard, I’m telling this my way.  That’ll show him for not figuring out computers!

I was dating someone else as was Ralph.  Ralph being a police detective working 4-12 shifts, would end up at a particular diner for his dinner.  This happened to be the diner where I would frequently have dinner with the guy I was dating.  When Ralph would come in, he’d see us and sit with us.  The other guy would get annoyed and basically ignore us (he would ignore just me when Ralph wasn’t there!)  We bit by bit got to know each other.

He then decided we should have a surprise birthday party for our friend who had introduced us.  He asked me to help.  He asked me to dinner at a different diner with the intention of going over details for the party and to give me a check for the food because I was in charge of the shopping.

We spent the evening talking and laughing and as we were leaving to go to our cars, we realized we had not spoken at all about the party.  So…we had to get together again! 😉  I’m still not sure if that was on purpose or by accident.  Either way, we had to get together several more times and eventually, on July 18, we by mutual agreement decided this was it.  During the time we’d known each other, Ralph had broken up with the girl he was seeing.  I had to break up with the guy I was seeing.  That is a whole other story!! But we did it.

This is the only photo I can find at the moment from that time.  It’s from the Fall of that year and we were at the park, yes That park!  It was for the battle re-enactment they do every October.  Ralph looks a little like Fonzie, I look a little like…Me!

We have been very happy through these years.  We’ve had our ups and downs like everyone else.  One of the first things that Ralph said to me after we were a couple was…”I want to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary together.”  We’ll both have to live to be REALLY old to do that but I’m willing to give it a try if he is. 😉

I got a really interesting anniversary gift in the mail.  It wasn’t from Ralph…and it wasn’t delivered to my house but none the less…here it is…

Yes, Boys and Girls…CARAMEL  Tootsie Pops!!!  That which I have been whining about for how long?!?  I’m a little confused…not quite sure who sent them.  There is a name and address on the package and I will be sending the person a thank you.  Is it a BCDC reader?  If so how did they know where to send it?  If you are the kind person and you’re reading this, please send me a comment so I know the story.  In any event, Thank You and I LOVE YOU!!

So back to the story of Ralph and Fran.  Here we are 20 years later…

A little rougher around the edges.  I’m getting better at taking self-photos.  I do always seem to have that slightly anxious look on my face, though.  Ah, well, with time all things will work themselves out.  Ralph’s and my story worked itself out.  We certainly make each other crazy sometimes, but we truly love each other.  I always used to thank Ralph’s Mother on his birthday.  I told her that I was the one who got the gift.  Not sure she believed me, but I meant it then, and I mean it now.  Thanks, Ralph, for 20 wonderful years!

Happy Tuesday!

Tootie Fruitie

No that’s not a new flavor of Tootsie Pops!!  Although it could be fabulous!!  Ok, Tootsie Corp.  I guess this is a throw down..  I need a Tootie Fruitie Tootsie Pop!!  Still on my mission to find the Caramel ones that Lynn from The Actor’s Diet always talks about.  Can’t seem to find them. 😦

But Thursday was a very fruited day.  Some good, some not so good.

I had gotten a casaba melon at the produce stand.  I’d never tried one and was curious what it would look like inside and what the flavor would be.  I also had a pineapple that I’d purchased at Aldi’s.

Casaba and Pineapple…A Still Life…

Casaba…A Closeup…

I think it’s smiling at me!!

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it’s a pretty pale green and has a lovely mild flavor.  Hard to equate it with anything.  Sort of a milder honeydew.  I like it!

Do you notice there are no other photos of the pineapple??  I noticed that too.  That’s because the pineapple was Disgusting inside.  For the second time…from Aldi’s!!  I was really upset.  I thought that the last time it was my fault, waiting too long to cut it up after buying it.  I bought this one on Tuesday…it should have lasted until Thursday!!  I was actually so upset, I thought about packing it up in a container and heading to the store to talk to the manager.  I still had my receipt so I could prove I’d just bought it.  I didn’t but next time I go there I am going to speak to the manager and tell him what happened.

The other fruit there is wonderful. I’ve been buying blueberries there for the pleasure of freezing them.  Well the freezing isn’t the pleasure.  Pulling them out of the freezer in December and not having to pay $4 a container for them IS the pleasure.  And they seem to last forever.  I know I hadn’t frozen any last summer, but when I was trying to use up what was in the freezer I found a bag.  They had to be from 2 summers ago.  I put them in my oatmeal and they were Perfect.  So I wanted that pleasure again.

It couldn’t be simpler.  I wash the berries and allow them to dry on a paper towel.  I then put them on my trusty tray (it’s actually for roasting things in my toaster oven, but it’s the perfect size for this!) and slip them into the freezer.  The lovely bag at the top of the photo is filled with already frozen blueberries!  I keep looking but Aldi’s is the cheapest around and they’ve always been good.  Trick with that is, you can see inside before you buy them… 😦

The strawberries are also delicious!  They’re red and plump and sweet and they last all week in the fridge!  Again, you can check them out before you buy them.  They are also the most reasonable around. 

I’ve been using both berries with my overnight oats.  I keep one container of blueberries away from the freezing monster to use for this.

I really enjoy them so much and I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t make any last night. 😦  I’ll have to make do with yogurt and Fiber one.  I love that too.  I am a creature of habit.

I’m looking forward to another new experience tonight.  I’m going to a “meditation evening” at Serenity Harbor in Woodbury tonight.  Ele and I have tried to go before but they fill up so fast we haven’t been able to go.  She won’t be with me tonight 😦  but I’m going to take lots of notes to share with her.  Hopefully, I’ll be allowed to take some photos before it starts to give you all a feel for it too.

Not sure what else will catch my eye today (oohh…shiny…) but I’m sure something will.  Maybe I’ll go search on-line for the Caramel Tootsie Pops…I could consider it research…I can if I want…

Happy Friday!

Tai Chi…Cha Cha Cha

That probably sounds rather flippant and I don’t mean it to be, just joking… 😉

Tai Chi is a serious thing with hundreds of years of tradition behind it.  Now that I’ve experienced it for the first time, I plan to do a little research on it.

I was so excited to have the chance to try it out yesterday.  I got to the class not really sure what to expect.  The fact is that the other people in the class have been doing it for months so I was pretty lost.  The instructor was very sweet with a very calming personality.  She told me and the other new member of the class to just watch, try the movements if we felt comfortable and in time we would learn. 

As it turns out the current members of the class are all at different levels of learning so some knew more of the movements than others.  I felt that I did pretty well for my first class.  I followed the movements and it really is an energizing experience.  The tricky part comes (until you get to know the movements) when you have to turn your back on the instructor in the course of the movements.  I’m sure that will all work out when I become more familiar with the moves.  I enjoyed it.  I have to wait 2 weeks for another class because the instructor is on vacation next week. 😦   I look forward to going back in 2 weeks.

The afternoon took me to my chiropractor’s office for an adjustment.  She had been on vacation last week which was why I didn’t go then.  She told me my adjustment had held very well and it looked like I was doing really well.  I know I felt better after just one adjustment.  I now feel even better.  I need to feel better if I’m going to keep up with yoga! 🙂

Ralph and I took the scenic route to and from my appointment.  I love driving through the New Jersey farm land this time of year.  Everything is so green with all of the fields planted and ready to give us their wonderful fruits and vegetables.  In this area, New Jersey really is the Garden State.

Ralph and I both decided we were interested in some coffee and we found ourselves back at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Again…

Meet my new best friend…Captain America!!  It was a nice afternoon treat.  I do need to remember to ask for “not too much” cream the next time.  Can’t believe how big their medium is.

I don’t know why but I really felt like a more substantial dinner last night.  Ralph was thrilled to finish off the chicken salad I had made for him.  I do a pretty good job at that…for a vegetarian… 😉

Dinner really couldn’t have been simpler.  I cooked up some brown rice in veggie broth…

Sautéed an onion in some olive oil…

Added a cup of my own black beans and a can of Aldi’s diced tomatoes

Topped it with shredded cheese and it was delicious!  It’s so strange.  I don’t know why I wanted something like that on such a hot day, I just did.  It truly did the trick.  It was delicious and I was so full, I didn’t snack at all except for a Tangerine Tootsie Pop.  Love it!

Not sure what’s on the agenda today.  I have some fruit out in the kitchen that I need to wrestle.  I do so much better when I have the fruit prepared for quick snacks.  Hooray for free fruit on Weight Watchers!

There’s also overnight oats in my future…YUM!! 🙂

Happy Thursday!!  Yipes!  I need to put out the trash!!

Psychedelic Sneakers and Great Tootsie Love!

I had hardly slept at all on Sunday night…no particular reason why, so I was up early working on BCDC.  When Gail woke up, we had our breakfast and waited to hear from Alice that she was up.  When she came over we decided we were all up for the pool.

We got there a little later than we like and there were more people than we like so it was a little tricky trying to do laps.  I was proud of myself…I did six laps for my first time in the pool in a long time.  We didn’t stay long because it turned out that Monday in Pool Cleaning Day! 

After quick showers all around, we were off for the day.

First stop Taco Bell again for a quick lunch.  I did have the hard taco this time to bring my Points down a little.  I’m beginning to realize that keeping my Points down is going to take concentration and perseverance on this trip.  Keeping up my exercise will help, but…

Dinner was at The Island Outpost again.  This time I had the Greek Salad.  Forgot to take a photo when it first came, but the photo  I remembered half way through will give you an indication of how big it was…

Think it qualifies for Bigger Than My Head?!?  It was very tasty!  There is a strange quirk with Greek Salad in Florida…they put potato salad in it!  I had noticed that at another restaurant a few years ago…big old scoop of potato salad in the middle of my Greek Salad!!  I asked our waitress and she said she wasn’t sure but it was a Florida thing.  One good thing because of it.  The dressing came on the side and I didn’t even need to use it because there was enough from the potato salad.  I was certainly satisfied afterwards…I’m still trying to figure out the Points!!

Our afternoon adventure had also included a trip to Beall’s Outlet. It was a fun place with lots of good prices.  I had the most fun in the shoe department.  Lots of crazy sneakers!

Great Fun…but the best…?!?!?

Yes, Folks…they are PURPLE PAISLEY CORDUROY sneakers!!!  Just what every girl needs in her wardrobe!  I love them, they’re so odd I just had to have them!

Another stop on our trip took us to a Dollar Tree where we have been experiencing Great Tootsie Love lately.  We found something new and exciting.  Tropical Tootsie Pops!!


They look like bunches of broccoli all lined up there! The flavors are watermelon, purple passion punch, tangerine!! Pineapple!!! and LEMON-LIME!!  The flavor they told me was only available at Costco!! 

We each bought 4 but since we think they may only be a Florida thing…we’re going back for more!

This is a photo of a happy woman…

I call it Girl With Lemon-Lime Tootsie Pop!

Gail and Alice have promised to give me all of the lemon-lime ones from their packages.  I’m so excited. 🙂

I’m off to find more “Florida Things” and more of these…

Happy Tuesday!!

Toot Toot Tootsie

These have been somewhat difficult days lately.  Spending long hours with my best friend Gail trying to help care for her 91-year-old Mom who is doing poorly.  We enjoy spending time together with our other best friend, Alice.  Many moments are difficult, but the time we spend together and with her Mom are precious.

Gail has always been a big baseball fan, the Philadelphia Phillies in particular and me…not so much.  Well, she’s turning me into a baseball fan, too!  We watch the games together and I’ve even started to watch them when I’m home.  I never thought it would happen.  I actually CARE that Chase Utley is back!

Since we’re all on Weight Watchers, we try to keep each other on track.  Long hours of sitting and waiting can lead to serious snacking issues.  We have 2 standbys that get us through the days.  One is Orville Redenbacher’s 94% fat-free popcorn.

Orville Redenbacher's® Gourmet® Popping Corn

The whole bag is only 3 Points on Weight Watchers and it really is a satisfying snack.  I have over the years mastered the art of slow popcorn eating (too bad I can’t master that with other foods!)  I can make that popcorn last through most of an episode of Law & Order!

Our other saving grace is strangely enough Tootsie Pops!! 

 We love them and go in search of them whenever our stash gets low.  We recently discovered that we can get them at Dollar Tree for…A Dollar!!  We had been buying them at Family Dollar but they were over $2.00.  We recently stocked up on them because we rely on them so much.

Do you think we’re covered for a while?!?!?  Gail had an old pretzel container and we decided that would be the best place for them. 🙂

We usually get the pack which they now consider their standard.  It has a lot of the original flavors, chocolate, cherry, grape and orange (no lime 😦  ) But it currently also has raspberry, green apple (not lime) and pomegranate.  It’s very funny watching us in the store.  There’s only a tiny window in the bag where you can see in.  We stand there poking at the bags to move the Pops around so we can take the bags that have the most of our favorites.

One of the good things about Tootsie is that they keep coming up with new flavor varieties, but the bad news is you can only get them for a short time.  We recently found this new one at Dollar Tree.

Wild Berry Flavors!!!  They are SO good!  Included are Wild Apple Berry, Wild Cherry Berry, Wild Mango Berry (my second favorite) and Wild Black Berry (my VERY favorite!!)  We all loved them!

We found them at one particular Dollar Tree.  I figured all of the stores carried the same thing at all of the stores…not so.  I went to the one that’s closer to us and there were none.  I even asked the manager…he said the stores don’t all get the same things…:-(

So when I had the chance to get back to the store were we originally found them…I bought 8 bags!!  I really keep itching to go back there and get some more, just to be safe.  But I think I’ll control myself right now. 😉

I did have a good dinner last night.  Ralph and I both had salads using up the last of the Artisan lettuce from last week and the last of the Big Salad from Sunday.

Dressed again with my balsamic vinaigrette with honey.  Very good.  

I love the convenience of having a big bowl of salad ready in the fridge.  I may do that today before I head to Gail’s house so that dinner will be easy again tonight.

Off to a busy day.  The Glee season finale is tonight!

Happy Tuesday!