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Party Like You’re 2-7!!

Saturday was a pretty terrific day.  Not in all ways but in quite a few.  And it was Beautiful out!

Started out with Weight Watchers and the answer is…I lost 2 & 1/2  pounds.  I felt really good about it.  Mainly because I knew I had worked for it.  It feels good when that happens.  I will continue to work at it and not end up in any more slumps…Well at least I have a positive attitude! 😉

I was joined at WW by…a special Birthday Girl…

Oh, No! The Sneakers are back!  Well it is that time of year.  Yes, the other foot belongs to my friend Kristen, my personal hero because she helped me start BCDC… AND is the aforementioned Birthday Girl!  Actually her birthday was at the beginning of the month but we both subscribe to the notion of the “Birthday Month.”  Everyone needs to celebrate all month.  That’s all there is to it.  Kristen had invited Ralph, Me and sister Ele to her party.  Unfortunately, Ralph wasn’t feeling well so it was just the girls off to the party.  But first…

As always the Big Salad must accompany me!

I found this Rainbow Salad at the produce market.  Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and red cabbage.  I thought it would add a nice crunch to the salad and it did.

The finished product, and the leftovers live in my fridge now…a good start for the week!

A wonderful bruschetta and pizza dip…both excellent…Too excellent. 😉

Pretzel sticks… 😦  I ate 3 but that was it.  Happily, someone covered them and then I was all better.

The sneakers hanging out with the barefoot people.  Those bare feet don’t know what they’re missing!

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da…My Bruschetta!  (sung to the tune of My Sharona…oh forget it!)

THE Plate! Black bean burger with cheese, amazing deviled egg, even more amazing pasta salad by Kristen and my Mega Salad.  There was only one plate…but there was something else to come…

In all her uniqueness…Kristen requested a Monkey Bread cake for her birthday which was so incredible that I forgot to take a picture!

The Birthday Girl in all her adorableness!!  I’m so happy to have met Kristen.  Actually, she was new to our Weight Watchers class and our leader Mary Lou introduced us because she knew we were both vegetarian.  Another thing to thank Mary Lou for!!  Kristen’s the only one I took a photo of.  Well she IS the Birthday Girl!

It was a great fun day and we were glad to be included.

It’s a beautiful day, but I may spend it with my nose in a book.  Kristen gave me Pretties by Scott Westerfeld and it’s me and the Pretties for the afternoon I think!!  More on books tomorrow!!

Happy Sunday!!


Holiday Shoe Foolery

A while back, I had added a tag called Sneaking Around.  I had bought a crazy pair of plaid sneakers and the sneakers went on adventures…no seriously, they did.  Haven’t had an adventure with the sneakers for a while, but my sister Ele dragged me to the Mall on Monday (Bleck!!  The Mall…I am not a Mall person) and it got me thinking about sneakers…

First, we had a fun excursion to a tea store there where Ele had a gift card.  I Love their tea, but their employees are Overwhelming.  It’s a tiny store and there’s nowhere to get away from them.  You just have to keep saying “No, Thank you…No, Thank you…”  The woman who helped Ele should have said “No, Thank you” to her eye makeup.  Someone who loves her needs to tell her that’s Not attractive!  We did get to taste some of the teas and they were delicious.  Not in my budget right now, though.

So back to Sneakers!

In my efforts to be thrifty, I was being very stoic and not even considering buying sneakers (Actually, earlier in the day I had been Thinking about it at K-mart, but if I passed on them at K-mart, I was definitely passing on them here!)

Luckily for me, most of the ones I really liked did Not come in my size (Huge!)

These were cool, they could have been contenders And they were in my size, AND they were on sale. But I was being strong.

I liked these a Lot, but no…no…being strong.

Some Non-sneaker fun…I Love Leopard print!!  The bow is a nice touch, too!  😉

These Would have been the Winners…high top purple plaid sneakers…heavy sigh…  But fortunately (for my no shoe purchase policy anyway) They were not in my size and they were not on sale.  As Ele was making her purchase, the nice salesman offered to check in the back for my size, but I just said…”No, Thank you…”  😦

Happy Tuesday!


Sneaking Around Silver

Silver City is a town with a long history and you can see it everywhere you go in town.  We’re told that many of the locals just refer to it as Silver.  So, I guess it’s Silver to us now too!

Catching some sun on the deck before heading to town.

Why do carpets always try to compete with my sneakers?!  They can’t win!!

Riding into town…

Browsing for souvenirs at Wal-mart.  Who would think they’d have such a good selection.  Can’t tell you what though, it’s a secret!!

We made a stop at O’Keefe’s Book Shop on Broadway. It’s a great little shop with quite a good collection of books considering it’s size.  I picked up two books.

A birding book…Yes, Ele is finally getting me into birding…I think, and a book by a local author. 

Strolled around the Silver City Trading Company Antique Mall.

I believe that’s Billy The Kid!!

Some beautiful old buildings along Broadway.  The Palace Hotel and two others, one under renovation the other one used for shops and offices.

Stopped by the Silver Spirit Gallery for a few minutes.  We’ve met the owners and they may be interested in showing Ralph’s art work once we get out here.

Lunch from Diane’s Bakery and Deli again,

The Veggie is very tasty, this time with horseradish cheddar and dill Havarti…yummy…

Then relaxing with coffee at Java The Hut, Again!!

When we were leaving Java, a young man dropped off a copy of The Silver City Daily Press.  What was on the front page?!?

A photo that was taken Saturday at the writing workshop I attended with Mary Sojourner.  I was quite excited.  Marcia from Java The Hut gave us the copy, but of course Ralph ran right back to Wal-mart to pick up more copies.  He’s quite impressed.  I think it’s cool.  Can you see my sneakers in the photo??  Sadly, I wasn’t wearing them that day.

Later we stopped by to see our friends, whose granddaughter turned 2 on Wednesday.  We took her a baby doll which she loved.

Of course, Uncle Ralph had to decorate her birthday card…

She loved her dolly and everyone else loved the card.  It was a fun visit.

It was a long fun day.  We stopped at Taco Bell for a quick supper snack but no photos.  I’m so excited that Taco Bell is so close.  We should probably try some of the restaurants that have more authentic Mexican style food, but we haven’t gotten to them yet.  We will!

My sneakers and I were pretty tired by the end of the day…

I almost went to bed with them on!  Not really…just relaxing for a few minutes before it was pajama time.

Thursday is shaping up to be another busy day.  I don’t even want to think about how little time we have left here.  We just need to make the most of every minute.  We’ll see what the day holds.

Happy Thursday!! 🙂

Sneaking Around The Rockies

Up early on Thursday to get a start on the first full day of the Americal Division Veterans Association.  We were very much looking forward to seeing all of our friends. 

I decided that I was going to wear my new sneakers…you might remember them…$4.00!!

Pretty comfortable for the first time wearing them and quite festive against the carpeting in our room.

We headed down to breakfast and found some of our friends getting ready to order.

This is our friend Rich whose research found Ralph and got him involved in the organization.

Breakfast was pretty amazing.  It’s called a Pueblo Breakfast Bowl.

Eggs, tomatoes, onions, green chiles, cheese and hash browns.  It was huge and filling.  Very tasty though.

After breakfast, Ralph and I headed outside to get a look at the mountains!


Mountains with Tourists!

My sneakers are actually in this photo, you just can’t see them.

The crazy lobby carpet trying to upstage my sneakers.  Not happening!!

Mid-afternoon, we found ourselves a little tired so we came back to the room for a rest.

One of the best parts of being involved with this organization is the lady friends I’ve made.

Lynne from St. Louis, Me and Darlene from Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

Dinner was in the hotel’s restaurant, Thibodeaux’s.  First a tasty salad.

Lettuce, tomatoes, sliced almonds and dried cranberries with balsamic vinaigrette.

My main course was a delicious dish of linguine, tomatoes, spinach, Portobello mushrooms and shallots in a wine and olive oil sauce.

It was so good!  I would order it again and I may do that since we’ll be eating there again while we’re here.

It’s pretty late now, it’s been a long day, my sneakers and I are ready to get a good night’s rest.  Looking forward to another full day!

Happy Friday!!