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Week In Review~May 13

I had such fun last week joining in with Meghan’s Week In Review!  Lots of great comments and I appreciate them all.  It’s always fun at Clean Eats, Fast Feets, whether it’s the Monday Madness of Week In Review or not.  I like giving myself credit for what I accomplish.  In general, I don’t think we do that enough…we always think we haven’t done anything and certainly never enough.  I think Week In Review is good for proving us wrong.

Week In Review Button Final


–Up early with butterflies in my stomach, I made a phone call for necessary information.  Got the info I needed and immediately felt better.  Sorry to be cryptic, it’s just something that’s been hanging there for a while and it was my job to take the first step.  First step taken, there are more to come but I’m so happy the process is started.

–In the afternoon, the Traveling Circus went to the Chiropractor! Gail, Alice, Margo and I all go to the same chiropractor so we make our appointments together and turn it in to a road trip.  It used to include a stop for ice cream, but we’re being good so, no ice cream…

–After that, I regained custody of my car that had been at the mechanic’s for several days.  Expensive, but it was work that needed to be done.


–Road trip to the township where Ralph’s house lives to pay insurance and taxes.  Lots of green and looking for wisteria hiding among the trees.  Everywhere we turned there were trees engulfed in the wisteria.  Beautiful, although I know it damages the trees.  Also the first sight of the cocoons that Grandmom always said meant a really hot summer.  Guess we’ll see.  A yummy lunch but I’m saving that for WIAW!!


–Laundry and LOTS of work in the basement.  Sorting things to go to the yard sale and finding more treasures.  Finding the treasures is the best part of doing all of this sorting out!


–Changed the sheets on the bed.  Ok, that doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment, but it is.  At least I didn’t tell you about cleaning the bathroom last week…oh, wait…I just did.

–A bit of a wild goose chase…annoying and unfortunate, but we’ll keep working at this project.

–Lunch at the diner and more laundry when we got home.  Not much else accomplished.  Funny how when one thing doesn’t work out it sort of puts a damper on your day.  On to better things.


–Some things have to come to an end…


–Sad to say that my pair of knock around the house/ride my exercise bike shoes finally bit the dust.  The liner came out of one and I really felt like I was walking on Nothing…I had worn the soles out so badly.  They went into the trash.  Sorry to see them go.


–My visit to Weight Watchers brought me continued happiness.  I stayed the same at 13.4 pounds UNDER my goal.  I’m pretty happy about it. It was what I thought of as kind of an off week.  I don’t really want to lose any more, I’m just really excited that I’m staying right there.

–Breakfast out with the Girls after WW and then lunch with Ralph…same restaurant/same booth/same waiter!!  Very strange.  But I found a new favorite item to order.  Saving that for WIAW, too!

–Goofed off for most of the rest of the day.  That’s ok sometimes, right?!   😉


–I’m sitting here at the computer finishing up my Week In Review! I’m liking this.  Coffee at my right hand and the sun is coming out after 2 dreary rainy days.  I think this could be a day to enjoy some outside things.

–I’m going to a spiritual Gathering this afternoon with Ele, then Ralph and I will be taking her out to dinner for Mother’s Day.  I’m really looking forward to both!

I’m enjoying participating in WIR.  I have to admit though that the only way I can do it is to write it as it happens.  Start a post and save it as a draft throughout the week so that I can add to it.  I’d never remember ANYTHING otherwise!!

So that’s this weeks installment of Week In Review.  Can you handle all of the excitement?  I’m not sure I can!  😉

Happy Monday! Happy Week In Review!  Thanks, Meghan!