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Speed Feeding~Dessert To Dessert

Or at least, it’s speed prepping, I think!  Well, whichever it is, there are two desserts involved so how can that be bad?! 😉

I had made up a wonderful warm batch of apples in my Crock-ette.  The smell of them cooking is just amazing!  First dessert was this one.

There are apples on the bottom although you can barely see them, topped with fresh strawberries and fat-free vanilla yogurt from Aldi.  This entire bowl counts for 1 Point on Weight Watchers.  The Point comes from the yogurt.  It would have to be a 1/3 of a cup to be a real Point, but since you can’t do a fraction of a Point (not fair in my opinion) I give it a full Point.  This yogurt is so inexpensive and so delicious.  Perfect for topping things!

Lunch was something that was also pre prepped.

Some of my home-made hummus from last week on rice cakes.  Joined by some celery.  This was very filling and pretty too!  Topped with some Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning.  I really love that!

This next meal may be the quickest dinner I’ve ever made.  I really wish I had timed it.  I’ll probably make it again, so I’ll time it then…if I remember! 😉

I had found the tomatoes, okra and corn and Aldi before, but they haven’t had it since.  I went o Dollar General the other day and there it was!  The lady at the register said that they carry it all the time and it’s very popular, which means they should continue to stock it!  I was excited.  I mixed that in a saucepan with the last of my home-made garbanzo beans and a few spices. 

This was my first time trying the microwave rice in a bag from Aldi.  My friend Gail and my sister Ele use it all the time.  I’ve tasted it before but never tried to make it.

Topped with shredded cheese,his was very tasty and eventually was also topped with sriracha sauce, but I had another issue with shaking that with the lid open and after I cleaned myself up, I forgot to take another photo!  I really enjoyed this and if it took more that five minutes, I’m over estimating!! I love that kind of meal! 🙂

Now to close the dessert circle.

Lime Jello, crock pot apples and fat-free vanilla yogurt.  This again is basically a 1 Point dessert.  It really did the trick for me last night, too.  I didn’t go for any other snacks after I had this.  I’ve had issues with that lately so I’m glad I had all of the pieces ready so that I could put this together.

All of these things were put together quickly and easily because I had things available and ready.  It takes a little time to get some of the things ready in advance but it makes such a huge difference when you want something in a hurry.  That’s when it’s worth the effort.  Speed Feeding 101.  There you have it! 

Happy Thursday!!

Success At Last

Hallelujah, Friday!!  I was able to get into our storage unit and get some serious moving done!!  Turns out the power went out at the whole storage place which is why no one was there.  As I explained to the manager, I was ready to strangle him on Friday when I arrived there.  I suggested that a good customer service move would have been to put a sign on the door explaining the situation.  He agreed.  Whether it would ever happen if that situation arises again…I don’t know.

I got two Very full car loads moved from the storage unit to my sister Ele’s house.  There is probably about 2 moderate car loads left.  Our plan had been to go there today with both our cars and finish the job.  However, the rain has started and I think I’ll have to finish up on Monday if the weather improves.  I was pretty tired yesterday after moving all of those boxes so I was not looking forward to moving more today.  Another couple of recovery days will be good.

Today’s good news…I had a very fruitful Weight Watchers meeting today…I lost 1 and a half pounds!  I was very excited.  With this long road trip looming in my future, I want to be at the top of my game to start.  Once we get to New Mexico, I can cook regular meals and that should keep me in check.  I’m looking forward to going to a WW meeting in NM.  I haven’t gone to one there.  Last year when we were there, I forgot my membership book so I couldn’t go.  I won’t make that mistake this time!

After all of my hard work Friday morning, I thought I deserved a special breakfast.

I had found this interesting bit of memorabilia in my kitchen cabinet.

It’s a glass measuring cup from my Grandmom.  It’s neat because it doesn’t have a handle and you could use it as a glass or in this case…for a parfait!

The assembled parts… 1/2 cup of Fiber One, 2/3 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt, strawberries and blueberries.

The beautiful finished product.  This was incredibly filling and it only counted for 4 Points on WW!!  Was I excited?  You Bet!!  I’ll be making this again!  The measuring cup made the perfect container for it, too!  I think there’s another one of them around the house somewhere, that way I could make one for Ralph as well!

Dinner will look rather familiar with a different twist.

Lettuce, thy name is Romaine…

I took the last of the pre-made quinoa, added 1 cup of black beans, ground black pepper, garlic powder and Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning.  Mixed them together and microwaved for 1 minute.

I had some light ranch dressing which I thinned down with some water and added more of the Mrs. Dash.

The finished product…So Yummy!

One last fun photo for you.  My best friends Gail and Alice are home from Florida.  One of the things they brought back was a “lemon” from Gail’s brother’s tree.  It doesn’t look like a lemon, perhaps more like a grapefruit.

I put it on the stove so that the heating elements would give it some perspective.  The thing is HUGE!!  Alice uses it for her tea and I think she told me it lasts her at least week.  Very cool!

The rain seems to have let up.  I don’t know if we’ll lose power, but I’m about to charge my phone, my camera and I’m already charging the little computer that works on a cell phone number.  Hopefully there will be no interruption in BCDC due to the lovely Irene.  I hope she decides that she dislikes New Jersey and leaves us alone!  Everyone try to stay safe!

Happy (probably Wet) Saturday!!

Challenges Can’t Get Me Down

I’ve been doing this Weight Watchers thing for a long time.  A long time ago, I remember my leader, MaryLou giving us a wonderful way to look at challenges.  She said “View every challenge as an opportunity to succeed.”  I think that should have been my motivation for last weekend.

I was worried heading to WW this morning because of all the challenges last weekend…bridal shower, Rock A Hula party, engagement party.  Well they were a challenge to be sure.  I did my best, lived through it and today at WW I had a three-quarter of a pound weight loss!! 🙂  Am I happy?  You Bet I Am!! 

I did my best to journal all of my food over the weekend.  I journaled all of my foods during the week.  I think I’ve proven to myself that I can face these challenges. I feel that this was a successful week.

Friday I was a little sluggish.  I felt that way on Thursday, too.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t accomplish much.  I’ve got to get myself motivated to do what I need to do to prepare for our upcoming trip.  Lots to do and lots to look forward to.  More on that over the next couple of weeks.

Friday was a good food day.  I hadn’t made overnight oats so I went with what I had.

I started with a cup of Fiber One, added a cup of Aldi’s Light & Fit fat-free vanilla yogurt.  It’s so tasty and so inexpensive!  Added yummy blueberries and strawberries.

So good and so filling.

Ralph was out for dinner so I got to just take care of Me.

Started with my typical salad of romaine, Jersey tomato and red bell pepper.  Boring, but I like it!

Added 1 cup of my home-made pinto beans…I’m loving them!!

Took a cup of the quinoa I had made earlier in the week…such a good idea to make extra…just like with the beans.  I added garlic powder, ground black pepper and dried basil.  Microwaved for about 45 seconds to warm it up.  Then added to the salad.  Topped with balsamic vinaigrette.

By the looks of this salad, even my Big Purple Bowl can’t contain it!!  I’m not going to get a bigger bowl…just kidding!  The great thing about this is, most of what’s in the bowl doesn’t count on WW (the veggies) and I’m getting lots of protein (beans and quinoa) which I need.  It’s a great way to fill myself up and stay on track.  And it’s good for me!!

Saturday has started out positive and I hope it will stay that way.  I’ve got to get myself up and doing things.  I’m proud of this week.  Just remember…View Every Challenge As An Opportunity To Succeed.

Happy Saturday!!

I’m Melting…..

Up early today, so I thought I’d post early rather than waiting until after my Weight Watchers meeting.  Only problem  with that is, no report on my weigh-in until tomorrow. 😦

I’m almost glad about that because I realized an error in my ways.  I was enjoying my “grilled” veggies so much this week, I forgot one thing.  I was adding a little sea salt as I grilled them.  I rarely add salt to food and this week probably wasn’t the time to start.  Salt tends to make you hold fluids.  With all of this heat and humidity, my little body is probably doing a fine job of that all on its own!  😦

I remember having that discussion with my WW members when I was still leading my meetings.  We tend to hold fluids when there is a lot of humidity in the air.  We don’t really have any control over it. 

Ele told me I shouldn’t worry.  Since I don’t eat  many processed foods, I’m not getting salt that way, so the addition shouldn’t hurt my weight loss efforts.  Plus the fact with all of the sweating that comes along with all of this heat, I need to replace the salt I’m losing.  We’ll see in a few hours!

I did get myself out to exercise on Friday morning.  The walk from the car was so hot that by the time I got on the treadmill, I was already worn out.  I did 25 minutes but it was like hitting a wall of heat when I walked into the parking lot…Slam…right in the face!  Terrible.

I made a quick trip to the produce stand to replenish my romaine supply along with some eggplant and yellow squash for “grilling” (without salt! Hello Mrs. Dash!)

I had a lovely breakfast when I came home.

Fat free vanilla yogurt topped with the beautiful figs I bought on Tuesday.  I also added some Fiber One but I thought the picture would be prettier without it! 😉  First time I’ve used figs that way, but it was delicious!

It was too hot to go out anywhere, so I busied myself with laundry and reading.  Good combo!

Later in the afternoon came a text from Ele asking if I wanted to go for coffee.  I dreaded the thought of going into the heat, but I had actually been thinking about coffee.

Off we went to Dunkin’ Donuts.  I had a rendezvous with my new love interest…

Captain America…who else… 😉 I suppose we really should go to see this movie since I’ve had so many of these iced coffees lately! We sat and chatted for a good long while because it was cool and amazingly quiet in there.  I resisted the temptation to take a photo of the muffin Ele ate which was Bigger Than My Head!  I had my 2 Point iced coffee and was happy! 🙂

Ralph decided we should go to the diner for dinner rather than cook.  I just ordered the house salad because that was all I really felt like eating.  It was just ok, but got me through the evening.  I did have popcorn for a snack followed by a Tootsie Pop.

That reminds me, after all the fanfare of the Caramel Tootsie Pops, I forgot to mention that I ate one!  I am going to use them sparingly until I find a supply line.  The verdict…Well worth the wait!  It was delicious!  I called Gail in Florida to tell her.  I told her I would share them and mail some down to her.  She told me I should fly them down in person since she and Alice will still be there until the end of August.  I’m thinking about a quick trip down, but it will depend on a lot of things.

That’s my Saturday up until this point which is officially 5:40am!  Wish me luck at WW…I’m hoping I’ll hit my goal.  If not, I’ll just keep trying which is all I can really ask of myself.

Happy Saturday!! Try to stay cool!!

Sunday On the Run

I did my best to be on track yesterday.  I started with my wonderful combo of Chobani and Fiber One.

I used the vanilla flavor and added cinnamon(!) of course!

It’s only a half cup of Fiber One, but the combo is so filling…and I get 16g of protein from the Chobani and 2 from the Fiber one,  all for only 5 points on Weight Watchers, so it’s a pretty good deal. 🙂

Ele and I snuck off to Barnes and Noble for a quick coffee. I got my non fat, sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte.  I’m not spending 6 points on a frappuchino!  2 points is good.   The cafe was packed!   We settled in front of the magazine racks and I ended up getting sucked into buying the new issue of VegNews.

I still can’t believe that this magazine has been around for years and I’ve only just discovered it.  I really enjoy it though, lots of thought-provoking articles and loads of information!

I spent the afternoon at Gail’s house helping with her Mom.  Even though it’s for a sad reason, I’m enjoying spending so much time with her.  Also glad I can be of help.

Dinner was quick and easy…I was starving!

Salad wit Romaine, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes and MorningStar Farms Grillers California Turk’y burgers. Only 2 points each and very yummy!

Topped with Ken’s Lite Balsamic and Basil Vinaigrette.  I found this recently and thought I’d give it a try.  It’s very tasty and low in points. (I think 1 point per serving…have to recheck.)  Very yummy and satisfying.

Got up early this morning and got my garbanzo beans into the crock pot!

I can smell them cooking as I type!  It will be great to have that supply for the week to keep me going.  It’s such a great idea and I’m so glad I discovered I could cook my beans that way.  I need to stock up on more beans this week since the garbanzos were my last bag.  I’ll see if I can find something different to try!

So now I’m off to Gail’s to help for a few hours.  I’ll have to come back at some point to turn off the beans and drain them (not a responsiblity that I would ask Ralph to tackle…I burn myself often enough doing it, don’t want it to happen to him!) 

It’s semi-sunny out at the moment.  Not sure what the weather will hold today.  Not sure what the day in general will hold.  Nevertheless…Happy Monday! 🙂

The Rest of the Day of Rest

Since I had all of that wonderful fruit cut up, I decided we could use a nice healthy breakfast on Sunday…

Ralph had just the fruit and I paired mine with Chobani plain.  Pretty darn satisfying for only 2 points!

We decided we felt like getting out of the house.  We had gotten an Olive Garden gift card for Christmas and I had found a discount coupon in the paper a few weeks back.  We were set! 🙂

It’s often a long wait at our local Olive Garden but we were fairly early so we had no problem being seated right away.  We started with their salad which to me is one of the best salads you get at any restaurant.

My “first” helping! 😉

Of course, while we waited for our entrée, Ralph drew a picture of our waitress, who was really good, by the way.

My entrée was Ravioli di Portabello…

Very good!  I’ve been trying to get myself to slow down when I eat, which I’ve has always been a problem for me.  I did very well with this…slowly, slowly…

We hashed around the idea desert.  My favorite is their lemon cream cake.

Lemon Cream Cake

It’s so good that I contemplated asking for it for my birthday cake, but it costs $35.oo for a full cake!  It’s probably more now.  But I decided considering what I had just eaten, I probably didn’t need that.  But I love lemon and noticed that they had “dolcini” translated as “little dessert treats” and there was a lemon version. 


It was so cute and so good!  What looked like a real miniature lemon on top turned out to be a candy. 

Ralph had the strawberry version and we both had coffee. 

I refuse to share how many points that all was.  I worked it into the program for the day,though…  😉

It was a wonderful afternoon out for both of us.  I was stuffed and didn’t really think about food later.  I did have a snack of some of the Coco cakes I got at the Amish Market on Saturday with Tribe Hummus.

Tribe is quickly becoming my favorite hummus mainly because it always seems to be on sale! 🙂  This time I tried the cracked chili pepper variety.  It was yummy with just the right amount of spicy kick.  I figured out the Coco cakes and 2 of them count for 1 point on WW!  Amazing!  The hummus it 2 points for 2 tablespoons, and that can go a long way. 

I haven’t mentioned my meditation practice lately.  It’s going well and today is day 30 for me!  I’m proud of myself for sticking to it.  One of my projects last night was to re-string my mala.  I had made it too loose when I originally did it and it became distracting during my practice because the beads always got away from me.  I used it this morning and it worked out perfectly. 

Now it’s Monday again.  I have many things to do.  Let’s see how many get crossed off the list by the end of the day.  Maybe I should actually make a list.  If I followed it, I might accomplish more.  Let’s give it a try!  Happy Monday!! 🙂

Still Working on That Structure Thing

Tuesday was not a day of accomplishment.  I’m frustrating myself, but it doesn’t help to sit around and whine, so I will try not to…no wait…I just WON’T do it!! 🙂  So there!

I feel that overall I had another good food day.  Breakfast was Chobani Lemon Greek Yogurt and Fiber One.  I love that combination.  I should switch up, just because I need to do that for success at Weight Watchers. 

Lunch was salad again with tofu.  Very tasty.  I added sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds which seemed to make it more filling.  I did get about 5 extra grams of protein from them and I enjoyed the crunchiness.

Dinner was a stir fry.  Trying to finish up some of the produce I have and the millet.  I’m still not sure about the millet.  Guess I’ll have to try it again in a different form.  Maybe an actual recipe would help!  😉  When I opened the container with the leftovers, it was hard as a rock! 😦   I had to pry it out of there.  I mashed it down to spread it out and as usual, I microwaved it for a bit before I put the stir fry over it, and it softened up some then. 

Baby eggplant (which didn’t hold up as well as previous batches), last of some sad mushrooms and sadder grape tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, leftover cannellini beans (that I originally thought were moldy, then realized it was the reflection from the blue lid…duh…)  and garlic.

It all turned into this!

It was very tasty.  I did have a little trouble with snacking last night.  I had clementines, which aren’t a problem.  Very late I had a snacking urge.  I ate some saltines, which are easy to count on WW so I’m not too annoyed with myself, but I wish I hadn’t waisted the points on them.

I am happy that for the second night in a row I exercised at night!  Not formal exercise, but during Glee I marched in place for about 20 minutes.  Basically, I do all the steps that Leslie Sansone uses in the Walk Away the Pounds videos, just in my own combinations.  They’re simple steps, but I do feel my heart rate going up when I’m doing it.  Doing it while watching Glee was even better, because the music made me work a little harder.  I feel good that I’ve done that.  I’m going to try to keep it up.

My meditation practice was good yesterday also and I was even able to fit in some last night.  I liked that.  It made me feel good and I am going keep working at making that part of my routine as well. 

I guess whether I know it or not, I am getting a routine here. I think I like it!

It’s rainy and dreary outside, but I’m not going to let that stop me.  Happy Wednesday!  🙂

Making Due With Less

Monday seemed like a frustrating, unproductive day filled with false starts and non-accomplishment.  How’s that for a cheery start to my post?!?! 😉

The details aren’t important…I just need to be sure it doesn’t happen again…after all, I am in control of what happens.  That’s a little more positive!

Breakfast was Chobani Peach Yogurt mixed with original Fiber One.  Since I have so many of the yogurts in the fridge and I also realized I have a lot of the Fiber One from the last time I found it on sale, that will be breakfast for the next few days! I’m not complaining because I love it, it’s filling had I usually get about 15 grams of protein from it. AND I figured out that the scones cost me 8 points each.  Won’t be eating them too often! That will break Ralph’s heart…he has to eat ALL the scones! 😉

Lunch was a quickie but very tasty and filling.  I used romaine, somewhat wilty grape tomatoes (that had gotten lost in the fridge!) green bell pepper and the House Foods America garlic and pepper tofu steak. 

It was very tasty, especially topped with the Newman’s Own  Light Lime vinaigrette.  It is my favorite!  When I wasn’t being as careful on WW, I would just pour it on, mindlessly.  I actually measured it yesterday.  It’s one point per tablespoon.  I used 4 but I decided after that I could have made do with only 3, so I’ll save a point next time and make it last longer since it is a little pricey (but worth every penny for the taste and the fact that it’s all for charity.)  Overall, extremely yummy!

For dinner, I tried millet for the first time.  It didn’t come with cooking instructions and I still need to look up the protein value.  I didn’t take any photos, but I used the rest of the black beans and salsa I had made last week to use on salad but then forgot about.  I added some red and green bell pepper to it and topped it with some of my WW sale shredded cheddar.  It was very tasty.  I tasted the millet by itself and it didn’t do much for me.  I saved the leftovers and when it cooled it looked rather odd, but I suppose it will be ok when I warm it up to use again.  It was all very filling and I had NO snacks last night. Excellent! 🙂

Meditation practice went well yesterday.  I still haven’t been able to get it in an evening practice yet, but it’s in my plan of action.

So I must be off.  I will not have another day like yesterday.  So much to do, how can I let a day slip away.  Simple answer…I won’t!  Happy Tuesday! 🙂

Oh Happy Day!

As you can tell from the title of this post, I’ve had a good morning so far.  After spending a week of trying very hard to follow my Weight Watchers program and staying on track with my points, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel this morning and no it wasn’t a train! 😉 

I lost 2 and 3/4 pounds today!!  I felt as if I had done well, but that was more than I expected and of course I was thrilled! 🙂

I think this week was actually a good learning experience for me.  That may sound a little odd considering I have been a WW member for 23 years, but I am serious about it.  I’ve been talking about the fact that one of the things I hope to achieve with my meditation practice is focus.  I was not feeling as if I was bringing things into focus.  Without realizing it, I think the first step in achieving it has been with Weight Watchers. 

Even after all of this experience with WW, I spend many days, just poking around at it; not taking seriously what I’m doing.  I feel that this week I turned a corner there.  I spent a lot of time, figuring what I was going to eat and taking the time to judge what would be the best choice for me. 

So many times, I eat the same things because I either like them or they’re easy or I know how to count them.  This week it seems to me I took more time to actually determine which would be the best choice.  I did get stuck a bit with my new favorite breakfast, oat bran.  I had it every morning this week.  But I realized I need to change it up. 

I think the fact that I’m now tracking the protein I get is making a difference.  Because of that I’m looking at food differently.  I remember learning when I first started WW that it was important that you have protein at breakfast, it satisfies you and sets your body up to burn calories efficiently all day. 

This was my breakfast this morning…

Chobani Fat Free Lemon yogurt and Fiber One Original Cereal.  I’ve often mixed the Fiber One with yogurt before, but I sort of got away from it.  I love Chobani plain but I only tried the flavored ones this week.  I had a peach one earlier in the week.  Peach is one of my favorites.  But Lemon is my real fave.  This was so tasty and I’m excited because I got it on sale and I have a lot of it in the fridge.  I got some of the plain also which is good to make up my own flavors.  I’ll have to get creative and share my new ideas.

This is also very high in protein.  The Fiber One has 2 grams of protein and the Chobani has 15!  So that’s 17 grams of fiber for breakfast!  You can’t argue with that.

Because of going to my WW meeting this morning, I didn’t get to do my meditation practice, but I will do it this evening.  In fact, last week when I did it in the evening, I really enjoyed it.  I wish I could work out my time to do my practice both morning and evening.  I just have to figure out a way.  I think I proved this week that I can figure out a challenge and end with a positive outcome.  I can do it! 🙂  So can you.  Have a great Saturday!

Another Birthday…Another Steakhouse

I started out the day trying very hard to be on track with my eating.  I made what is fast becoming one of my favorite breakfasts…

The mix:

Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt

A Fuji Apple

Cranberry Honey (that I bought at the Library!)

Pumpkin Pie Spice

It’s very tasty and extremely filling.  I can’t believe I’m still working on the apples from 2 weeks ago and they’re still good!  Going to the produce place just makes sense. 

I was happy that the individual Chobani Greek Yogurt containers were on sale earlier in the week.  They had flavors that I hadn’t seen before, lemon and peach, two of my favorite.  I can’t wait to try them, but first I have to finish the big tub of it that’s in the fridge.  I’m actually researching getting a yogurt machine  I had one years ago and it worked well.  I’m not sure what ever happened to it.  I’ve also found that you can get the starter to make Greek yogurt, so that makes me happy.  That will be an adventure!

At 2pm we were scheduled to meet our son, Bill and grandsons Alex and Patrick to celebrate Alex’s birthday.  We were meeting them at the Texas Roadhouse…as I said…Another Birthday, Another Steakhouse.  I don’t complain, I can usually find something.  Funny thing is, I was a little shy about taking food photos in front of them.  The universe worked in my favor.  I had just taken out my camera to take photos of US, when the waitress came with our food.   So here’s how it worked.

Ralph and Alex…such handsome guys…Alex doesn’t like to smile and Ralph looks a little bit possessed!

With the camera still in my hand and waiting for each of us to be served…


Patrick, Bill (both also very handsome!) and Me…Hey, I just realized there’s another shot of my salad! 😉

I ordered an entrée size house salad, romaine, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, hard-boiled eggs and croutons with Ranch dressing on the side.  It was very good.  I ordered a baked sweet potato also.  I must say that there are few foods uglier than a baked sweet potato (I’m just sayin’) but boy was it good! 

It was a very pleasant dinner and we all enjoyed ourselves.

We got home in time to watch the Super Bowl.  Ralph was rooting for the Steelers, I was for Green Bay.  Just thought of the strangeness of that, considering where their name comes from…but we’ll ignore that for the moment.  I have other reasons to root for them. 

Unfortunately on the way home, Ralph stopped a the corner store and came out with Doritos.  I have no contol…the only good thing I can say is that I don’t have to worry about them being in the house anymore.  Ugh!  I haven’t even mentioned my Valentine gift yet.  I really think I need a safe to which I DON’T know the combination!  Lock this stuff away and I’d be ok! 

My plan for the day…be in control and DO THE RIGHT THING!  Sadly, we saw how that worked out for me yesterday.  Ah, well, I have a positive outlook for today! 🙂