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Milestone Or Millstone?

That was Ralph’s comment on Monday regarding the 20th anniversary of us being together.  It was an honest question…Should we look at those 20 years as a milestone to be celebrated or a millstone around our necks?  That’s an old phrase but very clever, as he always is! 🙂  I told him it was a milestone…the jury is still out on his opinion. 😉

Today marks another milestone and for me I believe it is something to be celebrated.  You are at the moment reading my 200th post on Broken Cookies Don’t Count!!!  I am quite proud of that accomplishment.  I had no clue what I was doing when I started.  Many thanks to Kristen always for sharing her idea and helping me along the way.  She is the best!

I’m not sure what will come of all this.  I am happy I stuck with it this long and I hope to continue in spite of the fact that there is renewed consternation surrounding food photos.  😦   Ah, Well…  In an effort to keep up my enthusiasm for the project, I joined NaBloPoMo…National Blog Posting Month for the month of July.

Still haven’t figured out how to attach it to the face of the blog, but then I still can’t figure out how to attach MY face to the face of the blog!!  Frustrating but it surely is all a learning process.  I’m enjoying that.  I like the idea of advancing my knowledge of computer thingys.  Every step gets me there.

Thursday is the day we finally got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-PartII.  It was well worth the wait.

It was SO hot outside, I didn’t even want to stand too long to get a photo which is why this one is pretty bad.

I successfully convinced Ralph that I was not having any snacks and that he should not nag me to get anything.  He bought me a cold water, which was sweet of him, but I didn’t drink any until after because I didn’t want to miss anything by having to go to the Ladies’ Room!!  I could NOT believe how expensive it was for the snacks he did buy!

The movie was everything I was hoping it would be.  They edited the story where necessary and tied everything up nicely.  I thought for a moment they were going to leave out the epilogue (Long pause) but then “19 years later” appeared on the screen and I was completely satisfied. Some people actually walked out before it continued.  They must not have read the book!

I’m off to exercise now before it gets too hot!  I need to do a produce run too.  I’m enjoying my salads so much, especially with the grilled up veggies on them, I need to stock up for the weekend.  Hoping to get Ralph more into the idea of salads.  He’s doing well, but I need to figure out some more choices for him.

Lots of mundane around the house things to do today: laundry, change the sheets on the bed, do some more work in the basement…and think about what I might possibly have to say in post 201.  I like that idea.

Don’t melt out there!!  Happy Friday!!  Happy 200th post to Me!!

Could This Be The Day??

Is it possible to actually SEE how hot it is out??  I think it is.  I would take a photo, but I don’t think it would translate.  Anyway, there’s this horrible haze that I saw the minute I looked out of the kitchen window.  I realized the full effect of it when I went outside to put out the trash.  Comcast tells me it’s currently 77 degree (it’s 7:45AM!!) with 89% humidity.  The good news is the humidity will be down to 55% tomorrow but the temperature will be 102!!!  😦   I can’t even THINK about that!!  If you wonder why I am moving to New Mexico…I rest my case!  Even if it’s hot, there’s very little humidity.  I’m sick of this, no other way to say it!

Wednesday started out with exercise for me.  I had been away from it for several days and needed to get back to it.  It felt good.  Coming out into this heat when you’re already sweaty is awful…especially when the car’s A/C is not working. 😦

Breakfast was my wonderful overnight oats.  Boy, am I glad I finally figured out how to make it right.  Yesterday’s batch was actually made with an oat, barley, rye and wheat mixture I bought at Trader Joe’s back in the spring.  It tasted heartier than just the oats.  It’s a nice change and since I didn’t especially like it cooked, it will live out its useful life as overnight oats-plus!!

Can you tell that I’m loving my blackberries?!?  Actually, I should have done a sad face because that was already the last of my blackberries.  I’m proud of myself though because I used to be so bad about buying fruit and letting it go bad, so a pat on the back to me!! 🙂

My afternoon trip to the chiropractor went well, except for the fact of no A/C in the car!  😦  I took the scenic country route though, with all the windows open and Crash Test Dummies blasting…”God…shuffled his feet and looked around…”  I love them.  Their lyrics are so odd, but so clever!  Made me happy…and my back feels better! 

Dinner was salads all around.  Ralph is really starting to enjoy the salads I make for him and it is better for him than some of the other things he eats.  I’m not trying to turn him into a vegetarian, just a healthier omnivore!  😉

I just love the idea of “grilling” veggies to put them in my salad.  My grilling comes in the form of my skillet which I spray with OO cooking spray and sautee.  I do have one of those grill pans that goes across two burners on the stove, but I don’t want to add extra heat to a kitchen that’s hot before you start cooking!!

The round little eggplant turned into…

…this wonderful grilled eggplant.  I used the entire thing in my salad…I just love this!  I think it will stay firmly placed in my repertoire!!

Black-eyed peas are becoming a new fav!

Yum…Yum…Yum!!  I sometimes feel so gluttonous eating my salad out of my Big Purple Bowl, but the whole bowl was about 7 Points.  The points all coming from the cup of black-eyed peas and the balsamic vinaigrette.  I was very full!

Well…I think today is The Day…

I’ve checked the times and there’s a showing at 11:00am.  Now if I can get Ralph awake and ready in time  AND convince him not to make me eat snacks while watching the movie (I have lots of Tootsie Pops in my purse!! 😉  ) then we’ll be all set.

This should be fun…I’ve been looking forward to it.

Happy Thursday…or shoud I say…Happy Potterday!!

Movies On My Mind

Sunday was one of those days of a little of this, a little of that and it’s hard to remember what I did!  I hate those kinds of days.  I feel much better when I have a clear feel for what I’m doing and at the end of the day I can actually tell you what I’ve done.

Up early and puttering around the house, I did a few things.  Checked in with Gail because she had mentioned the possibility of going to the movies.  Gosh, we haven’t done that in forever! 😦

We set a time and I told Ralph so that he could get ready.   I went over to Gail’s to help her with a few things.  When I got back home, Ralph had changed his mind about going so I headed off with everyone.

What did we chose to see…Super 8!

Since I’d first heard about this movie, it sounded intriguing.  The verdict…I Loved It!  It had the feel of an old-fashioned science fiction movie.  The kids in it were excellent.  It was scary and funny and worth the time.  I won’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but if you haven’t, be sure to stay for the credits.  You’ll miss something terrific if you don’t.  I’m glad I went and sorry that Ralph didn’t see it, I know he would have enjoyed it.

After the movie, we were all hungry. After much too much discussion, we settled on the Golden Corral.  I’m not always a fan of buffets, but I like going there because they have an excellent salad bar section.  I can build the salad the way I like it and they have a wide variety of choices.

My first plate…

My second plate look much the same…both were delicious and I should have stopped there.  I had been thinking for several years about something I had at Golden Corral in Florida.  It’s basically a huge peanut butter cookie with melted chocolate spread on it and sprinkled with chopped nuts.  I didn’t take a photo, but Gail and I shared a piece.  Still trying to figure out how to count it.  But I must say I enjoyed it.  I keep saying I’m going to find a recipe for peanut butter cookies and make one of these myself.  I’ll have to work on it.  I’ll have to give it all away, otherwise I know I’d be in trouble! 😉

When I got home, Ralph and I spent most of the evening watching the Twilight Zone Marathon on SyFy.  No matter how many times we’ve seen them, we keep watching anyway.

We’ll probably watch more of it today.

That’s how we usually feel after watching one of the marathons!!

Somewhere in there we need to watch “1776“…

1776 Poster

…and “Independence Day.”

Independence Day Poster

It’s one of our traditions. 

Anyway, Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July.  Remember the reason for the Holiday, remember those who fought and died for our Freedom and those who still do so today.

Have a great day.