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WIAW~Eating Maine Part 2

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday again already and of course that means What I Ate Wednesday hostessed by the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  I love being a part of WIAW, especially when I have a lot to share as I do this week.  Be sure to check out the other food fanciers over at P & C when you’re finished here!

Let’s get started!

Peas and Crayons

Ok, let me see…where did I leave off in our Eating Maine extravaganza?!

Gail and I went for lunch at Sarah’s in Wiscasset.  We had toured around town just looking at all of the wonderful old houses and we needed some sustenance.  Gail had been to Sarah’s previously and we looked forward to a tasty lunch.


I honestly forget now what this was called.  It was a grilled veggie sandwich with goat cheese.  Very tasty and very filling.  I liked it because the veggies were not over cooked which sometimes happens with veggie sandwiches like this. I forgot to ask for no chips, so these went uneaten. Twenty nine months and counting with No Chips.  Why am I still counting?!

We went to Damariscotta several times during my stay.  Lunch one day was at a place called Crissy’s.  It was in a wonderful old house with a big front porch.  Lots of the original interior touches were still there such as the fireplace, although it was not functional.  It was very cleverly decorated and the food…outstanding!


We both ordered black bean tacos which were delicious.  We had the choice of either couscous salad (on the right) or black bean salad (on the left)  We each ordered one and then shared.  I put them both on my plate to show them off.  This was delicious and filling and we really couldn’t believe that it only cost $5.00!  Well worth it and worth a return visit, although there are so many good veggie choices on their menu, it would be hard not to try something new.


There was Ice Cream again from the Down East Ice Cream company.  Gail’s was peach and mine was what I think became my favorite- Java Chip.  I’m drooling as I type this!

On a trip to Bath, we stopped at the Front Street Public House.  I didn’t know where we were going and Gail wasn’t sure.  We walked into one restaurant and Gail realized we were in the wrong one.  I was so proud of her skill at getting out of an awkward situation.  When the hostess came up to us, she said, “I’m sorry we’re supposed to be meeting some people, and I believe we’ve come to the wrong restaurant.”  Great job, Gail!


Lunch was a tomato and feta panini.  Really very good.  We were frustrated because we were trying to do Facetime with Ralph while we had lunch and it didn’t work.  Technology is Such fun!

Time for more ice scream?!


I think this was coffee and rum raisin, but I don’t remember for sure!

One evening, we didn’t want a fancy sit down meal so we decided try Pier 1 Pizza on the harbor.  Gail had never been there but we figured we could find something we liked.  We searched the menu and found a sandwich called The Full Count.  It was black olive, green pepper, mushroom spinach broccoli, provolone cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.  It was supposed to have chicken on it, but we asked for it without.  The whole thing is toasted in the oven.



This was wonderful.  Everything was just lightly cooked and so still a bit crunchy.  So very good!

On my last day, we headed into Portland because I was flying out of there and we decided it would be fun to spend some time looking around the city, which has a lot to offer.

One thing it has is the Bam Bam Bakery.  We needed a pick me up in the middle of the day because we were having a late lunch.


Coffee and a piece-split between us- of cinnamon streussal cake.  So good and just the thing on a drizzly day.

We had searched on-line to find what we thought would be a good place to have lunch before I had to fly away.  We found Silly’s and were we glad that we did!!


I Love their motto. The cool thing about Silly’s is that it’s actually a restaurant and a bar separated by a boardwalk type area as well as 3 outdoor eating areas.  So much bigger than it looks!


Gail seriously contemplating our lunch choices.  Silly’s is another place where we had so many veggie friendly choices that it took us forever to decide and we can’t wait for the opportunity to go back again.

The choice for both of us…


Their standard veggie burger, but hardly standard at all.  It was delicious and possibly the best I’ve ever had.  I tried to negotiate with our lovely waitress to get the recipe, but she said that the servers actually have to sign a waiver that they will not give away any of the recipe secrets.  It is made with black beans, quinoa and sunflower seeds…it says that on the menu, but the combo is incredible!!  Well worth a trip back to Maine!

So that, sadly brings my trip to Maine to an end.  I am still stumped at all of the veggie friendly foods we found while we were there.  Gail is still on the lookout for more, although there are enough good choices among these restaurants that I could easily go back several times and not eat the same thing twice.

That’s it for me today. Be sure to check out the other food fun going on over at Peas & Crayons.  Be sure to leave some comments.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

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Who Does That?!

Who actually goes out for lunch for someone’s birthday and takes No photos of people, not even the Birthday Girl?!  Well…someone who has been forgetting to take photos of food for the last week and a half.  At least I remembered the food!!

Ralph and I met up with his sisters and cousins on Wednesday to celebrate his sister Kathy’s birthday!  If you’ve been readers for a while, you’ve seen all of their happy smiling faces before.  Not that they’re not lovely enough to be shown again…I Just Forgot! And of course we were at Adelphia Restaurant in Deptford.  That’s where we Always meet!

I decided to order very much out of character at this lunch.  Since I wasn’t getting my usual salad and Ralph’s Aunt Marie was getting one with her lunch that she didn’t want…I was elected to eat it.

A good-sized salad with balsamic vinaigrette which they gave to me on the side even though I forgot to ask. Excellent.  It was just enough to keep me from eating any of the bread that’s hiding in the basket at the top of the photo.  I’m proud of myself for that.

What I ordered was very different since I’m usually a salad eater at this restaurant.

It was called a specialty vegetarian panini.  It came on a very crispy and delicious roll.  Inside was a Huge piece of mozzarella, roasted red pepper, onion, tomato, lettuce and a balsamic dressing.  It was just delicious!  I will keep this on my list for future visits here and as we know…There Will be future visits!  I must confess I did eat some of the fries, but not all and didn’t eat the cole slaw.  It just didn’t look good.  Why eat it if it’s not going to taste good!

Of course there was cake!

Most of these photos have weird lighting because I was sitting with a huge window behind me.  Very pretty cake, brown and pink.

Somehow, I rated a piece with the Huge pink flower.  Almost too pretty to eat, but guess what…I ate it anyway!

I’m not sure what this lunch will do to my week in general with regards to my Weight Watchers results on Saturday, but, hey, I enjoyed it and that’s what counts.

From the time we left the house to go to the restaurant, Ralph and I had been commenting on what a beautiful day it was.  When we got home, I needed to catch a bit of the beauty of the day.

A tree that still has some color to it and a perfect blue sky.  Almost a New Mexico sky.  I could take lots more days like this.

Happy Thursday!

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The Weight Is Over

Saturday morning started with my alarm not going off at the time I expected.  It’s the only day of the week I set an alarm and the only day I ever seem to over sleep! I was very anxious to get to Weight Watchers to see how I did.  Of course, regardless of how early I get up, I still can’t get into the Center to weigh in until 7:30.  I like to be ready though! 😉

My excitement about getting there paid off.  I lost 2 and 1/4 pounds! I felt pretty certain I’d have a loss but that’s better than I expected.  All of my caution and mindfulness (obsessing…) over the past week paid off.  I tracked and tracked like a crazy person.  Interesting that WW is now encouraging an 8 week Countdown Challenge.  8 weeks until Thanksgiving.  We’ll have a new mission each week to help us stay on track.  The mission this week…Track Your Food! Ok, I think I have this one handled.

Seriously though, I think that tracking is perhaps the most useful tool that WW teaches us.  I know it makes a huge difference for me.  If you’re a WW member or not…if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight…Write it down!

I hemmed and hawed about this next bit.  I’ve known for several weeks that Saturday was the county library book sale.  I’ve been trying to NOT buy any more books.  It’s not the expense because I usually buy them at Goodwill or one of the other thrift stores and they’re either 49 or 99 cents.  I just HAVE so many.  I finally said, “What the heck!” and asked Ralph if he wanted to go.  He said yes…Ele and I had already discussed the possibility of going so off we went.

Ele was very restrained only buying 3.  In my defense, Ralph bought Many more than I did.  Here’s my pile with a Goodwill purchase thrown in…

Excited that I found another Alice Hoffman, she’s one of my favorites.  I thought the cactus book will come in handy when we get to New Mexico so as Ralph said, “We’ll know which ones have flowers we can cook!”  I was so surprised he said that.  I’ve never read P.D. James, but I’ve picked up several of hers lately.  Think she needs to move to the top of the pile.  Got another one by Jim Ferfus when we were in NM and this one looked interesting.  We’ll see how it goes.

After the book sale, we were all starved and decided to stop at the Harrison House Diner.  We don’t go here very often because there are so many other diners closer and a little less expensive but it was close and we had a good experience.

Trying to stay on track even though I just weighed in I chose what they call their Neptune Salad.

Pretty standard, but that’s what I was looking for.  Romaine, carrots, tomatoes, olives, peppers and feta cheese.  I asked for the balsamic vinaigrette and it was good.  They were also very generous with it, 2 little pitchers which was more than enough.  Must confess I ate 2 rolls as well which were warm and fresh.

I’m starting the new week feeling strong and with my plan in place.  I’ll be tracking everything carefully and sharing what I do.  It is a big help to me when I talk about it here.  I’ll make it interesting I promise. 😉

Off to see what excitement Sunday holds!

Happy Sunday!!

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End of the Season

I promised I was not going to allow myself to sound pitiful in reporting my experience with Weight Watchers and I’m not.  I’m not going to try to rationalize it either.

I gained 3 and 3/4 pounds.   Hrrumpf!  Ok, I consciously switched from light weight Capri pants to jeans.  I have to do it some time and Saturday was as good a day as any.  I knew that would show on the scale in some way (no loss, not as big a loss, small gain…) but Kids, these are not 3 3/4 pound jeans!! 

I know that I had used most of my weekly Points allowance already, but I was writing down everything and being Very aware of what I was eating.  I guess I have to leave it in the realm of  “I have NO idea what happened!!”  On to a better (although it’s going to be Crazy!) week.

After WW, I headed to Ele’s church to help with the rummage sale.  It was very slow unfortunately and with a crazy storm threatening (we had Mean skies!) we closed early.  Not before I acquired some real treasures.  I’ll do a photo shoot when I have a chance. I have no idea, however where I will store them!  I’ll figure that out at some point!

When we got back from the rummage sale, Ralph decided that we needed one more visit to Ice Cream kids…they’re closing for the season and we’re not happy.  (I can’t blame ICK for my gain, we did not go there during the week, in spite of the fact that Ralph kept nagging me to go!)

Ele eating her peanut butter cup.  I tasted it and did not need to know it was there.  I’ve never tried it…Yummy!

Happy Faces…mine was mint chocolate chip…an old favorite!

A Boy and his Banana Boat!!

Sad Faces because we won’t be coming here until next Spring.  If you haven’t tried it, you’ll have to wait until then, too.  We love it at Ice Cream Kids.  Store bought ice cream is just Not the same.  Maybe I’ll do better at Weight Watchers after it closes…Maybe not…I said I wasn’t going to blame anything or any one…  It happens!

Off to breakfast this morning with some of my favorite men!

Happy Sunday!!

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Take a Seat to Start The Day

Sunday morning our plan was to try something new!  Earlier this year, a new diner opened in Woodbury, it’s called the County Seat Diner.  It’s not a free-standing diner like we’re used to and because of parking limitations in Woodbury, we just never got around to going.  My sister Ele has been there on a number of occasions and highly recommended it.  We decided Sunday was the day to try it.

We were up and out early and were able to park in the public parking area that’s about three blocks away which was not a big imposition.  No traffic made crossing streets easy.

We could tell that it was a different type of atmosphere as soon as we walked in.  It was bright and everything looked new and welcoming.  The staff was welcoming as well.  The young lady who greeted us and seated us turned out to be our server as well.  Her name was Nicki and I swear she treated us as though she had a stake in the business.  She was so friendly and ready to offer anything we needed as well as any information we wanted regarding menu questions.

The County Seat’s menu is not as extensive as some other diner menus I’ve seen, but I’m sure it will be a work in progress as with most diners.  Still, lots of choices and Nicki kindly gave me a take out menu to take with me which is their full menu.

The County Seat occupies a location with a very long tradition as a restaurant in this area.  I’m not sure if it was the original business, but for years it housed the Homestead Restaurant.  That’s what it was when I was growing up and it was a sad day when the Homestead closed.  Other restaurants have occupied the space since the closing of the Homestead, but none have stayed for very long.  I have the feeling that the County Seat has a good chance of carrying on the Homestead’s long tradition.

I had been warned by Ele and Jim that the portions were enormous.  Truth in advertising…

Yikes!! This is the Mediterranean Omelette.  The County Seat gives you four eggs in an omelette rather than the three eggs we’re used to seeing.  This included spinach, tomato, mushrooms, onions and feta cheese.  I asked for the sliced tomatoes instead of hash browns, because I saw that they had biscuits and I wanted to try one.  I’m not sure if they were just being nice, but they gave me two! 

The omelette was delicious!  I only finished about half because it could be reheated and the biscuits would not be as good if they were reheated.  The biscuits were some of the best I’ve ever had.  We don’t often see biscuits offered around here so this was a treat for me.  Fresh and hot and so good with jelly.  Oh, yes…the Coffee was really good too!

Everyone was so friendly.  I tried to take a photo of Jim and Ralph and we got photo-bombed by another waiter named Chuck!

Ok…Take 2 with our waitress, Nicki!

The prices were quite reasonable especially when you consider the size of their servings.  There are a few vegetarian friendly menu items other than breakfast and they do offer a veggie burger.  I think I’ll try to encourage them to offer more veggie friendly dishes.  Because I do think we’ll be going back.  Everyone made us feel very much at home and the food and people were Great!  Try the County Seat Diner…I think you’ll like it!

Now I get to go eat the second half of my omelette! 

Happy Monday!  Happy Labor Day!!

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The Terrific and The Ok

Life is grand in Silver City in spite of roof issues and thunderstorms. 

The impending thunderstorm that we thought was headed South.  It whipped around to visit us, but thankfully After the man checking the roof was safely on the ground again!  Where our house is located, when a storm comes, it feels like we’re surrounded.  It was really a downpour on Friday afternoon.

After the storm cleared, Ralph and I decided we needed something for dinner and decided to try somewhere we had never eaten before.   We picked the Silver Cafe.

It’s conveniently located down town.  It was however crowded and noisy.  The waitresses did not seem very friendly either.  We heard later in the evening from someone who said if you’re not a regular, they’re not very friendly.  How many times does it take to become a regular?!

I did enjoy my food…

The photo doesn’t look that appetizing, but the chile relleno was very good.  There was rice hiding behind the red chile sauce that was pretty dried up, but the chile themselves were very good.  Ralph and I have decided we probably won’t go back.  There are lots of other places in town to try!

Now for the Good of the day!  We have been passing Alotta Gelato for so many years here and for whatever reason, we just didn’t stop in.  I needed something after our dinner and although Ralph was reluctant at first (“But it’s not Ice Cream…”) he relented and we walked across the street.  Am I ever glad we did!

There are so many choices and Starr, the owner along with her husband Mitch, couldn’t me nicer or more friendly.  I had something called Gila Conglomerate…ok, you have to try something with a name like that.  It’s named for a local rock formation.  But after I had my trial taste, there was no question that it would be my choice.

Caramel flavored gelato with pieces of dark chocolate and Heath Bar.  It was so delicious!  My next try is going to be cinnamon.  It was fresh and delicious.

We started talking with Starr and a lady named Elise from Kansas City who is here for a visit.  Of course, Ralph got on the topic of drawing and started to give Elise a drawing lesson.

It was such an inviting place that we stayed for what seemed like several hours, it probably wasn’t.  It was busy, but whenever she had a few minute lull, Starr came back to visit with us some more.  She also gave me some good information about points of interest in the area and other restaurants.  We’ll be taking her up on some of her suggestions.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of her, but Ralph drew her caricature.  I should have taken a picture of that!  Alotta Gelato is a great place and I don’t know what took us so long to get there…Trust me, we’ve got to stop in there again at least once before we head back to NJ. 

Ralph and I often say that the days seem so much longer here in New Mexico.  Friday was certainly one of those days.  It’s an amazing sensation.  We ask other people if they feel the same way.  Some say yes and some say no.  I guess we’re the lucky ones, because our Enchanted Days here in the Land of Enchantment seem to go on forever!

Happy Saturday!!  What will we do Today?!? 😉

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And Saturday Went On Forever..

One of the things that Ralph and I notice when we’re in Silver City, is that the days seem to last forever.  We think that part of that is due to the fact that where our house is located (on top of a hill), we see the first of the sunrise and the last of the sunset.  Another reason is probably because we’re so relaxed here.

We were up early because we wanted to head off to the farmer’s market and because we expected company. Sadly, our company wasn’t able to visit, but they will at some time while we’re here. We were sorry to miss them.

We did get down into town early to head to the farmer’s market.  My plan was really just to look.  Since we’re heading to California on Tuesday, I didn’t want to buy a lot of things that might not last till we got back.

The farmer’s market is a very eclectic place.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time, but here are a few.


I ended up only buying some locally grown lettuce, which ended up in a delicious salad later.  We’ll miss the market next week but when we get back from California, I’ll have two more chances.

Ralph left me at the market to walk to a mailbox, and I walked up the street to meet him when I was finished.  We met up at a little sidewalk display of a lady who makes earrings.  Of course Ralph had to buy me a couple of pairs…that’s the way he is.  As I was looking at them I thought that they looked similar in design to the ones I was wearing which we had bought at a shop here a few years ago.  As we were paying the lady, she looked at my earrings and said, “I think you’re wearing my earrings.”  I told her I had thought the same thing. When I told her where I’d gotten them, she said that she had displayed her work there.  Cool!

We then headed to the little thrift store sponsored by the local ladies Garden Club. (only in Silver City!) Ralph got a briefcase sort of thing, but I couldn’t resist the fact that all clothing was on sale for 50 Cents!!  I got three pieces, which I forgot to photograph, I’ll catch up on that and post some photos!  I was so excited!

We of course needed our coffee fix for the day and headed to Java the Hut.  We met a new collection of “characters.”  Ralph made friends with a gentleman who was a retired Marine (they had lots to talk about) and I spent time talking to a lady who is a jewelry artist And a psychic.  She was so interesting.  When she moved from California to Silver City, she and all of her worldly possessions traveled by bike!  What a story.

We decided we need lunch and we picked an old favorite, Vicki’s Eatery.  Actually within walking distance but we took the car because we were heading out anyway.

This was my luscious Mediterranean Salad plate…

Lettuce, cucumbers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, two kinds of olives, feta cheese, onions and a wonderful sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.  With hummus and pita on the side.  I saved that for last, like dessert!  To drink was wonderful unsweetened raspberry iced tea.  You dont’ find that very often.  We’ve been here before and loved it.  Last time I had one of their specials, but the lady who sat at the table next to us had this and I vowed the next time it would be mine.  Well worth the wait!!

After lunch we stopped at a pawn shop and a rummage sale.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ralph do so much walking…his doctor would be so happy!

There were several areas throughout town that were having little sidewalk sales.  I had seen something on our way in to the market that I really wanted but didn’t think I should spend the money for.  I told myself if it was still there when we came back to the car, I would buy it.

  This is a piece of Roseville pottery.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it on BCDC but I have a rather large collection of it.  I haven’t bought any in recent years because it’s getting expensive and most of it is packed away now in anticipation of our move.  This pattern is sunflower which is not an easy one to find.  I tried to talk the lady down on the price which was already quite good, but I had to try. 😉  I know how much it’s worth and trust me I got a Good deal!  I’m excited, now the house in New Mexico has a piece of Roseville…as it should be.

When we got home, I made dinner and we watched a movie on our little DVD player.  It was very nice.  As Ralph and I were talking, we mentioned thinking how long the day had been.  We both thought that when we were sitting at Java having our coffee that it had been about 2 in the afternoon.  It was only 11am!!  The days go on forever, and so has this post.

Happy Sunday!!

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Feeling Almost Human

So far most of our time since our arrival in New Mexico had involved drinking water and napping.  The road trip itself, the time change and I think the altitude were all responsible for the napping.  I drink a lot of water on a regular basis, but here because of the dryness, more water is definitely necessary.  Glad I brought my big Weight Watchers 32 ounce mug with me.  Fill it up and drink it down.  I keep it with me and I’m ok.  I think I filled it up three times and drank it down three times on Wednesday.

I almost said Monday, my days are still a bit confused, Ralph’s, too.  We decided though that we needed to get into town to see how the old place has been doing without us.  Our first stop was at probably our favorite place, Java The Hut.  It’s a wonderful tiny, sort of indoor outdoor coffee shop.  It’s not fancy, but it has a wonderful atmosphere and we try to go there as often as possible while we’re here.  The coffee is excellent.  Our friend, Marcia, the owner told us that she went through a lot of coffee blends to come up with just the right one.  It’s rich and strong but not bitter.  We fell in love with Marcia the first time we met her and have remained friends.  I didn’t take any photos of the shop but you’ll see it soon.

We decided we needed lunch before coffee.  Ralph had a sandwich from Java, ham salad which he declared “excellent.”  I opted to get mine at Diane’s Bakery and Deli, just a few steps away and also a part of The Hub.  The Hub is a great little complex of eateries here in Silver City.  Diane’s has lots of sandwich options, all on fresh made rolls.  I’ve had their veggie before and wanted it again.  You get lettuce, tomatoes, onions, banana peppers, mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar.  You also get your choice of 2 cheeses and are they interesting and delicious.  I had horseradish cheddar and pepper jack/colby.  It was so good.

My roll was whole wheat.  It also came with a pickle and a cookie!  I gave both of those to Ralph.  I’m Trying To Be Good.  You all heard me say that. We just sat outside of Java The Hut in the little terrace area.  We got to meet a man who Marcia referred to as “the character of the day.”  Believe me, Silver City is full of them and they all seem to gravitate to Java The Hut. It’s the place to be!

I don’t want to bore you all with my speeches about the beauty of New Mexico.  How many words can I replace with this picture?

Full moon at sunrise over the valley.  ‘Nuff Said.

Happy Thursday! (Had to think before I typed that!) That’s all for the moment from the Land of Enchantment!


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Is it just me or does What I Ate Wednesday seem to be rolling around more than once a week, lately?!  I guess that we all have so much fun at the fabulous food party put together by Jenn at Peas & Crayons, that we just Wish it was more than once a week! As always, be sure to visit over at P & C when you’re finished here to see what all the other cool kids are doing to keep fit and enjoy their food…oh yeah…leave some comments, too!

Peas and Crayons

I have really been enjoying our WIAW theme for July…Fitness!! Yes, I’ll have some!  I’ve been walking what I like to believe is 2 miles (right, Cathy?) almost every day for about 3 weeks.  I’m certainly enjoying it and I’m feeling better for it.  I always heard that exercise helps you sleep…not so for me lately, but I know it’s doing other good things for my body.  I can feel the muscles in my legs firming up.  Amazing that it will happen with such a short period of exercise.  I’m sticking with it!!

So…food…Due to our preparations for our trip, my meals have not been terribly regular or memorable.  Not a good confession but it’s the truth.

Random bowl of wonderful overnight oats from sometime in the last week…is that accurate enough for you?!  It was delicious, that’s all that counts!

Lunches have looked like this a lot…

Rice cakes with sun butter.  Very tasty and filling…quick and easy too and you all know I like quick and easy!!

The surprise in the title refers to a surprise birthday party Ralph and I attended last night.  It was at Lake House Restaurant. It’s an old building that has lived through many incarnations and I was looking forward to going.  Beside that, this is a fun group of people we would be with.

The room was set up very nicely.  To start out, the service was good, two young ladies getting us everything we needed in the way of drinks.  But then it sort of went down hill.  It wasn’t the fault of the servers, I think the kitchen may have had difficulty dealing with our size group.  I think there were about 20 of us, but there should have been about twice that many.  As it was we waited over an hour to be served.  It’s great to have time to socialize, but I can’t understand why a restaurant would put bread plates on the table and not give you any bread. That would have helped.

Almost everyone else got the All You Can Eat Crab special…they’re all big into crabs and crab fests.  Of course, that wasn’t for me.  I had luckily checked the menu on-line and knew what would be available for me.

Started with a salad. Please note “empty” bread plate on the side…

It had a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and was quite tasty.

This was my entrée…

Spinach ravioli with asparagus, mushrooms and red peppers in a wine sauce. Very tasty and just the right serving size!

The cake which was very tasty!  I’m not sure if it came from the restaurant or if the party planners brought it with them.  I did have a piece and it was good!

All in all in spite of the long wait, we had a lovely evening.  We’ll be seeing most of these folks again in a few weeks when we reconvene in California for the wedding of the birthday girl’s step-daughter.  We’re looking forward to that!

Another What I Ate Wednesday is under my belt.  I’ve got to make sure that for the rest of the week, not too much ELSE gets under my belt!  Be sure to take a peek over at Peas & Crayons, look around, leave some comments…We love you for it!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

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The Boys and Me

Friday didn’t start out with Boys.  It was one of my lovely wake up at 3:3o days, so after about an hour of trying to go back to sleep I got up, made my coffee, worked on the computer and then read for a while.

I had an appointment with the “lady doctor” as Ralph likes to call it.  Had a good bit of waiting there because they’ve changed to a new system and the new system did them the favor of triple booking patients!  What fun.  It wasn’t so bad because I had my book with me, but it was Freezing in the waiting room!  I don’t know why offices insist on doing that, but I don’t feel like getting on my soapbox right now. 😉

I got home by 12:30 which wasn’t bad considering the issues at the doctor’s office.  Ralph’s son Bill and his sons were scheduled to come for a visit and to go for lunch.  They got here about 1:30 but only grandson Patrick came, Alex was camping.  We missed him but headed out any way.

We decided on Picasso’s for lunch…quick, easy, close, Very reasonable.  Why wouldn’t we choose it!

I had my usual favorite-the mixed cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  As usual…Delicious!  I can’t get over how their prices are so much better than so many of the other pizza places in the area.  Their food is every bit as good And it’s 4 blocks from our house!

After lunch we decided to go down to the Park to walk around a bit, look at the river and the planes coming in to the Philadelphia Airport.  Well, that’s why I like to go anyway! 😉

Bill, Patrick and Ralph…all trying to look cool in their shades!  Ralph looks a little forlorn.

Here they are when they’re Not in disguise! Now they are all complaining because it’s too sunny…what whiners! 😉

It was a nice day but I was fading fast because of my 3:30am wake up.  Bill and Patrick had some errands to run so they were off soon after this. Actually there was a stop for ice cream in which I did not participate.  I was there, but I didn’t have any because…it’s Friday!

Not sure how my weigh in will go this morning.  I’m hoping I do well.  In spite of several meals out, I feel I’ve been very much on track and I have been doing my walking.  Didn’t get to do it Friday morning because of the doctor’s appointment.  I could really feel it throughout the day.  I was very stiff because I hadn’t walked.

Hoping for a good result!

Happy Saturday!!

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