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Week In Review~10/26/15

Another Week…Another Week in Review hostessed by the lovely Meg at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  I was all organized last week and had things planned out for my review.  This week I’m flying by the seat of my pants trying to remember what the Heck I did with SEVEN DAYS!  Guess we’ll Both find out!!

Week In Review Button Final

1. My Gym time was cut short this week.  I worked out 3 times as opposed to 5 last week.  As much as I enjoy the gym and I know the benefits I get from it, some days life gets in the way and I just don’t get there.  Next week will be tricky too because we’re going to be away, but I’m going to try to do my best to get activity in even though I’m not at the gym.  I’m in control of my activity level and I need to make the most of it.  A friend of mine started a FitBit challenge last week and it’s great to be competing against others.  It makes you keep going.  I’m going to suggest we do it again this week!

2. For many years I’ve been collecting antique dresses.  I haven’t done much with them over the last 10 or 15 years.  They sat in storage boxes.  About a year ago I had contacted someone who buys and sells antique clothing.  I wasn’t ready to get rid of them at the time but this week, I decided it was time.

Dresses No. 5

I took photos of all of them (believe me, this is just a few!) and sent the info to the lady interested in buying them.  Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have them all packed up and shipped off to her.  As I said on Instagram, it’s like parting with an important piece of my youth.  But I’m doing this to raise money for our move to New Mexico.  To me it’s worth it.  I’m trying to sell anything I can.  Next is my pottery collection!

3. I’ve been doing a lot of reading.  Started and finished Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter.

Really enjoyed this.  It was one of those books that starts slowly but once you’re into it you can’t put it down.  I like that.  I’ve enjoyed all of her books.  Only problem is that since the beginning of the year I’ve read ALL of her books.  This is her newest one and now I’m finished.  She better get writing so that I have something to read!

4.  I thought I was doing a good job on Weight Watchers this week but I had a gain anyway.  At this point in my life I don’t really worry (well not TOO much) if I have a gain.  I’m 14 pounds under my Weight Watchers goal and I pretty much stay there regardless of what I do.  I’m pretty good at writing down all of my foods and staying on track.  It’s just frustrating and I guess it always will be when I have a gain and I can’t pinpoint the reason.

That’s my week.  Not very interesting but that’s the way it is sometimes.  I’ll try to make next week more Exciting.

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Happy Monday!

Week In Review~October 19, 2015

I have received a Welcome Home blogging gift.  Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets has reinstated Week In Review.  I’m really excited about this because for me WIR was always a good way to start the week and get things going both in my blogging life and real life.  Meghan’s contention is that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we do in the course of a day or a week.  This allows us to see what we’ve been doing with our time.  Meghan is a great list maker and I’m trying to emulate her.  My list making was a little hap hazard as I try to settle back in from three weeks in my happy place (New Mexico!) but I think I’ve done a decent job.

Week In Review Button Final

1. My first focus on my return had to be getting back on track with Weight Watchers.  There are no WW meetings in Silver City, the town where our house is in New Mexico.  The closest is an hour and a half away in Las Cruces.  When we move there I’m going to have to figure how I can get to a meeting there at least once a month.  I’ll work on it.

First thing I did was put in a pot of black beans to soak and go into the crock pot the next day.  Then I wanted to get everything I needed to make my WW veggie soup.  I never thought of this before, but I prepped the soup on Sunday night and was able to just plug in and turn on the crock pot when I got up Monday morning.  Believe me, I’ll be doing it that way from now on.

I had put on about a pound and a half while I was away.  I didn’t think that was too bad.  I wore the same clothes I’d worn the last time I weighed in so that any difference was weight, not clothes.  I weighed in Saturday morning and in spite of the fact that I was wearing jeans because it was too cold to wear capris, I lost 2.2 pounds!  I had worked really hard, journaled all of my foods and tried to stay focused.  That and the availability of the  veggie soup did the trick.

2. I went to the gym 5 times.  I know that those visits also helped with my weight loss and getting myself back on track.  Being in Silver City for such a short time, I didn’t try to sign up for a gym there.  Plus the 3000 miles of riding in the car didn’t help.  I started out pretty stiff the first two days but by mid-week I was feeling back in control.  Again, I was happy with my focus and dedication.  I feel much better now and I’m going to do my best to get there as often as I can this week.

3.  My long hiatus from blogging came to an end.  I wrote and published 4 blog posts in the past week.  I do enjoy the link-ups like Week In Review.  I still haven’t decided if I’ll have a hard and fast schedule or if I’ll just go free style.  For now, I think I’ll see how I do and work from there.  It seems that my readers have not forgotten me and for that I am very grateful.

4. Here is where the whole list making idea is going to be helpful.  I really, Really want to get things on track with our move to New Mexico. I’ve started trying to list what I have to accomplish in order to make that happen.  I’m also trying to give myself alternatives so that if one thing doesn’t work, I have a back up plan.  Lots and lots to do regarding this.  This is important to me and I will be focusing on this.  Let the Listing Begin!

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Don’t Forget to…

Drink coffee and Make Lists

Week In Revew~April 14

Holy Cow it’s April and I can’t remember the last time I posted! Of course, I could just look at the date on my last post but I didn’t think of that before I started typing and I’m already typing so why go back?!

Hi Everyone! I was away in Florida for two weeks.  I had a wonderful time while I was gone.  While I was there, wonderful things happened both in Florida and in New Jersey, none of which I can talk about.  Let me just say that so far so good and there are exciting things happening.

This will not be so much a Week In Review as a catch-up ramble.  I’m still going to link up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets just because I love her and I miss being part of the fun!  Be sure to check out what’s happening over there.  It’s always a party.

Week In Review Button Final

I have no real direction in this post.  I want you to know I’m back and I will be posting on a regular basis.  I realized during this hiatus that I miss blogging when I don’t do it.  I miss the typing, the linking up and the general experience.  I’m hooked even though there are some time lapses when I don’t post.

I had a wonderful time with my friends Gail, Alice and Margot.  We also spent a lot of time with Margot’s sister Mary Lynn which was great fun.  We ate out a lot but I have to say that Gail (as a fellow vegetarian) has done an excellent job of finding places where we can all eat.  There is a wonderful place that she found called the Green Market Cafe. It was started by a young man, I think he was 24 years old and it’s wonderful! Incredible soups and salads and you get free frozen yogurt with your meal!  I thought it was a national chain but apparently it’s not.  Someone needs to market this and make it national.  It’s wonderful.

I’m facing a Very busy day with lots of things to catch up with, groceries, laundry, banking, sorting and packing.  All of that! I am back and I promise not to be a stranger like that again, especially without warning.  So here’s to a good week with lots of lists so that I can update all of you Next Monday!

Happy Monday!

Week In Review~March 10

I can’t believe that it’s time for another Week In Review.  That’s the great link up hostessed by the lovely Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  I also can’t believe that it’s another week when I Didn’t write my post on Sunday so here I am Monday morning scrambling to get it written.  We WILL correct that next week.

Week In Review Button Final

So here goes.

~Last Monday was another and hopefully our last snowstorm.  I am so sick of snow and any of you who read BCDC on a regular basis know that and are also sick of hearing me talk about it.  I’m seriously hoping that this will be our last.  I thought that if I approached the snowy day with a positive attitude, I might get some spiritual or real world reward out of it.

I decided to get busy.  I’d heard about the storm in advance and was ready.  That preparation and readiness allowed me to put at least my morning to good use.  Commence the tale of the Three Crock pots.

Three crock pots


Yes, you see three, count ’em three (how many times can I use that?) crock pots all at work at the same time.  Beef stew for Ralph, lentils for me and Weight Watchers veggie soup for me.  I felt pretty excited about this whole thing.  Ralph thought it was pretty funny.  We have relatively little counter space so this was an accomplishment.  During the cooking process the veggie soup was actually working on a tray on top of the stove.  All worked out well.  It was a first time for the beef stew recipe and Ralph really likes it.  With a few seasoning adjustments, it will enter the rotation.  Love my crock pots and I think they’ll be working today later on.

~I worked on my morning pages for The Artist’s Way every day.  Again, I have to say, that I’m amazed that I have continued with this routine.  I love writing my pages and can’t imagine allowing myself to miss a day.  I actually completed my very first notebook.  That’s a lot of writing!!  I’ve started a new one and I plan to keep going.  I can’t believe that there are only three sessions left.  Twelve weeks seemed so daunting when I first started.  It’s been great and I’ve met some interesting people who I think have become friends.  I’m happy that I joined.

~I also meditated every day.  Each day I do it, it becomes more and more natural.  I love the music apps that I’ve downloaded to my phone.  They’re great and I have several so that I can switch them up.  Have I said that before?  If I haven’t, now I have.  If I have said it before it’s still true.  I keep trying to fit in an evening meditation.  That hasn’t worked out yet.  I’ll keep working on it.

~As I look at this Week In Review, I see that I’m not accomplishing much else other than my usual routine.  I was actually writing about that in my morning pages today.  I need to get some real projects accomplished.  Now that the weather is better, it’s warmer and there’s no ice and snow outside, I think I can do that.  My goal for this week is to get together all of the thinks I’ve been gathering (in different parts of the house…) that need to go to the thrift store, get them out of the house and into the car.  Then make the trip to the store.  That’s a good goal.  If I get the stuff out-of-the-way, then I’ll have a clearer idea of what to do next.  I also have a LOT of papers that need shredding.  Tomorrow the recycling goes out.  Perhaps that would be a good goal for today.  Then it will be out-of-the-way for real and can go to live in recycling land.

I’ll let that be my two goals for this week.  Something is better than nothing.  Usually, once I get myself started, I’m more likely to keep working.  Everybody has to hold me to those two projects now.  I’ll let you know next week how I did!

Be sure to check out the Week In Review link up over at Clean Eats, Fast feets.  Meghan is my inspiration.  I want to be her when I grow up!

Happy Monday!

Week In Review~March 3

Here we are, it’s March 3 and I haven’t changed my calendar yet! Meghan, can I use that as the first thing on Next week’s Week In Review?!  Meghan is our lovely hostess for Week In Review.  Be sure to check out all of the other bloggers who link up at Clean Eats, Fast Feets every week.  I love WIR because it helps me to see exactly what I’ve done in a week.  Makes me feel much more accomplished than I did before I joined in.  Besides, I’m starting to appreciate Meghan’s love of  lists that started the whole thing!

Week In Review Button Final

~It snowed!! I realize that I had nothing to do with the snow, but it had an impact on my week and helped to contribute to my general feeling of craziness.  I am truly tired of the snow as I’ve been saying again and again.  You’re probably sick of hearing it, but I’m sick of experiencing it. Ok, that’s off my mind now.

~Another good week of going through the Artist’s Way program.  We completed Week 8.  I did my morning pages every day and I’m amazed that I only have about 6 pages left in my current MP notebook.  I have another at the ready.  I’ve been saving up journal books for years never knowing what I was going to do with them.  Now I know.  I love the exercise of doing the pages.  They are a great way for me to start the day, dump out a bunch of things and I do believe it will be a practice that stays with me.

~We got all of our tax paperwork in the mail.  So glad when that’s accomplished.  Come on Refund!

~I exercised six out of the last seven days.  I feel so much better doing this.  I am now realizing why I always did my exercise bike each morning even when I was still working.  It makes me feel so good. Especially now with my hip issues.  This is truly a wonderful thing.  I’m up to 35 minutes now and I may try to raise that as this new week progresses.  I may even try to add a short ride in the afternoon.  I’m feeling so good about it.

~I have decided that something that is missing in my life is meditation.  I had meditated for quite a while in 2013.  I believe at one point I was up to 109 days in a row without missing.  I’ve downloaded several apps to my phone which are quite good.  Each one has several choices of either music or sound (chimes, chanting, wind, water) that are very good for calming and focusing me.  Today for some reason, it didn’t work, my mind kept moving to things I have to do today.  This blog post was one of those things.  One of the main reasons I usually do it on Sunday is because then I have time to think about it and not be rushed on Monday.  Note to self…Do Week In Review on Sunday…Always!!  Here’s a little look at what I see when I meditate.

Buddha and candle


A flickering candle and the wonderful Buddha that my sister, Ele got for me.  Very peaceful.

~I read poetry.  Not something I’ve done in quite a while.  Monica who is the leader of our Artist’s Way cluster, loaned me a book of poetry by Mary Oliver.  I must confess that I am ashamed that I don’t think I’ve ever heard of her.  She won a Pulitzer Prize for poetry.  However, I’ve found her now and I’m a fan.  I need to read more poetry.  It will probably encourage me to write more as well.  When I get to my project of going through the books at my sister’s house, I need to pull out some of my poetry books and get into them again.

That’s about it for me for Week In Review. I have big plans for this coming week, so I intend to have a much longer list next week!  Be sure to check over at Meghan’s Clean Eats, Fast Feets  to see what everyone is up to.  Have a great week!

Happy Monday!

Week In Review~February 24

I can’t believe that today begins the last week of February, but yes it does! That’s not going to stop me from being part of Week In Review hostessed by the lovely Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Be sure to check out the other Reviewers when you’re finished here.

Week In Review Button Final

It’s been a week with its ups and downs, but I made it through and that’s what matters!

~I wrote three blog posts.  Still working on getting in Number Four.  I think I’ll have to have a serious sit down talk with myself in order to get the fourth one in this next week.  I’ll get there!

~I wrote my morning pages for the Artist’s Way every day.  I’m still enjoying it so much.  There’s a lot that I’m learning about myself from this process.  It’s all very helpful.  I was able to go to the meetup for the Artist’s Way this week because the weather cooperated.  I was actually the only one to show up, but I truly enjoyed a few hours of chatting with Monica the leader of the group.  She’s a fascinating lady.  I’m enjoying the process in general.

~I FINALLY unearthed my exercise bike.  During my big purge back in November, all of the empty boxes just got tossed on the porch.  Well, that made it a little hard to get to the bike, so I slacked off.  I’d sort of already been off track with the bike prior to that.  Anyway…I actually can’t remember whether it was Sunday or Monday, but I reorganized the boxes and gave myself access to the bike.  I exercised 30 minutes on the bike five days in a row.  I have to admit that it has done wonders for me.  My hips and back which have been bothering me a lot lately, feel much better.  I’m going to continue with this daily.  I’m feeling better every day and I’m pretty excited about it.

~We took care of some very necessary bank business and of course got caught in this week’s huge thunder-storm.  We had more errands planned that day, but headed home to avoid the traffic in the rain.

~On Saturday, as is my routine, I was at Weight Watchers bright and early.  My reward was a .8 (three-quarters of a pound) loss.  I was happy.  I’ve been working hard to stay on track and that made me happy.

~After Weight Watchers, Ralph and I headed to the county library for one of our favorite things…the semi-annual book sale!

Book sale

This isn’t the whole thing and I’m sure I missed some good finds because we didn’t get there until afternoon.  I was being very careful because I’m really on the mission of weeding out the books I have, but I did buy 4 books which I think was considerable restraint on my part.  I love being around books, old or new…it doesn’t matter.

~Since I’m writing this on Sunday, I’ll tell you what’s up for today.  I need to go grocery shopping quickly this morning.  I just need things to make my Weight Watchers veggie soup because that has been such a good tool for me over the last few weeks.  Then my sister Ele and I will be going to a spiritual Gathering that we attend every few weeks.  I’m really looking forward to it.

That’s the Week In Review for me.  Be sure to check out the other linkers over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  We all love when you visit!

Happy Monday!

Week In Review~February 17

Another week, another Week In Review!  Hostessed by Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets, you get to know more than you ever wanted to know about my week.  Well, maybe not quite that much, but you know how it can be!!

So what went on this week?

~I wrote my morning pages every day as instructed by The Artist’s Way.  They are becoming a very important and useful part of my routine.  I can write things down that are annoying me and also things that are making me happy.  Either way, I write it so that I’ll either remember it or get it out of my system.  I’ve also started another practice that Julia Cameron suggests called Counting.  It’s simply tracking everything that you spend.  It helps you to be more aware of where you spend your money and helps you to get a feel for where you may be spending fruitlessly.  I wasn’t perfect at this last week, but I’m going to try to do it regularly from now on.  Speaking of money, I continue with my contributions to my Money Jar that I started the first week of the year.  First week you put in $1, second week $2 and so on.  Just put in this week’s contribution and I have $36 in there already.  I like it and I’ll continue.  Can’t wait to have all that money at the end of the year.

~I wrote three blog posts.  I still didn’t get that fourth one back in there.  I’ve got to work on that.  I think I’ve come up with another link up I’d like to join and that will show up this week.  In any event, I’m happy with what I’ve been doing and I’ve been feeling back on track with it.

~Basic life things: Got my hair cut, I colored my hair (Yes, I am a natural beauty in spite of that!) and I had blood tests done.  I don’t like being stuck with a needle.  Funny thing is when I used to work at the hospital, I would give blood every time they had a blood drive.  It Never bothered me.  Now, the thought of it makes me cringe.  I get regular phone calls from the Red Cross asking me to donate at a local spot.  I keep saying no. In fact, I got a call during the past week and I asked them to take me off of their list.  When the man asked if I could give him a reason, I just said it was personal.  Hopefully, the Red Cross doesn’t read BCDC!!

~We celebrated Valentine’s Day with breakfast at the diner on Friday.  Here is my Valentine’s gift.

Valentine gift

The valentine gift is the little statue in the front which is actual magnetic salt and pepper shakers of Pepe Le Pew and his girlfriend whose name I believe was Fleur.  Ralph found these and it’s so funny that they match the drawing he did for me on my birthday card.  I had to show them together.  I was very excited!

~Regarding Weight Watchers, this was not a good week.  Let’s just say I had a gain and that the weekend, was not great either.  However, today is a new day!  I will be tracking, I will be planning ahead and I will be in control, the food will NOT be in control.  I made a big crock pot of the Weight Watchers veggie soup yesterday so that will give me a good start for the week.

So, the sun is shining! Amazing way to start the week.  I need some sun.  I’m tempted, in spite of the cold to just go outside and sit in the sun.  I may just do that!

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Happy Monday!!

Week In Review~February 10

It’s time for Week In Review! Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets thought up this idea and I love it.  As I get further and further into the idea of lists (she says bowing slowly toward Cleveland) I like it and I really think it’s helping me to develop the focus, clarity and organized thinking that I’ve been searching for.  Each week, each day, I feel more focused on what I need to do.  I have to say, I Like It!!  Here’s my review.

~I wrote three blog posts this week.  One short of last week but I’m not pointing any fingers at myself.  I enjoyed the ones I wrote which is the whole point.  I’ll go for four in the coming week, but no pressure.

~Around the house, I cleaned my microwave inside and out.  Ok, does that count as an accomplishment? Yes it does because I’ve been trying to get to it forever and I haven’t.  The top of it becomes a catch-all for some reason and it’s not now.  Call me happy.

~I reorganized my utensil/kitchen gadget drawer.  It was a the point where it would get caught on something every time I tried to open it.  I cleaned it completely, cleaned all of the little plastic basket organizers I use in there And weeded out unnecessary things.  The things I don’t need are already in the thrift store donation box.  The finished product…

Utensil drawer


I’m very proud!

~I was finally able to get to my The Artist’s Way meetup this week.  No weather issues, thank goodness.  It was a great meeting.  Very motivating for me.  I left there very enthused about The Artist’s Way process and my own writing. I wrote my morning pages every morning.  One of the things I realized at the meeting was that when I finished my three pages, I felt like writing more.  Since you’re not supposed to do more than the three pages I made a logical decision.  I would keep writing other things.  I’ve been struggling to write poetry in the last several years.  I concluded that if I drag out my notebook when I’m finished my morning pages, perhaps the flow will continue.  The answer is Yes!!  Since Thursday, I have written nine poems!  They’re short ones but I did it.  I’m quite excited about it and I’m going to try to keep this going.  As I said…Excited!  Also regarding The Artist’s Way, I downloaded to my Nook and read an essay by Julia Cameron called The Miracle of Morning Pages.  It was interesting and I learned some things.  One thing is that I’m using too small a notebook for my pages.  Maybe that’s why I keep feeling like I should write more. I don’t think I’ll change though because it’s keeping me writing other things!

~I had a doctor’s appointment for a general checkup…yes I’m still breathing.  Need to have some blood tests done next week but again, just routine.

~We had lunch out with our grandson, Alex and his Mom, Heather to celebrate Alex’s birthday. It was great fun.  In other food related news, we had lunch with my sister, Ele on Saturday, again, great fun.  Weight Watchers was kind to me on Saturday also, I lost a quarter pound.  I’m really just trying to maintain at this point but if I lose a few more pounds I won’t complain.  I’ll show all of the wonderful food on Wednesday for What I Ate Wednesday.

~I feel this was a very good week for me in a lot of ways that I can’t actually put into words.  A great deal of it is attitude.  I think that these changes are coming from doing my morning pages (I’m learning a lot about myself and what I need to change) and Yes, my lists are a Big help.  They are giving me focus and also allowing me to acknowledge what I do each day.  Thanks, Meghan!

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Happy Monday!

Week In Review~February 3

I am excited that it’s time for Week In Review.  Having taken Meghan’s advise, I have been making those lists that she loves so much and I’m starting to get a handle on things.  Be sure to stop over at her blog, Clean Eats, Fast Feets when you’re finished here to see what everyone else has accomplished.

I’m really into this list thing and I’m serious! I’m even going to steal a great image from Meghan…

I mean it I love lists now…This will prove it…

The Lists


This is my new day planner all listed up.  I had a different type of planner, but it didn’t work for me.  This type has always been my favorite, giving me a full-page for each day.  I thought I was going to have to order it, but I walked into a local stationery store and there it was…On Sale!  Ok with me! The front is covered in dragonfly stickers because…well, I Like dragonflies! Maybe I’ll show you next week!

On the day itself, I list what I do so that I can actually acknowledge that I have accomplished things.  On the left, I found a large graphed Post-It that I use for my things to do for the week.  Each thing gets checked off as I do it.  Whatever I don’t finish that week will be transferred to a new Post-It for the next week. I’m feeling great about this plan and I think I’m feeling better about getting things done.  So in Meghan style…Here it comes!

~I did four blog posts this week! I’m very excited about that because I have been lacking enthusiasm and focus with the blog.  I’m feeling much more back on track with it now.

~I wrote my morning pages for the Artist’s Way every day.  I also accomplished my Artist’s Date.  I went to Michael’s craft store.  This doesn’t mean much to anyone who doesn’t know about the Artist’s Way but this is great.  If you don’t know about the Artist’s Way and you are a writer, artist or any type of creative person.  Give it a try.  It’s great!

~Cleaned out two kitchen cabinets.  Ear-marked a Lot of things to go to the thrift store.  I don’t need them anymore!

~Organized things to go to the thrift store.  More to be done here and I can’t wait for the weather to clear up so I can actually accomplish getting to the thrift store.  I don’t want to slip and fall trying to get rid of this stuff.  From the weather report, doesn’t sound like I’ll be doing it this week.  Guess I’ll just have to work at adding to my pile!

~Cooked beans in the crock pot twice to help keep myself on track.  Crock pots are the best.  I think I’ll be making more soup in there in the coming week. I am the Crock pot Queen!

~Spent Saturday afternoon with Ralph’s sister Maddie and her husband George, his niece Marie, her husband Paul and the ever adorable Jesse and Trevor.  We had such a good time.  Perfect finish to the week.

So how’s that for really getting into the List Life?! I’m liking this.  I’m feeling good about the whole process.  Perhaps I can end up being Meghan when I grow up!  Don’t forget to check out the other reviewers over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

Happy Monday! Now…Go Make a List!!

Week In Review~January 27

Can it possibly be the end of January already?!  Yes, it can but I’m not going to let it get me all scatter brained, because, well I already AM all scatter brained.  I’ll do something comfortable like joining in on Week In Review over at Meghan’s Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Always such a fun and comfortable place to be.  Here we go!

I’m still not quite on the list bandwagon yet (I’m working on it, Meghan!)  Meghan is such a great cheerleader for me.  Always telling me I can do it.  I can get organized, I can get this done.  She’s a lot like my sister, Ele in that.  Always supportive.   We’re very lucky when we find such supportive people in our lives.  Thank them whenever you can…Thanks, Ladies!

Meghan tells me that I need to list things that may seem not list worthy but yet are part of your day, your routine…things that take your time.

I got up and made the coffee…Every Day! Ok.  I can work with this.  Another thing that has become very important to me is my morning pages.  Since I joined the Artist’s Way Cluster (yes, that’s what Julia Cameron calls it, a cluster.)  on January 8, I have done my morning pages each day.  Not one skip.  Even on days when I had to be up and out early (Saturdays for my Weight Watchers meeting) I get up and do them.  Almost from the start, I began to see the benefit of them.  I get a lot of things off my chest and start a new day with a clearer head and perhaps a little more focus.  I love the process.

Tuesday we were the recipients of yet another snowstorm.  It was not as bad as it could have been, but it sure looked like it would be.  The roads were clear pretty quickly, but we stayed in nonetheless.  That one day of being inside, made me feel like such a slug and that seemed to continue throughout the week.  I’m trying to get myself motivated and I will.  I hate when I have these sluggish periods.  They serve no purpose especially when I have so much to do!

Did some cooking, lentils in the crock pot.  Ok, I’d show you a photo, but I’ve showed them before and let’s face it, they’re not that pretty but they do taste good.  I had a dinner disaster on Wednesday night.  I was warming up a plate of leftover quinoa and broccoli with some of my newly made lentils. As I took them out of the microwave, I hit the door and the plate went flying. All…Over…Everything.  I had to clean it up And make another, much less satisfying meal.  One good thing…the dish didn’t break! Hooray because it’s one of my favorites.

Thursday morning found me taking my car to the mechanic again.  Then having to walk home in the snow, but that was ok.  I’m looking forward to the snow going away because I want to get out to walk.  Finally got the car back on Friday night.  By the way, it turned over 150,000 miles, so keeping it in shape is important.  No room in the budget for another car, so I pray over it regularly.

Saturday with another snowstorm threatening, I headed to Weight Watchers.  I was down .2 but that was great since due to the cold I was wearing much heavier jeans than usual.  Not bad.  Also on Saturday I decided that I am giving up soda.  I don’t drink that much of it, but after some of the things I’ve been reading lately about sodas in general (chemicals and such) I figured I don’t need it.  I’ve always enjoyed drinking seltzer so that’s what I’m moving to.  I figure, most restaurants have it and if not I can just drink water.  This worked when I gave up chips.  On March 9 it will be three years that I haven’t eaten chips.  I think I’m a better person for it.  I gave them up because I couldn’t control them.  Now I don’t have to think about it.

Here it is Sunday. Getting my post finished the day before makes me happy, and I can put it on my list!  There’s something else I need to put on my daily list.  I need to plan the days that I will post and then I’ll get it done.  Oh, Meghan…you are my Hero!!

Don’t forget to head over to Clean Eats, Fast Feets to check out what everyone else is up to.

Happy Monday!!