God’s Little Critters

Monday was an Up and Active day although it didn’t feel like it.  I’ve been kind of droopy getting up the last few days. Today included.  I’m not sleeping especially well for no reason I can pinpoint, but I’m sure it will work its way out.

For many years, our yard has been a haven for critters.  We have many types of birds, usually a pair or two of Cardinals and Blue Jays, lots of mocking birds and mourning doves.  We even have Cat Birds and Cow Birds from time to time.  I love watching them.  I’ve been told that they like our yard because of the way the trees protect the area near the house.  They feel safe here and that’s why they stay.

I see bunnies and their babies too.  Squirrels abound and over the last few years we’ve started to have chipmunks.  Now, I’ve always been a chipmunk fan.  Chip and Dale for instance…

Alvin and the Chipmunks (Theodore and Simon)

“Christmas, Christmas Time is Here…Time for Fun and Time for Cheer…”

Ooppps…I’m sorry, I got carried away.  But seriously, I love chipmunks.  Ralph now tells me that our chipmunks have babies and I’ve been trying to spy them, but have not been successful yet.

I did snag a few shots of the adult one yesterday.  It’s so cute, they have a hide-y hole just outside our back door.  Some of these shots are a bit blurry because I had to take them through the storm door ( think I need to clean that baby!)  But you can see how cute She or He is!

They are just the cutest things.  I’m going to keep my eye out to see if I can get the babies.  Hopefully I will! 🙂

Dinner last night was leftovers at Ele’s!  Ralph had the last of the steak fajitas and declared them yummy.

Ele and I had the left over salad.  She popped open a can of black beans which made me very happy.  I also added the leftover sautéed peppers and onions to mine.  I never thought of doing that, but it was delicious.  I think I need to come up with a recipe doing that.  I certainly have peppers at the moment so I think I’ll do it.  It gives it a whole new flavor dimension.  Wow that’s scary, I don’t usually say things like that.

Anyway, here is my delicious salad…

A bit blurry now that I see it on the screen…well we’re still working on this whole photography thing!  I added Locatelli cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.  No news there!  It was very good and very filling after my second helping.

Just popcorn and watermelon for snacks while watching Antiques Roadshow.

It was a two-fer last night which I enjoyed…although I think I nodded off during the second episode…hate when I do that…Hate to miss the oohs and aahs 😦

Got some sorting/cleaning stuff done yesterday too.  Hoping for more today.  Every day gets me closer and closer to New Mexico.  I am determined. 

Happy Tuesday!! 🙂

2 responses to “God’s Little Critters

  1. Dinner was totally yummy and I do believe that there is no dish that can not be made better by the addition of black beans…hmmm…black bean ice cream with spicy salsa! Somebody call Ben and Jerry’s!

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