Or at least I Think that’s how you spell it!  I’ve been whining about not getting anything done, about no focus or motivation, about being the biggest Slug in the world.  But you know folks…sometimes it’s just not my fault!

As I mentioned yesterday, I was up since 2:30am, just because.  I got my exercise done (complete with reading!) got my blog posting and blog reading done and I was ready for my mission for the day.

Go to the storage unit at 9am…when the office opens…so that the manager can help me open the STUPID DOOR THAT DOESN’T WORK!!!  Calm down and take a deep breath.  Ok, I’m better now.  I get there and the sign on the office door says “Closed.”  Hmmm.  Well it’s only 5 after 9 and I figure I’ll give him a few minutes.  Then I notice that the gates that require a code to enter are also open.  Hmmm.  I wait for a few minutes then think, well gee…I’m strong, maybe I really Can get the door open myself.

My drive to the unit itself proves futile.  I really Can’t get the door open.  I drive back to the office and wait some more.  I decide I’ll call the office number, maybe there’s a message saying the office will open later today.  If that was the case there should have been a SIGN ON THE DOOR to say that.  I call and there is no recording, no voicemail.  Nothing!!  I waited about 30 minutes and then drove home. 

I tried calling a few more times throughout the morning, but nothing.  I got really excited because one time it rang busy but then I realized it was probably someone else who was trying to find out what was going on.  Any wonder I came home in a bad mood.  Any wonder I didn’t feel like doing anything.  Sometimes I’d just rather stick pins in my eyes that deal with businesses like this!

I wasn’t a complete slug.  I started going through clothes, trying to determine what to take on our trip.  Yikes!! It’s already next week that we’ll be leaving.  I’m excited for the trip but annoyed that I can’t get this storage thing worked out because I don’t want to pay for another month.  I could wait until I get back, but then I’d be paying for 2 more months!  Not gonna happen. 

I got something of a plan going for what clothes I’m taking.  Trying to figure out what I’ll need at such a transitional time of year and in a mountain (probably cooler )area is making my brain hurt.  I don’t want to over pack but I want everything I need.  Rent a U-Haul, possibly?!?  Just kidding.  I’ll figure it out. 

I also started my master list.  Although, I’m not the most organized person, I always have a big list…on my clipboard…like an organized person would (  😉  ) with everything I need to pack.  I cross things off as I go along.  This time it’s trickier because I’m listing some household things I want to take along to leave at the house in NM.  It will all depend on trunk and back seat space once we get our rental car. 

Funny thing is…I was frustrated when I started writing this, but talking about New Mexico is making me feel better.  I like it!

I finished reading Water For Elephants yesterday and I liked it.  I didn’t appreciate the cruelty to the elephant or some of the humans for that matter.  By I liked Sara Gruen’s style of writing.

I started Love In The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez: Book Cover

Another one of those “must-reads” that people tell me about.  Interesting so far, but it annoys me when an author does not make it clear where the story takes place.  I have so many rules about books…sometimes I hate myself for it! 😉  I really do need to start a book blog.  Then these writers would know the rules!!

So I finally got to food just in time to eat and watch TMZ. 

The Big Romaine…sounds like a Coen Brothers movie!!

Tomato, green bell pepper, leftover quinoa and my wonderful freshly home-made black beans.  The Best!

Yum…nothing better…a big salad in my Big Purple Bowl!

Finished the night with this…

A book and a Wild Black Berry Tootsie Pop.  What more could a girl ask for?!?  Fell asleep watching Project Runway, but I woke up just in time to find out “Who’s In and Who’s Out!!” 

Off to face the fun at the storage unit.  I HAVE to get this done before the fool hurricane gets here, too….Hrrummpphh…

Happy Friday!!

9 responses to “Hrrummpphh…

  1. You need to get money back from that storage unit! You’re paying each month for something you should be able to access on your own, whenever you’d like. Lame.

  2. I agree with Kristen. Those stinkers!

  3. Water for Elephants was a great book! but I agree there were a few places in there that made me cringe. I’m glad writing about your frustrations and upcoming NM can be so cathartic for you! I love when writing about something manages to calm me down, or even make me happy about it in the end! Oh, and that salad looks amazing!

    • Thanks for checking out BCDC, Abi! I like Apples and Wormholes! Great concept! Glad you like my salad. It’s my staple and I keep trying to come up with new ways to do them. I have always been a volume eater and salads work for me! Thanks, again!!

  4. Please let us in on the books you like. I am a huge reader but time is always a factor & I hate wasting time on a meh book. You fall asleep during shows? Sounds very familiar……

    • Marie, I Always fall asleep watching TV. It’s crazy! I’ll try to put together a list of the books I liked. I’ve been planning to re-vamp my “about” page and it would be good to add Books to the info. I’m also thinking about starting a book blog, so we’ll see how that goes!

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