Friday, Saturday, Go!!

Friday morning after posting to BCDC, Ralph and I were off to Avis Car Rental.  Our friend there always gets us the best deal available and we’re loyal to him because of it.  We now have a shiny goldish colored brand new Hyundai Sonata sitting in front of our house!  Ralph said it’s very comfortable to drive and the trunk looks roomy.  See, Big Red…I told you I’d take care of you!

We got back home and I set about gathering all of the household things I want to take with us to the house.  Since we’re going to be there for at least 2 weeks, I want to have things to cook with.  We’re on a budget on this trip and eating out all the time doesn’t do me any good with sticking with my Weight Watchers goals, so cooking is something I’m planning to do.  Even if it’s only salads, I can prepare food more inexpensively than eating out.   Still working on this.  Every time I think about being in that big wonderful kitchen, I want to take more!

I wasn’t until about 5pm when I realized once again that I hadn’t eaten all day.  It’s just that there’s been so much going on and I haven’t wanted to shop to get things in the house when we won’t be here.

I remembered that I had some Boca burgers in the freezer that I’d had for a while.  They’re not my favorite, I prefer Morningstar Farms but any port in a storm, right?!?

Doctored up with mustard and ketchup and cheese on a Walmart sandwich thin and they were pretty good.  They were filling which is all I really needed at that point!

I fell asleep early knowing that I had Weight Watchers in the morning.  When I got there, I had gained a half pound.  I wasn’t too upset.  I know I haven’t been eating quite right this last week although I have been tracking everything.  I’m still almost 10 pounds below my WW goal so I will keep that in mind and be happy for that. 

This next week will be tricky.  Eating on the road and then eating all of our meals out when we get to Colorado Springs will be a challenge.  I’m looking at it as being on a mission.  I’ll do my best with what is available to me.  When we get to New Mexico I will then be in full control of my food and I can correct any damage that may be done.  I’ve got to tell myself that I can do this and I know that I can.  I also have to tell myself that I should not feel uncomfortable taking photos of my food.  This is my job now and I have to do it well!

After WW, as usual Gail, Alice and I were planning on breakfast.  Since we’ll be gone for so long, they suggested I call Ralph to join us.  He said yes and we headed to the Gateway Diner.  I’m was being my usual predictable self and guess what I had?

Two eggs scrambled and sliced tomatoes, with rye toast.  Ok, so I know what I like…nothing wrong with that! 😉

Our plan is to leave NJ at about midnight and head West Young Cookies.  Not sure what chance I’ll have to post tomorrow, but I’ll do what I can, probably without photos until we get somewhere that allows me a little better opportunity to work.

I’ll leave you with one last photo from Honeymoon Island taken on my second trip to Clearwater this summer.

A pretty sunset at a pretty spot.  We love it there.

So everyone have a great Labor Day Weekend.  I will get to you when I can.  Remember you can find me on Twitter @BCDCfran.  If you don’t do Twitter, just check BCDC, my Twitter posts will show on the right side of the site.

Happy Saturday!!

6 responses to “Friday, Saturday, Go!!

  1. Have an awesome trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever gone until 5PM eating, except for the one time that I participated in a 30-hour famine fundraiser. If I don’t eat within an hour or so of getting up, I turn into Super Crank! Have fun on your roadtrip…

  3. I eat the exact same breakfast every morning. Like you, I know what I like. Egg beaters with canned pumpkin and cottage cheese mixed in. Then I pour almond milk over that and top it with peanut butter. Sounds gross but I love it!

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