The Human Randomizer is Coming To Get You!

Yes, it’s me again, the Human Randomizer.  For those of you who didn’t hear this before, in short, I was amused when various bloggers were using a “randomizer” to select the winners of giveaways. As best I understand it, it’s a little electronic thingie that picks a number and tells you who is the winner.  Well, I’ve decided that sometimes, I’m the Human Randomizer and ALL of you are winners…I guess you each have to decide if you’re a winner or not! 😉

I love the fact that I got so many comments about the pepper and egg sandwich I showed as part of What I Ate Wednesday.

If it looks delicious to you, trust me…it IS delicious.  It brings back such memories to me and my sister, Ele.  When we were kids, Mom and Dad would take us to Wildwood in the summer…duh of course in the Summer…no fun for kids there in the Winter!  Mom’s take along sandwich of choice was homemade pepper and egg sandwiches.  I think she would put American cheese on them but I’m sure they would be on white bread and wrapped in aluminum foil.  By the time we got to eat them they were soggy and drippy and just wonderful.  That’s why I love these sandwiches so much and order them when ever I can.  Glad so many of you agree that they look yummy!  It’s like eating a piece of my childhood!

I’ve been working hard to stay on track with Weight Watchers this week.  I think I’m doing pretty well.

An apple with almond butter while I was finishing up Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.  I enjoyed this.  I mentioned earlier in the week that my friend Kristen is getting me into Young Adult fiction. This didn’t grab me the same way The Hunger Games did, but I certainly want to continue with the story and find out where the writer takes us.  I like it when I find something like this that grabs my attention.  I liked it better than I’m making it sound!

Since finishing this, I’ve started two books, both of which I just had to stop, couldn’t do it.  One was an all time classic that I read years ago, probably in high school, but I just couldn’t do it.  The other was a memoir and was in a word-whiny.  If I want to hear whining I can just listen to the voices in my head!  😉

I’ve just started Pigs In  Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver.

Pigs in Heaven

I enjoyed her Animal Dreams and disliked The Poisonwood Bible, had to stop part way through it.  I’m hoping this will be more like Animal Dreams.  Regardless, 49 cents at Goodwill…good investment or bad?  We’ll see~

Return of veggies and the Big Purple Bowl!  After a trip to the produce market, I’m stocked up, but I’ve been eating so many, I may need to make another trip there over the weekend!

Homemade dressing…I really need to start writing the dressings down so I know what I’m putting in them! Spinach, romaine, red pepper, celery (need my crunch!) tomato and shredded cheese.  Also “small red beans” cooked in the crock pot.  My first time making these and I like them! They’re not like kidney beans, which I don’t like.

Yummy, indeed!

Lunch was some home-made egg salad on a sandwich thin!

With lots of celery, not much reduced calorie mayo and lots of ground black pepper.  This is so good, I’m always happy when I remember to make this.  It’s great because it’s something that both Ralph and I can eat.  On the subject of sandwich things.  The ones that I get at Walmart are $2.68 and only count for 2 Points on WW.  I just found them at Aldi for $1.99.  They count for 3 Points, but for that big a saving, I can work within my Points!

One more salad…looks a Little different from the first one… 😉

Same basic salad, but in natural light!!  Funny how although the ingredients are basically the same, they taste different.  I’ll never figure it out.  Maybe that’s why I never tire of them.  Maybe it’s all in my head…or my stomach!!

Regardless, it’s time for me to get less Random and more Specific.  So I’d better get out of here in order to accomplish that!

Happy Thursday!!  It’s Trash Day!!  Let’s get rid of some of this STUFF!!


23 responses to “The Human Randomizer is Coming To Get You!

  1. oh, i love your take on the randomizer, fran! honestly, that is the main reason to hold giveaways, just for an excuse to use that online number generator – it is FUN!
    re reading: i did read pigs in heaven and liked it, can’t remember much more than that as it was years ago. i, too, started poisonwood bible and gave up!
    good for you for getting back on track with your points. make use of that big purple bowl every day, right?!

    • Cathy, it makes me feel so much better when someone else give up on the same books I do! I think sometimes that my book tendencies are so weird. Glad we’re on the same page with that. Pigs in Heaven is good so far!

  2. I had a salad for lunch yesterday, all due to your inspiration! 🙂

    (Never mind that today I’m craving an avocado. I could eat those things every day, but oh, the calories. LOL)

  3. Didn’t catch the first post on that sandwich, but yup, sounds like a perfect combo! Plus I love foods that are associated with memories (well, good memories that is ;D ). I want to know what these two bad books were! I’ve given up on a few whiny autobiographies too–just no fun! If you want a good young adult book–I really enjoyed Incarceron (a sort of steampunk/fantasy novel, lots of fun, interesting, creative, unique, and so on…)

    • Allie I’m intrigued by steampunk…I’m going to have to look that up! Sadly, one of the books was Jane Eyre. I just couldn’t get into the older language. I read it years ago in school of course and just wanted a refresher. I feel bad about it, but just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t bad, just not for me at the moment. The other was Untied by Meredith Baxter. Not well written and too much “my mother didn’t love me.” And I was only a few pages in! I’m doing better with Pigs in Heaven, I like it so far!

      • Ohh, I can’t get through Jane Eyre either. Had to read it three times over the course of HS/college, and every one was miserable. I think I read Poisonwood Bible, but I can’t remember any details so maybe not, haha. Glad you found one worth sticking with–always disappointing when you get a streak of not so fun books. (And steampunk is fun, but it’s pretty hit or miss, it takes some exploring to find good ones that aren’t too “genre”–if that makes sense.)

      • I feel better now, Allie. I know I read it way back when, but just couldn’t do it this time. I keep trolling the Goodwill and the other thrift stores. i’ll find something!

  4. I am just not a fan of Barbara Kingsolver….not sure why but her stuff just doesn’t keep my attention. But I hear everyone else loves her books so I think I am the exception. 🙂

    • Ameena, I didn’t like or finish The Poisonwood Bible. I read Animal Dreams which I enjoyed and so far Pigs in Heaven is ok. It’s funny how some very popular authors I just don’t like. I think we all have some like that. I ascribe to the tee shirt I saw that said “So many books, So Little time.” That’s why I’ve decided if it doesn’t grab me, I’m not taking the time. I have just too many that I do want to read. Don’t feel that you’re unusual…I’m very particular lately!!

  5. That is a good book I read it!

    Check out my new blog!

  6. I’ve never read any thing by Kingsolver but just got Animal, Vegetable Miracle in the mail today! I’ve heard nothing but great things about her and am ashamed I’m so late to the party.

  7. Childhood food memories can be really intense! My Mom used to crave baked potatoes when she was sick so she always made them for us. Now, that’s what I want too. It’s so strange!

  8. glad you liked uglies! it’s true that the characters didn’t suck me in like the ones in the hunger games, but i did like the story. the other three books shipped today! :p

    • It has me tapping my foot, waiting to read the next one. I was at B&N today. Actually touched the other three books. I had gift cards, but I decided against it. Trying to be thrifty. I should Pay you a fee for reading all of your books!!

  9. Your salads look amazing Fran! And that egg and pepper sandwich looks yummy too! I love attaching food to old memories, and yours was so cute! How innovative of your mom! I remember that my grandma and I would go to Borders Bookstore cafe every Sunday morning and I’d always order a large cinnamon roll and strawberry smoothie, while trying to tell my grandma to stop bugging the cashier about how fresh the baked goods were :p. I’ve always wanted to try sandwich thins as well!

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