A Positive To Erase The Negative

It hasn’t been a good couple of weeks due to the Plague (cold) I’ve been fighting.  Although a good part of Saturday was spent with what felt like the beginning of a sore throat (Why?!)  Sunday has dawned with no sore throat and feeling good in general!

Saturday had a positive start.  I got to my Weight Watchers meeting bright and early.  Though reluctant to get on the scale because I’ve been so off track, I stepped on and…I lost a half pound!  I couldn’t have been happier or more surprised!  It was a great gift and helped to make me feel better, if only mentally!  I feel that I can get back on track now.  Of course, Saturday, as it always does, had a bit of off track eating, but that’s practically a rule. 😉  I plan to start my Sunday on a very positive note.

I’ve already meditated and I plan on a good food day.  Healthy and on Program.  Ralph will be watching his football game so I’ll need to come up with something for him.  I expect to be doing a veggie combo for myself for dinner.  I need to start thinking ahead for this week which of course includes Thanksgiving and company.  Even though the company won’t be staying at my house, I still get pulled into the merriment and it almost always seems to be food related.  I need to plan out the week today so that I can feel focused and in control.  I feel I can handle that.

I have to share a photo I took Saturday morning.  You know how sometimes, the sun and the view come together at just the right time and you can actually stop in the street (it was 7am…no one around on a Saturday morning!) AND you know where your camera is.  That happened Saturday!

Ralph and I were riding around Saturday afternoon, marveling at how much color is still left on so many trees.  I love an extended Fall!  Looks like it will be sunny, today…I should get out and take some more photos, while I can!! 

Happy Sunday!! Make it a Positive One!!

22 responses to “A Positive To Erase The Negative

  1. very proud of you. I know how hard you work and I look forward to your texts on your progress. We will try to make the holiday easy for you!

  2. glorious photo, fran! and yes, i am surprised at all the colour still on the trees…that is just beautiful to see.
    glad you had a positive ww check-in!
    this will be a very fun week for you with thanksgiving – enjoy your preparations! happy sunday!

  3. Gorgeous trees! The ones here have already lost most of their leaves. Congrats on the great weigh-in!

  4. The color is amazing! I was just thinking that too – although most of the bigger trees have no leaves, a lot of the maples, especially the Japanese maples are still so beautiful!

  5. It’s so nice when we get a surprise loss 🙂 congrats
    Unfortunately we have no leaves left here, just waiting for the white stuff.
    Have a great day!

  6. Wow, those trees are beautiful. I have been a bit derailed by cold/allergy issues the last few weeks….it’s not easy to eat well when you’re just not feeling it! Glad you’re feeling better and the week is off to a good start.

  7. That is a stunning picture! Those fall leaves are mesmerizing. Another great shot.

  8. beautiful photo!

    and congrats on your success at the meeting. I didn’t ask, I was trying for forget about my own number. but this week will be a good one! in control and on plan… even with thanksgiving. (this could possibly just be wishful thinking, haha.)

  9. I hope I get to see some amazing leaves like these when I’m in NYC next week…so pretty.

    And congrats on the weight loss Fran! So happy for you.

  10. Isn’t it nice to get a pleasant surprise on the scale?! Congrats, Fran!!! 🙂

  11. Glad you’re feeling better and that WW was so good 🙂
    That picture’s beautiful… it’s been the same here; the trees have been all colours from September and they still are now, it’s such a lovely bonus!

    • It certainly is a bonus! I thought that with the hurricane all of the trees would be bare, but they’re not. Of course there’s a pile 3 feet high by our back curb where the young man who does our yard work piled the leaves from our yard! And that’s note even All of them…

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