Back And On The Attack

Good Morning!!  Remember me?!  Well I remember all of you.  I truly enjoyed my trip to Maine and my break from blogging.  I’ll be telling some stories and showing some wonderful food that Gail and I found during our adventures. But I have to dip my toes back in gently.  I have to get back to living with the noise and confusion of having so many people around instead of being in the beautiful Maine woods.  I’ve got lots of photos too, if I can figure out how to re-size them so they don’t deplete all of my space on here.  But that’s all just mechanics.

I was happy to be back though.  I’ve missed Ralph a great deal and as you all may remember…I have Projects!!  We also have a very full calendar between now and the end of August, then our trip to Nashville and then the happiest place on Earth, New Mexico!  Of course in between all of that, I’m still planning to work on sorting, packing, selling a lot of our stuff.

It’s going to be busy.  I flew in last night.  I was scheduled to leave on a flight at 8:19 but due to delays and weather issues, they put me on an earlier flight.  The benefits of being early to the airport! I arrived in Philadelphia at just about 8 pm.  Good flight in spite of a few glitches…How could the overhead reading light NOT work?!  Of course on the one trip where I didn’t bring a flashlight.  I survived.

I’ve got a lot to show and tell including some incredible thrift store buys.  I’ll get to all of it.  But I wanted to share what I found on the kitchen counter when I walked in the door last night…


He never disappoints me!  Film at Eleven!!

Happy Wednesday!!

6 responses to “Back And On The Attack

  1. How sweet is Ralph, making that sign for you! He’s quite a talented artist. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear more about your travels. Nashville is close to ATL… I’m just saying…

    • Laura, we were in Atlanta for Ralph’s reunion last year. Sorry I never thought to contact you. That would have been so much fun! I’m hoping to meet up with Allie from Forgotten Beast while we’re in Nashville. I’ll make another trip through, I promise even if it’s just to see You!!

  2. Ralph reminds me of my dad, always leaving love notes around the house for my mom.

    Glad you had a great trip, looking forward to some pics.

    • Thanks, Vicki! Ralph always does that and I love it. I’m looking forward to being back in my routine! I have amazing photos for the Saturday Snapshot…but they’re on my DSLR and I have to figure out how to resize them so they don’t take ALL of my space on WordPress.

  3. Welcome back Fran. I can’t wait to hear all about the trip. Ralph’s welcome home present is adorable.

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