News To Me

Hello, Again! Since I haven’t figured out a schedule yet on how often I’ll be posting, I just felt like making a few comments today.

First I like to say Thank You so much for all of your kind comments regarding my upcoming adventure.  I’m so lucky that I have so many people praying and sending good thoughts in this endeavor.  I’m blessed to have all of you as part of my life.  I try not to think about this every second of the day, but I have to be honest that when I woke up in the middle of the night, it was hard to get back to sleep.  I was thinking about all the things I need to accomplish prior to the surgery and asking myself how I’ll accomplish all that I need to do after I get home.  I guess it’s time to break out the lists! Thank you, Meghan!

I don’t want to be one of those people who all I talk about is my “condition.”  I will make all efforts not to be, but as I said yesterday, I think it might be interesting to those of you who have never been through something like this to hear about it.  I’VE never been through something like this and I’m interested. So we can all learn the twists and turns of it together.

I have to give credit for the title of yesterday’s post, “Twice As Hip.”  When my friend John heard about the surgery he said that now I would be twice as hip.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I immediately stole it for a hashtag on Instagram and as my title yesterday.  Thank you, John!

Now, regarding today’s title.  I remember reading probably a year or two ago that it’s good to take a break from listening to the news.  Believe me, with some of the news you hear today, all of the political bickering and such, it’s good to take a break.  It wasn’t a conscious break.  I just stopped listening to the news.  I think it has been a good thing.  I grew up as a news junkie.  As a grade schooler, I remember being glued to the Huntley/Brinkley report at night.  I’m not kidding…Ask my sister, Ele!  I wanted to know what was going on all the time.  If there had been cable news back then, I would have been in real trouble.  I know there would have been constant fights with my Dad because I would want to be up all night watching it.  I did become news-crazed for a while after the inception of all news all the time TV.  I weaned myself from it then all of a sudden I just stopped.

I’m back into a much more sane approach to news.  Now that my sleep cycle is so wacky and I’m up early, I’ve started watching again.  That’s pretty much all that’s on unless I wanted to be enticed with getting a Free Nutri-Bullet for the one hundredth time!!

I’m a little more informed these days, but not too much.  I’d still rather watch Food Network and reruns of Frasier.  So for now, it’s me and Charlie Rose in the mornings along with the local newscasters.  I’ve always loved Charlie and he’s a good way to start the day.

Monday has lots of plans for me and I’d better get to it. Hope the rain holds off because I need to go grocery shopping.

Happy Monday!


6 responses to “News To Me

  1. the news is too depressing…I watch the local news to get the weather (which they usually get wrong, anyway!) then I flip to something else.

  2. Yes, indeed -‘twice as hip” sounds exactly like John!

    I, for one, would be delighted to trade war stories and cheer you on step by step through your surgery and recovery. Which surgery are you having – down the side or across the back? (mine was down the side and the surprise 9″ scar (I thought it was going to be a lot shorter) is almost invisible now) And what kind of implant? (don’t get one of the recalled ones 🙂 ) .

    And something else encouraging I forgot to mention in response to “Twice as Hip” is that I was out of the hospital in 3 days and the first thing I did when I got home was walk up a flight of 20 stairs (w/a fair amount of help from Mark, of course, but still…). Now I only had one hip done (and relied heavily on the good one during recovery), so my guess is that your first couple of weeks will be harder than mine, but when you’ve recovered, both hips will have been done and you will be good to go!

    Which reminds me – I wrote you couple of paragraphs on my cell phone while I was in Scotland, but I don’t see them – did they come thought??

    You will be SO MUCH happier when this is over (I’m also looking forward to your recovery posts, because if your drugs are as good as mine were, they’ll be really interesting 🙂

  3. Yep, make those lists and then focus on all the things you have already accomplished instead of what still needs to be done. I’m rooting for you Fran.

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