Holiday Shoe Foolery

A while back, I had added a tag called Sneaking Around.  I had bought a crazy pair of plaid sneakers and the sneakers went on adventures…no seriously, they did.  Haven’t had an adventure with the sneakers for a while, but my sister Ele dragged me to the Mall on Monday (Bleck!!  The Mall…I am not a Mall person) and it got me thinking about sneakers…

First, we had a fun excursion to a tea store there where Ele had a gift card.  I Love their tea, but their employees are Overwhelming.  It’s a tiny store and there’s nowhere to get away from them.  You just have to keep saying “No, Thank you…No, Thank you…”  The woman who helped Ele should have said “No, Thank you” to her eye makeup.  Someone who loves her needs to tell her that’s Not attractive!  We did get to taste some of the teas and they were delicious.  Not in my budget right now, though.

So back to Sneakers!

In my efforts to be thrifty, I was being very stoic and not even considering buying sneakers (Actually, earlier in the day I had been Thinking about it at K-mart, but if I passed on them at K-mart, I was definitely passing on them here!)

Luckily for me, most of the ones I really liked did Not come in my size (Huge!)

These were cool, they could have been contenders And they were in my size, AND they were on sale. But I was being strong.

I liked these a Lot, but no…no…being strong.

Some Non-sneaker fun…I Love Leopard print!!  The bow is a nice touch, too!  😉

These Would have been the Winners…high top purple plaid sneakers…heavy sigh…  But fortunately (for my no shoe purchase policy anyway) They were not in my size and they were not on sale.  As Ele was making her purchase, the nice salesman offered to check in the back for my size, but I just said…”No, Thank you…”  😦

Happy Tuesday!


24 responses to “Holiday Shoe Foolery

  1. oh boy, do i love ALL of those sneakers!!!
    i think you should do another sneaking around blog post for us newer readers…sounds VERY fun!!
    you do not like the mall?? not even with ele?? that is too bad, fran!! i love shopping in the US – > you have such great prices and variety.
    as a retail professional, i am laughing at heavy makeup tea lady…no no no, being overly attentive/annoying is NOT good customer service! shoe guy offering to get your size from the back? that IS acceptable!
    way to be strong and resist a purchase!! maybe another day!

    • Cathy, I’m not sure why I don’t like the mall…too many people maybe…our mall tends to have “tremors” which freak me out a bit too. I like going with Ele…love going to other stores with her. We’ve had way too much fun at K-mart lately!!

  2. Personally, I thouight the sneakers were really cool! If I had been with you, I would have bought them,

  3. as everyone who knows me knows…I hate shopping. Nothing fits, too expensive…yadda, yadda, ya. But this weekend, with the help of many gift cards for my birthday and Mother’s Day….well, I went bonkers! The shoe store was too much fun. I decided that I would purchase a pair of shoes…just because I could! I have two sides, the practical and the crazy. The practical has won out my whole life but not yesterday!Instead of the practical plain black ballet flats I threw caution to the wind and bought the fun camo ballet flats! Just because I could!!! Besides, it was the end of my birthday month. Great fun at the mall! And the girl at the tea shop….she looked like she was in a high school production of Cleopatra!

  4. Good for you for keeping your pledge not to buy! Those shoes were pretty tempting. 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Unlike you, I LOVE the mall and go window and/or real shopping frequently. As for the sneakers you selected, it’s a good thing I wasn’t there. They are all so cute, I would have gone into hock just to have them — LOL!!! Not really, but I give you credit for holding back — I would have at least picked up one pair — 🙂 I’m a “flip-flop” kinda gal as my closet will support! TTFN!!!

  6. I don’t know how you resisted! Shoes are my achilles heel (hee).

  7. Such cute shoes! I went to Ikea yesterday “just to look around”…now I have a new kitchen table and baker’s rack…

  8. I like the mall only when it’s not crowded! So December I try to stay away. I am still celebrating that there is no tax on clothes in NJ! Good for you for standing you ground 😉

  9. Such cute shoes! I love the plaids. Wish I had the feet to wear such things. 🙂

  10. OMG, I ❤ sneakers! One of my droll moments in Japan was when we went to a store in Harajuku that had a whole wall of Converse shoes. I wish that I had more money, because the fuzzy pastel camo pairs would totally have been mine!

  11. *drool, not droll. Good grief.

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