Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

Well, all of the traveling that we did in the last seven days really caught up with Ralph and Me on Thursday.  I was up at typical 6:30am and I got some computer work done.  Then Ralph woke up about 8 and we had breakfast. But we both felt like we had been beaten with a stick!

We realized that somehow our propane tank was empty.  This was discovered after I had a lovely luke warm shower.  We headed straight to the propane company.  Since we’re not here all the time, the company gets confused as to whether they should make deliveries.  Not a problem, we had a delivery in about 2 hours from when we stopped to see them so that was great.  Hot water is mine! However, we’re now having trouble with our refrigerator.  Not Cold is not a good thing for a fridge.  We have to find someone who works on refrigerators.  We’d like to get a recommendation from someone so we’re waiting to hear back from a friend of ours.  Hopefully, it will be a simple thing and can be fixed right away.

When we got back to the house from our errands we were both feeling wiped out.  But first, Mother Nature wanted to put on a show.  Thunderstorms are different here than anywhere else I’ve ever experienced them.   This one, I swear was wrapped around our whole valley here.  Because of where our house is located, we can see in all directions.  It’s pretty spectacular.

That was the sky to the South West.

This is what the storm delivered…

Not sure how well you can see, but our deck was covered in hail.  It was coming down so hard that it sounded like someone was knocking on our front door!

Four hours later…

The storm is hanging out where the sunset should be!  I can still see lightning in the distance and hear thunder.

Good weather or bad weather, we’re just so happy to be here.  We really don’t care!

Hoping to get some good sleep so we can do some things tomorrow. 

Happy Friday!!


8 responses to “Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

  1. those are truly amazing photos, fran!
    glad you have HOT water again!!

    • Yes, Cathy, hot water is one of those little creature comforts that I’ve grown fond of! 😉 If I could figure out how to do a photo album on Facebook (which I thought I had figured out!!) I’ll be posting more. I need a Tutor!! Have a great day!

  2. So pretty! At first I thought you were making an analogy re the propane tank and being tired….glad you got your hot water!

  3. Wonderful photos! Glad you got your hot water back.

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. valerie andruss

    good luck w/that 🙂

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