I Can Count On One Hand

Ok, Folks, now we embark on the melancholy portion of our trip to the Land of Enchantment.  I can count on one hand the days remaining here.  I can actually count on two fingers.  We’ll be leaving on Sunday, hopefully early because the later we stay the less inclined I will be to actually get in the car.  Take me out when it’s still dark and I guess I’ll go… 😉

Our Thursday was spent at a semi-surprise birthday party for our friend Craig.  I can’t believe that I spent the entire day with my camera in my pocket and took NO pictures of anyone!  There’s another reason to get a new camera…if it’s bigger it’s harder to forget!!  That will be one of my projects when we get back to New Jersey.  Don’t know how I’ll work it, but I’ll figure out something!

We had a wonderful day chatting and eating (too much as has been my habit on this trip.)  My major project when I get back to New Jersey will be getting back on track with Weight Watchers.  I feel so off track and I truly am.  I am seriously lacking in veggies and fruit and as I said before, I long for a salad in my Big Purple Bowl.  That and getting back to my walking will set everything right.  I may have to keep my eyes closed when I get on the scale for my first weigh in back at WW which will be September 1.  Can’t believe it’s almost September!

I did take a few pictures yesterday. Our friends Tonja and Craig have a home that is a Garden of Eden, filled with trees and flowers.  Filled with birds also, as I showed with all of the hummingbirds the other day.

I’ve always loved water lilies and Tonja has a little “pond” that she’s created in what is actually meant to be used to water cattle!

Again, the photos could have been clearer, but I think they’re still beautiful.

Today we’ll be starting our pack up/clean up in preparation for our departure.  We’re going to try to see friends that we’ve missed several times during our stay and this evening, our friend Marcia from Java the Hut is stopping over for Coffee!  Talk about a busman’s holiday!  We’re looking forward to showing off our house to her.  I’ve got LOTS of work today!

Happy Friday!

6 responses to “I Can Count On One Hand

  1. Fran, I can’t believe your vacation time is ending! Live it up for the last couple days – ww and the big purple bowl will be waiting for you!! I’ve enjoyed *meeting* your NM friends via your blog!

  2. Vacations always go so fast, boo!

  3. Vacations go way too fast. Now you just have to start planning the next one 🙂

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